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A bead of sweat weaved through the thinning forest on my head as the reason for my personal eclipse waned away. “Wow,” was all I could utter as my breath took its time to rebound. But as it returned, the eclipse did also. “Wow indeed,” the eclipse said as they sought to resuscitate my lungs with mouth to mouth. It failed to bring my breath back rapidly, but the residue on my lips gave me life. 

As I attempted to seek recycled air for my lungs, my head turned to view the sky turning orange. “We have to see the sunset,” I told my partner who was laying her head on my chest, slightly hindering my recovery. “Eh, you seen one, you seen them all,” she joked as her head turned opposite of my own. I knew she was joking though, because you see we have spent an ample amount of time together this summer. I know it’s only two months, but every second I had with her was worth losing every breath that I lost seeing her beauty. She could light up a room like a pyromaniac with just a step and smile. Her intellect could rival the top fellows of MIT. And her body exhibits the perfected frame chiseled by God’s hand personally. All of that together makes up the beautifully intelligent Luna. I am going to miss every bit of her tremendously. But once the sun sets this evening, the countdown begins to say goodbye. We might “play" one more time, but we both have early morning flights so the chance is very low. But I’m not complaining because my body is exhausted. One more tender moment staring at the sunset should suffice. And then tomorrow things go back to normal.

Of course, I’m not complaining about my normal. My normal isn’t too bad. If we are aiming for the American dream, then I believe I have achieved it. I possibly even surpassed it. But with the kids staying with their grandparents for the summer, my wife going on a few business trips, and the dogs staying with a friend, this summer of rest has been amazing. And then to spend my time with Luna has been…well, I can't find adequate words to describe my time with her. I wish I could show you this perfect physique that lay beside me. Oh, I guess the perfect physique that just stood up.

“Fine, let’s go check out this sunset,” she says as she floats a robe around her exquisite exposed body. The fragrance that parked around her aura was a scent of enjoyable ecstasy that if inhaled could cause anyone to be over the limit of intoxication. “Soo, are you coming,” she asks as she holds her hand out for me to grab. After becoming inebriated from the scent, I stood up and followed her to the balcony. We sat beside each other as the orange ball began its descent. “I admit, this is kind of beautiful,” she said as she laid her head on my shoulder. “Told you. I think I should get some kind of reward.” Though I couldn’t see it, I felt a smile flow across her face. “Me sitting here is your reward,” she said. I laughed and wrapped my arms around her as the orange ball turned red as it dipped to show only a small arc. “I wish this moment could last forever.” “Me too,” she replied.

Though I enjoyed the time sitting with her, I honestly didn’t realize how long sunsets last. She also started to get antsy. I glanced at the ticking box to confirm my suspicion of the length of time that had surpassed. “Either I am sleepy, or this is the longest sunset ever,” she said as she adjusted herself on my lap. “And I swear I saw the sun move up.” “You are probably just sleepy,” I told her. “How about we just say we watched it and go watch a show together? Maybe order a midnight snack.” “That sounds amazing,” she says as she abandons my leg to transport herself to the couch. I look one more time at the red horizon. I pondered if maybe my wish had come true because I swear the sun hasn’t moved.

She started flipping through episodes as I picked up my phone to see what we could order. “We could do pizza. Or wings.” “Let’s do wings,” she replied. “The last thing I need is to be gassy on my plane.” I laughed and started to browse through the options of wings. But suddenly my phone went dark. “Umm. Don’t ask me how, but I think my phone just died,” I told her as I attempted to restart my device. “I can’t believe you still have that ancient phone that has to be charged. How old are you?” “Whatever, you are not about to make fun of my phone, again.” “Ok, grandpa. I’ll order and you pick the show,” she said as she put her glasses on. “That’s weird.” “So I’m assuming it’s not just my ancient phone.” “Probably some type of test. It is kind of late.” As she tapped away on her glasses, I stood up to look out the window. “That’s weird,” I said. “Yeah, why wouldn’t the TV work either? I need the government to do better.” “I’m not sure if it is the government,” I said as I stood in awe of the red sunset. “Why wouldn’t it be the government? Did those rebels do something crazy?” she said as she stood beside me. Immediately, her body became frozen with fear as we stared in the distance.

“Tell me I was asleep and I dreamed about looking at the sunset,” she said as she walked onto the balcony. “I wish you were.” The problem with the sunset, it seemed to have turned into a sunrise. The tiny arc that was left only a few minutes before had become a red full semicircle that was double the size of the sight they just viewed. “Then what am I looking at?” She said as she placed her hand on the metal rail. “Ouch,” though the heat throughout the day wasn’t excessive, the rail on the balcony had become too hot to touch. I grabbed her other hand and pulled her back inside. “There is no way this is happening,” she says as she backs up holding her throbbing hand. “Here, let’s run some water on it.” My phone started vibrating as soon as I said that. I looked at it to see an alert flashing. Judging by the terror across Luna’s face, she had seen the alert too. “They said it wouldn’t happen this fast.” I tapped my phone to view the contents of the alert. The only thing that flashed was ‘Scarlet Noah.’ 

I sighed as I looked at the alert. They had warned and prepared us for years for Scarlet Noah. We even had school drills about it. I think I was a little more invested than others though. I watched all the heated debates among scholars and politicians. Some said that it would never happen in our lifetime. Some said it would happen so quickly that we wouldn’t know it’s coming. And then some said that it would be such a slow progress that we have plenty of time to react.  Judging by how I can now see 3/4th of the red ball, the second experts won. I was so invested in it, that I actually worked on the project for a few years. It was a very interesting job, but very frustrating. Let's just say that inside there were just as many arguments as there were on the news.  I hope they resolved it though, because this bright red deathball seems to be moving fast. 

Though I was calm, Luna was not. As I started texting everyone I loved, I watched Luna go through all 7 stages of grief in a minute. “Take a breath. Breathe baby.” “How can I breathe when I have a front-row seat to the end of this earth and my life!” “Breathe. We can actually make it to one of the ships if we go now. If I remember correctly, there is one very close.” I turned and looked out the window again as that once-small sunset lit up the sky. I also started seeing small lines rise into the air. I smiled as I received a text confirming my name would continue amongst the stars, even if I did not. I stared and imagined them on a ship that I helped build, maybe a little afraid, but also knowing a new frontier awaits them. But then a scream brought me back into the current chaos. “It’s too late! It’s too late!” “Luna, Luna!” I yelled as I grabbed both of her hands. “Look at me, Luna. Look at me and breathe.” I slowly escorted her to the bed in an attempt to calm her. “I so love you.” Her breath slowed as she looked into my eyes. “I loved spending this summer with you. If there is another lifetime for us, I hope every day I will be able to look into your beautiful eyes. I hope to experience that joy every time I see your smile. And I hope every day I awaken you take my breath away.” She smiles and comes in for a kiss before we lay down together.

As I hope my last thought upload goes to the Scarlet Noah, first off just know I love all of my children, and my wife if she made it with you. But don’t cry for me because I enjoyed the most stunning sunset ever with one of the most stunning people to walk this planet. And even though that same sunset comes to take my life right now, it’s okay because I will feel no pain because I lay with a woman who already took my breath away.

September 08, 2023 05:50

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