Meet you on Valentine's Day

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There is nothing more rewarding to call the day than sitting in my favourite table, at my favourite shop and enjoy a cup of hot coffee along with my favourite muffin. ‘Lina’s confectionery’ is the best place to be. Except from today. Yes, you guessed right, it’s Valentine’s Day. I was walking from work to the shop, and I had totally forgotten about this day, until I turn around the corner and find a long queue outside the store. Thankfully, ‘Linda’s confectionery’ had another entrance for those who just want to have a drink and enjoy the sweets.

I went in, ordered a cappuccino and my all-time favourite chocolate muffin. I took the tray and went to sit on the corner table, far from the window and everyone’s eyes. It was a tough day at work, and I really needed some piece and quiet. There were not many at this side of the store that made it better for me. On the contrary, on the other side, you were entering a war zone.

People squeezed, looking around what to choose for their loved ones. The place was full of sweets on a dominated shape, hearts. There were some balloons and cards as well for the customers. I felt very lucky to be on this side. I lost in my thoughts looking at my cup of coffee when I saw a shadow stop right next to me. I turn and see a tall man, black short hair neatly combed with gel, dark brown eyes, sharp jaw and the sincerest smile on his face, looking at me.

“Excuse me, can I share the table with you? The shop is really packed, and I want to avoid some people.” He asked. How can I say no to such a smile? However, I was feeling a bit awkward I must say, he’s a total stranger after all and I’m not so good in socializing.

“Yes, of course.” I reply and he nods at me as thanks. In his tray there was a brown plate with a piece of puffy, heavenly soft millefeuille. There wasn’t one sweet that this shop couldn’t make and reach perfection.  

We sat there, talking about the weather and random staff while enjoying our sweets. He was a physics professor, a couple of years older than me, and worked at the university about three blocks from here. Apparently, the people he wanted to avoid were some friends of his that were trying to arrange him to meet with another colleague.

“Honestly, she’s like those girls that stick to you like leech and they don’t leave you until they’ve sucked every tiny bit of your soul. I can’t be with someone like that.” He said laughing.

“I get it. You feel suffocated, right?” I say takin a sip of my coffee.

“So, any special person in your life?” he asks with a playful smirk on his face.

“Nah, I enjoy my piece and quiet for now.” I reply mockingly.

“To be honest, you seem a lovely person.” He said and placed his hand on mine on the table. I felt my ears on fire and tried to look away to hide my blush.  His hand was rough, but it was so warm and felt nice upon my cold hand. When he realized how red my face had turned, he slowly let go. “I’m sorry.” He whispered. “I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

“It’s ok.” I say under my breath.

I turn to face him; he was looking at me with such tenderness coming out of his dark brown eyes. His lips formed a soft smile. I felt a tug in my heart. We remained like this looking into each other’s eyes until he turned to face the window and his face got dark.

“It took them longer that I had expected to find me. I’m afraid I have to go.” He said to me apologetically. He stood up, passed his bag over his shoulder and took my hand and placed a soft kiss on my knuckles. “Very nice to meet you.” He said and left the shop.

I remained there almost shocked. We were talking for so long and we even didn’t say our names. But it felt so nice talking to him, like we know each other for years.

I kept my regular schedule visiting the shop every Monday and sometimes on Friday’s as well, but I never met him again anywhere around. I also, asked a friend of mine who works in the university, but they had lately a reorganization on their staff and from the description I gave her, none would match his features.

It’s Valentine’s Day again and after one year I still keep coming to ‘Linda’s confectionery’. I settle in my usual seat and enjoy my coffee and sweet. Every time since I met him, I have a hidden expectation that I’ll see him coming through that door, but he never comes. I felt so stupid with myself, how can I not ask his name? If I knew, I would have searched somehow to find him. I was terrible at meeting people, and once more I proved myself right.

I sit there absorbed in my sadness when I see someone standing in front of me. I lift my head and see his characteristic smile and a pair of brown shining eyes.

I couldn’t hide how happy I was to see him. He sat there with me, and we immediately kept talking like we had to see each other from yesterday. He told me that after he left so abruptly, he didn’t sked my name or where I work and so he couldn’t know how to find me. A couple of weeks after that day, the university went through some changes, and he was reassigned to another university in another town until the year-end, so he had to move.

This time we also exchanged phone numbers, and our names of course, in order to get in touch more often. We said once a month to meet in this place and at first, I couldn’t wait till that day comes.

After a couple of months, he kept some distance from texts and calls, he even missed our meeting. Some days later, I go home and find an envelope under my door. He was apologizing for getting lost. He confessed that he liked me, and he was having the best time of his life while he was with me even from distance, but she met this girl about a week ago and he believes she’s the one.

I collapsed on the couch, looking at the ceiling with the letter in my hand. After a year of not seeing or talking to each other, fate smiles to me and we meet again. And now, everything turns back to where it was before, only this time I feel heart broken. Some time later, I learn that the one he marries is the girl he didn’t want to meet the first time we met at the confectionery shop. 

February 17, 2022 18:39

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