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They were coming from different words. They’ve been raised under different cultures. She was the blood high priestess. He was the respected Lord General of humans. They had only one thing in common, they hated each other to the bone.

For centuries, the relations between those two realms were tense. Nowadays, it was just natural to hate each other. Until something appeared out of nowhere, threatening the existence of life on this planet. That was the point where they decided to make a truce, put their differences on the side and unite forces to exterminate the new enemy.

Anive was the only woman reached so high in their society, granting the title of the high priestess. She was the leader of the group send by her realm to the north. Norcon was the Lord General, brother of Queen Tesfira of the human realm to the south. He was the best in tactics and strategy, with a huge battalion at his disposal. However, the soldiers were unaware how to fight magic and so, the blood priests had to learn them. Of course, that would be detrimental for them, as they would lose their main advantage, they held all this time. So, negotiations took place, resulting in the ‘Alkon treaty’ where both parties signed to end the bloodshed between them once and for all.

Two days before the battle

The sun has not yet made its way to the sky but everyone in the camp were already awake. Norcon walks with long, determined strides through the camp until he stops outside her tent. He takes a deep breath and walks in, moving away the backcloth.

He finds Anive on her knees, eyes closed, chanting in an incomprehensible language. He opens his mouth to speak but she holds one hand midair cutting him off without turning to him. Her hand is covered with blood. He remained standing in silence until she finished the chanting.

“The day is augured to be tough, Lord General.” She said turning to him, her dark eyes pinned on him.

She stands up and walks past him, to a corner of the tent where a pot was placed on the ground with clear water. She washed the blood of her hands and grabbed a cloth placed next to the pot. When she finished, she puts the cloth down and walks back to face him.

Norcon remained straight as a spear, looking down at her with a mixture of disgust and duty in his grey-blue eyes. She was aware that she was the last person he would like to see, especially first thing in the morning. She can sympathise, the feeling was mutual.

“You had to sacrifice a poor animal to get that conclusion? Tell me, are you not listening? The soldiers are complaining about your exhausting training methods of you and your kind. I don’t have to use magic to know that!” he raised his tone, his deep voice echoed through the tent.

Anive remained standing facing him, full absence of expression on her face.

“First of all, Lord General,” she paused to highlight the irony in her voice upon referring to his rank, “I never use anyone’s blood except mine. That’s why I’m the strongest of MY kind.”

She starts walking slowly, making circles around him.

“As for your precious soldiers, tell them that when Podak strikes, that devious monster will not show any mercy to them. He will trick them, turning against one another, anything that will grant him the victory. He is the master in controlling the mind, and that is my priority, to teach them how to resist.” She said with bitterness in her voice. “If you think that my assistance is futile, then we can withdraw, and dip your hands in blood. We both know that we don’t stand a change on our own against him, so the only thing we could do is to fight it together.”

“I apologise for my statement-” Norcon said lowering his voice.

“No need, Lord General. I expected nothing less.” She said while walked to a table, looking at some scrolls placed on it.

“What do you mean?” he asked approaching her.

“Since we set up this camp a month ago, you keep judging me based on our kind’s general practices. Yet you don’t see that not all are the same. Look at your people. Are all soldiers the same?” she asked walking to face him again.

“I suppose not.” He replied. His face unreadable.

She was standing very close now, making them both feeling nervous. Their eyes in constant contact, neither of them blinking. Her heart was beating fast so she took a step back. Norcon cleared his throat with a soft cough to lessen the tense between them.

“So, what is the program today?”

“You will train with me.” she stated. “You missed all the other times, and you are not familiar with fighting magic. Let alone resist it.”

“Then you will also have to learn how to use a sword.” He said approaching closer with a slight step.

“I don’t see the reason.” She replies taking a small step closer, looking up to meet his gaze.

“If you lose your strength and cannot use magic you have somehow to defend yourself.” He whispered.

They were so close now, she felt his breath caressing her pale skin, sending shivers down her spine.

“And I thought I would be safe with you near.” She provoked him.

Their faces were so close, their lips a breath away from touching. They could both feel the attraction even though both knew very well this had very low chances to succeed. They had so many things to separate them and yet this past month they could not deny the attraction to each other although they were trying hard not to admit it.

He was about to kiss her when the backcloth of the tent opened, and a soldier run in. He stops and bends placing his hands on his thighs, panting. They jumped back getting some reasonable distance between them.

“What’s the matter?” Norcon asked sternly.

“It’s here!” he said still trying to catch his breath. He was looking terrified.

Bugles echoed outside and the air filled with metal sounds as the soldiers were running around, putting on their armors and weapons. The soldier left to get ready, and they turn to look at each other. This is it. Norcon walks close to her, grabbing her by the shoulders and crushing his lips on hers with force. Their kiss had so much passion and need. Their first and no one knew if this will be the last of them. 

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