KeRa && BuuMi - the square peg and round hole

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It was 248 years then

It will be 248 years again

When was it 0 or -0 -

Never or Ever !!

Where there was a square peg

Was a round hole,

Was it round and square –

Round in a square,

Round or a square

There were only discerning pairs of eyes.

No soul knew when Buumi was born. She emerged from the background of chaotic harmony. Buumi was the only one who knew that reason why she was given a fresh start. And her mentor “KeRa” was that magnanimous effect who had appeared at the time when she was mentally and emotionally ready. Buumi sensed all of it inside but could not actually identify from where all this was emanating. She was never allowed to wallow in reveries and laying back.

Buumi’s now daily scouting was trying to seek that reason why KeRa thought she was ready to emerge. As she could not see why she had appeared. KeRa was extremely small in demeanour and that had fooled everyone. But what most were not aware of was his inner magnitude and the power that he wielded inwardly. A colossal force that none would be able to comprehend. A regenerative force that nothing or no one in the Universe could match. At least in this Universe.

When KeRa spoke which was extremely rare – everything and everyone had to listen. An icy and dark tone, a shadow presence where he was more sensed than seen. When he really appeared, everything shuddered. Small made but some extrapolated power with that kind of chilling yet needed presence.

So to come from him that Buumi now was to be visible was immense. Buumi felt she was complimented for her hard work of many aeons. It was all in the core of her head. When she had emerged her head was on fire. The temperature would be almost 6000 degrees. But one of KeRa’s assistants did mention that that kind of heat was required for her to sustain herself for a very long time to come. Further the assistant went on to say that only if she can withstand the heat and if her passion to serve the people was intense, the “Emergence possibility” would manifest.

KeRa had his monitors and methods. These were not humans but periods in the invisible time-scale. The monitors reported back to KeRa and Buumi was given 248 years in her duration. To her it felt a long time and indeed it was. In KeRa’s “Book of Times”, this was almost equal to a decade. What Buumi was not aware was that her every action took her closer to de-extinction. This was the most hazardous event, one that happened across the galaxies. Buumi was ignorant of all of these details. But ignorance is most often bliss.

Buumi was subject to multiple transformative processes where subtle energies had tested her tolerance and threshold levels to withstand the various criteria that KeRa and his group of elusive and invisible monitors had laid out. These processes were then anonymised in order to erase the traceability to the origin. And the anonymised items were placed deep into Buumi’s hot core. This was the second fact that Buumi was unaware of.

People and events like Buumi thought nothing of it as they did not know of this existence and that too it was in the core where none ventured. Because this was just impossible to touch. But not impossible and only KeRa and the monitors knew how they could de-anonymise and there after reconstruct from this source.

When Buumi had birthed from somewhere – there had been no actual parents. Before the emergence, there were smaller events and they said they could sense, hear and feel a mighty explosion. After a few days of intense heat transformations, she had seen herself as appearing as a square peg. She saw herself as awkward and insipid.

She did not have the same confidence that she had when she had gone to KeRa to ask him to create the space for her. Somehow the times had sucked her vigour, confidence and every spot of energy that she had exhibited in the beginning. Many times she felt enlivened and enlightened, only to fall back into oblivion and normaldom. There was nothing wrong with it but Buumi had the sense of a higher purpose.

But when she felt she was taking a step forward, the very next second – she felt she was two steps back. Not really !! she felt more of a wandering genius – aloof and not culturally fitting into the social gatherings. She was unsure of speech one instance in the morning but found herself to be oratorical in the evening. As though she had these two paradoxical personalities that existed within her being. Buumi was in conundrum most of the days. This stemmed from her paradoxes.

There were numerous questions she had and kept them to herself. She would go into rumination but those days would be catastrophic. There were eruptions, tremors and disruptions all over her surface. Unnecessary movements and chaotic storms. Those times she felt she was losing her control. As mentioned earlier, Buumi was unaware that these were those parametric tests set out by KeRa’s monitors on his orders. How a miniscule body could command such authority was the most curious question to Buumi.

There was a day when Buumi touched threshold levels of impatience. She wanted to disappear and return to nothingness. This was not to be so. News came along that KeRa was at the borders of Buumi. Buumi had an impending sense of foreboding with a sense of exhilaration at the same time. Buumi felt almost redemption. KeRa took his time to actually manifest. In spite of his size he moved extremely slowly – taking time to closely watch each event, delegating his monitors the precision of his action.

And this time KeRa had registered that Buumi’s time had come to redeem her of the baggage of de-extinction. He had to plant the seed of regeneration. KeRa would reveal that Buumi was a square peg in a round hole. The time of regeneration had arrived. And KeRa would de-anonymise the core to rebirth Buumi. This was almost be back to square one for Buumi.

A new beginning from nothingness.. another illusion…

April 21, 2023 22:11

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