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Pete and Susie sat there looking at each other, both knowing they had done something wrong and have to make amends for the deed that they did.   One mistake usually lead into another mistake which leads into lies after lies just to make sure they don’t have to handle the responsibility for what they did.   They both agreed that they needed to do something to resolve this matter, but that fact is where they disagreed. Because their answer to what they need to do was at the opposite ends of the spectrum by a mile of empty air. One wanted to do something that was dishonest and needless to say the other disagreed passionately.

The disagreement started when Pete started the whole thing by telling Julia that he had broken up with Susie because he wanted her as a girlfriend. He wanted to tell her how much he couldn’t do without her in his life. He wanted to show her how much he cherishes her very existence and to admit to the world that he loved her. There was only one thing that no one could understand and that was he didn’t mean any of it, he was in love with Susie and loved being her boyfriend. Being Susie’s boyfriend, he wanted to get revenge on Julia spreading false rumors that she was cheating on him. He wanted to shut her up, so that the next time she wouldn’t want to do any evil plan to break Pete and Susie up. Susie and Julia were never invited to the same party because they were known for not getting along. In fact, at the last party, they attended together ended up in a yelling match which turned into a fist fight. One black eye for Susie who was thrown over Pete’s shoulder to get her out of the party and a split lip for Julia which ended up bleeding like a stuffed pig which ended the party for sure with

everyone vowing not to invited the two women together again to a party.

When Susie heard what was going on, she decided to let it go and see what was going to happen. She wanted to see how far this mess would go and she knew without a doubt that she wasn’t going to get involved with the mess that her dear boyfriend started. He started it and he could fix what he started. She decided that she was going to act like nothing was going on and just think about the party that they were going to on Friday night. She would drink too much and end up in a private corner spot making out with Pete. This was going to be one fine party.

“Thanks for inviting us to the party. How is everything going?” was the last normal words before she was claimed by Pete to sway to the music that was invading their bodies with the beat of the music. Their lips crushed against each other and arms were wrapped around the other to bring them hard against their body.  They danced for about an hour as people arrived at the party to release the world’s problem behind them and celebrate for no reason at all.   Relief was only a few glasses and dances away as their body sway as hearts melted toward a fierce passion.

The next thing anyone knew was two women were yelling at each other and shoving each other around. One of the women was shoved backward into Susie, whose anger got the best of her. She shoved the women backward at the other women and for a few seconds, it was a

game to see who could shove the lady the hardest. She went back and forth like a boomerang, she started to yell for one of the women to stop that she was getting sick from the back and forth movement. The other woman was the first one to throw a slug right into the middle of the lady’s face. Everyone stood there stunning with disbelief and surprise that for a few seconds nothing was said and no one was moving.

“What? Why did you do that?” Before anyone knew what was going on the two women were on the floor throwing punches fast and hard. Pete got Susie out of the party and down the street before anyone knew they were gone.   Susie jerked away from Pete and stop short of following him. “Why Pete? I could have got in a few couple of punches on both those women. I would probably be more messed up than both of them since I really don’t know how to fight.”

Pete stood there for a few minutes before he replied to her statement, “They would have team up and beat the shit out of you.”  Inches apart from each other, she continued the conservation by adding, “This started all because of that stupid lie you told and now, people that used to be friends are enemies. You started this and you will straight it out. Do you hear me? Or I will tell everyone your part in this mess and I bet those two will gang up on you.”

Susie walked away from the man she thought she loved with her whole heart and body. She never looked back at him and she knew without a shadow of doubt he wasn’t following her. Also, knowing she had to straighten out this terrible lie and have the people that were enemies now back to be friends, lovers, and maybe even family. She wasn’t sure

how far the lie had gotten, but she knew without a doubt she was going to be the one who had to straighten it out. Pete would probably go into hiding because he was a coward at heart and would have to be hunted down by the ones angry enough to hurt him because of the stupid lie of his.

The next day, she walked up to a group of their friends that were standing around listening to someone else talk about what had happen last night. She was shocked to see the person that was talking was Pete and he was actually saying that she had forced him into spreading the lie around. He was saying she wanted to cause some trouble with everyone and just wanted to see what would happen between everyone.   She was shocked to hear that Pete was trying to weasel his way out of the responbilty by saying she had forced him. Before she knew what she was doing, she was yelling, “You rotten liar and you know it. You spread that lie yourself and I had nothing to do with it.” She jumped at him throwing a punch that landed squarely on his one eye.

They ended up on the ground with Susie on top throwing punches at Pete with all her might and with Pete just taking whatever punishment came his way. He was taught at an early age never to hit a woman, he wasn’t about to hit Susie, the woman he loved and will always love. After, a few minutes, they were separated and pulled up to a standing position which made them stand there glaring at each other. Susie looked at the man that she thought she loved with her whole heart she took inventory of what she did to his face and said, “Well, don’t you have some truth to tell everyone.”

Pete looked at the faces that he could see and knew it was time to tell the truth. “I am sorry everyone. I was a coward when I said Susie had something, anything to do with spreading that lie. It was my entire fault because I was trying to get revenge on Julia spreading around that Susie was cheating on me.  I am sorry Susie.”

Walking away from the group with his head bowed down looking at the steps his feet was taking, he was surprise to hear someone running behind yelling his name. It sounded like Susie, he stopped to listen and a smile graced his lips as he realized it was Susie trying to catch up with him. 

“My parents always taught me God’s Loving Words and that was to forgive someone that has wronged you. To pray for your enemies and to love them, to show them how special you are as one of God’s Children. That is what I am going to do which is to forgiven you for being a jerk and you can forgive me for showing my love to you for making your body my punching bag. We need to agree to communicate more and talk things through instead of acting as one person. No more acting as one person, we are a couple which has the other’s back. Agreed?”

Loved shined out of Pete’s eyes as he softly replied, “I had it coming and I agree!”

December 01, 2020 17:50

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Judith Buskohl
22:45 Feb 04, 2021

I love hearing from you, Bonnie. Your suggestion are keeping me on my toes and making my stories as good as yours. Thanks again and please keep the suggestions coming,


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Bonnie Clarkson
03:59 Jan 06, 2021

I liked the story. Good ending. You don't hear that much any more. There were fewer grammar problems than one of your other stories. There were a lot of "she"s in the story and I about got confused. If you can't use my suggestions, just tell me and I'll keep my mouth shut. I think you have a lot of potential as a writer.


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