Drama Friendship Romance

I stepped out my apartment door, the humid weather engulfing me. Just another day. I started down the sidewalk for my daily walk. While out I stopped at a local coffee shop. On my way back to my apartment, I bumped into a tall man. My coffee spilled down the front of us, slurs of apologies being said. “I am so sorry,” I bent down and picked up the coffee cup “I did not see you.”

“No need to apologize, it happens to everyone.” He smiled down at me. 

“It happens to me too often,” I sighed, making him laugh “Well, I should probably go. I need to change my shirt.”

“Oh yeah-sorry,” He stepped out of my way “I hope this is not too weird or anything but I would like to get to know you better, if that is okay?”

“I would enjoy that,” I laughed slightly “meet me here tomorrow at, let's say, nine?”

“I´ll be here, but I never caught your name.”

“My name is Marie.”


With that we went our separate ways. I made it back to my apartment and quickly changed my shirt. My roommates Margret and Rose decided to pick on me because of my natural clumsiness. We had moved here a few months ago and Andy was the first person I had hope of forming a friendship with. Others were usually narcissistic or just creepy. I headed out again that day for a job interview at the local high school. It was always my dream to be a teacher. The day ended filled with laughter as my friends and I played monopoly. 

During the night I woke up sweating. Another damn nightmare, I was getting sick of them. They began in my childhood. After my parents had divorced my siblings and I had a better life. Not that either of our parents were bad or anything, they fought. I was too young to remember anything about my mom and dad’s time married. My mom dated after her divorce. One of her boyfriends was an interesting guy. He seemed nice until everything started happening; he was on the police's radar. When they broke up he acted aggressive, but he never physically hurt any of us. I have always thought that is where my trust issues come from. My dad only dated again once and she was nice and so was her daughter. However, everytime her daughter did something wrong, I got blamed. My dad finally had enough of his youngest (me) being treated like that and he broke up with her. My mom is now with my step dad who is really nice and I am thankful for everything he has ever done for me. My dad was fed up with relationships after that one and has never dated again. I am actually grateful my parents got divorced, they are better off as friends. I was bullied often and now suffer from anxiety and depression because of it and other things that have happened in my life. 

I made it to the coffee shop ten minutes early. I sat down at a table and waited for Andy to arrive. Nearly five minutes later he was there. We greeted each other and ordered coffee. We talked and just hung out until noon, when he had to leave. We talked about family, friends, my home town, previous relationships, and just our lives in general. Anyone walking by would have thought we’ve been friends for years. Andy reminds me of my older brother. My siblings have always been my best friends, I would not be me without them. Finding someone in this semi forgien place that reminds me of my brother, is comforting. 

Within the first couple weeks after I met Andy I was worried. What if he leaves like the others? Can I trust him? Trust. That seems to be the only thing on my mind recently-trust. Andy and I kept hanging out and soon we opened up to each other. Ironically enough my sister came to visit and Margret was consistently trying to get Aileen and Andy together, I found it rather hilarious. Aileen was telling me about this small little house she saw for sale on her way through the city. Perfect for the two of us; that's what she said. I had previously told Andy about my daughter back in my home state. She was staying with my mom, her grandma, for the time being. My ex's mom was not supportive of our relationship and was very disapproving of us having a baby. He ended our relationship and I was forced to take care of my daughter by myself. I thought moving to a different state for a fresh start was best. I was not able to find a house before moving and so I asked my mom to watch my daughter until I was able to find a house and provide for her. 

 I was able to buy the house my sister told me about and Rose, Margret, and Andy helped me move out of the apartment and into the house. I got the job at the local high school. I headed back to my home state for my daughter and the rest of our stuff. Andy (who did eventually start dating my sister) was excited to meet his niece, and rushed over to help as soon as I got back. My sister was planning on moving within the next few months and opening a new branch to her business. It felt like things were falling into place, things were going the way they were supposed too. Andy and Aileen offered to babysit whenever they could and Margaret offered to babysit the day Andy and Aileen couldn’t. Andy and I often hang out and despite what anyone thinks, my sister is not worried about mine and Andy's friendship. Andy was recently visited by his best friend, Jefferson. Rose, Margret, Aileen, Andy, Jefferson, and I (including my daughter) all got together one weekend. We all had a great time and I was able to get a different kind of relationship out of it. Jefferson and I started dating a month after I had met him. He found a place near mine and it has been great ever since. He absolutely loves my daughter, he is the best with her. I could not be happier. The nightmares and anxiety attacks have majorly decreased since I have been with Jefferson. I am grateful for everyone in my life. 

If Andy and I did not meet that day and become friends none of this would have happened. Andy is my new found best friend and brother. I am so grateful for him and everything he has done for me, my sister, and everyone else around us.  From one little event with a stranger to best friends.

June 03, 2021 13:40

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