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Fiction Romance Mystery

                              The clouds were darkening over the whole sky. The high way road was looking like alone. There were no people, dog, cat, bird and cars around. That’s strange she thought. But she decided to walk forward until the road end. She looked down to her feet. She hadn’t put on shoes or slippers. She didn’t care at all because she feel so down inside her heart and mind. She wanted to suicide herself so she keep walking on the center of the road. She didn’t know how far she go. She didn’t even know when she started. But nobody would care about this happening. She was dressing the white short dress. Walking alone on the dark high way road made her feel sad. So, she was start crying. When she cried out loud, her tears dripping like a waterfall to the road. At that time, she felt something go down from the sky. She could sense the water from the clouds. She looked up to the clouds and see the clouds are crying along with her. She was smiling a bit while she look up to the sky. She wasn’t stop crying and walking. She just walked forward and let it rain over her. She felt easier and happier than before. She loved rain fall over her body and her clothes get soak wet. She kept walk upon the road and suddenly she feel weird. She put out her right hand forward to feel the rain drop. She was seeing the showering rain still. But she couldn’t feel the coldness of rain drops upon her. That’s strange so she try put out the other hand again. There was no rain drops on her palms.

                               Now, she knew someone’s upon her head. She turned her head to the right. And then, she saw the men’s boots. That strange man was wearing the black trousers and black boots. She looked up to her head to see what’s covering her. She saw a big black umbrella on her head. He was holding the umbrella and put his coat over her head to cover the her head and body. She didn’t understand why he is doing this to her. At that time, he said “don’t get a cold”. She tried to look at his face. But her height was being short to see his face. She tried to raise her feet up but she can’t see his face again. When she kept try to look his face, she slip over the road and about to fall. Suddenly, he held her body. She heard the heart beating sound loud for a while near his chest. She said “your heart is beating so fast”. But he held her body and said “are you hurt”. She said “no I am not thanks”. Then, he leaned his body towards and carried her. She shouted and said “what are you doing”. He said “if I don’t carry you, you will run away again”. She was getting closer to his face. It’s about to see clearly who he was. “Beep Beep Beep Lazy pig wake up now it’s about 7:30 am” the alarm clock start ringing. She rolled over the bed and move her hand towards the alarm clock to stop it. She couldn’t find her alarm clock. She tried to open her eyelids and look beside her bed. And then, she looked around the place. “Where am I” she said. She tried to raise her head up from the bed and look around the room again. Then, she saw a foot is in front of her. She shouted “who the hell is on my bed”. She went back into the blanket and look for the owner of the foot. She moved up to the bed and look at the person’s face. She tried to remove the hair on the face. Then, she saw the stranger on her bed. So, she moved herself away from that person and find her clothes. She didn’t know how she get here. Her head also started aching. She was still thinking that’s just a nightmare. She looked herself from up to down. She said “thanks god I wore a t shirt”. But she looked closely and said “that’s not mine”. During she took her time find her clothes to put back on. She heard the sound from the bed. She said “oh, crap is he wake up”. He was waking up and moving his hair with his hand and said “silly girl just awake, good morning”. She didn’t look back to him. So, he stood up from the bed and walk in front of her. He stood in front of her by saying “what are you looking for”. She said with shaky voice and legs “I am looking for my clothes”. He said “why are you look at the floor”. She was pointing to him and said “you are naked”. After she said to him, he looked down himself and move away from her.

                                He hurried put his trousers back on from the sofa near the bed. Right now, she knew the room owner is him not her. So, he knew everything. She bowed to him and said “if you take and let me sleep here”. He said “Yes, I take you here but you silly head why you get drunk and walking along the road under the heavy rain”. She said “I want to suicide myself why do you help me”. After she said, he ran up to her and said “you must live until the time come”. This time she looked at his face directly and said “why”. He said “everybody has the reason to come to live in human world”. Her eyes blinked after hearing his theory. She said “why did you say so”. He said “I do know so inside your eyes”. She said “I don’t even know who you are why should I believe in you”. He said “you will see”. After having conversation with him, he gave her clothes back and also her bag. She was surprising over him. Because he washed the clothes last night and also clean the bag. He said “she is vomiting upon the bag too”. At that time, she realized how neat his room is not like hers. She must ashamed of herself. But she asked how can you help a girl on the road. He said “I am not taking all the girls on the road it’s just you”. After having conversation with him, she felt much better so she say goodbye to him and head back to her room. Her thoughts were getting right. They were living under the same roof and same building. She said “so the room decoration are the same”. However, he said his name and everything. She didn’t know why he help her still. But today is the day, she must start with full of energy. She went back to the room and prepare for the next time interview. This time must be 30 times to get into interview. If she failed this time again, she must go back to home town and living with parents. At village, there had many jobs. She decided to not lose hope again. She hadn’t money to pay for renting this month. How hard the life is the miracle happening sometime? She put herself full of energy and prepared herself nothing like before. She get out from her apartment with full of hope. This time she must past the interview. At afternoon, she was standing alone in front of the sky high building and waiting for the rain to stop. She didn’t want her files get wet. But the rain continued. She had not choice so she keep walking to the bus stop. When she reached the platform, she is standing there and look up to the sky with big smile. She said “you are falling again”. During the time, the miracle came up to her again. This time he wore the suit and come up to her with black umbrella. She was watching him there standing in the rain. She said with low tone “who are you actually”.

September 24, 2021 13:51

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