“Nicole... Nicole... come down, it's time for us to prepare for the party,” yelled the housekeeper for the young girl, while looking for her. “Will father and mother be there?” “They promised you so.” “They promised me once and twice before, but they never kept their promise.” “You are right, they never do,” muttered the old lady giving a deep sigh.

“My mom and dad are never home,” she hugs her big stuffed teddy bear. “What should I do Teddy?” looking at the bear’s round black eyes, “It was dad’s idea, Teddy” talking to her cute stuffed bear, while playing with her hair “I invited my friends to this party too.” Jumping on her bed, “even Zoe is coming, I invited her to show off,” she cries once and looks back at her bear, “she always puts on an act about her parents, and I wanted to show her how cool my dad is, and how elegant my mom is.” A blue small flame lights behind her as she says that, for a mere second then fades in the air.

On the other side of the city, In the dead silence of the empty boxing gym. Drew, Nicole’s father, was rope skipping while watching his opponent’s latest matches, preparing for his upcoming clash against his nemesis. The blue flame lights once, then died the same way it did behind the little girl. Suddenly, the voice of the jumping rope stops, and the father stands with no motion.

In the middle of the city, was Vanessa the mom, asking her driver, “slow down, we don’t want to show up early,” opening her laptop, “I need some time to go over the contract we got from the mayor, once more.” The light flashes behind her in the car, but no one seems to notice it, her eye’s close and her consciousness fades away.

For a moment, both Nicole’s parents lost consciousness, their eyes closed for a second, and the next thing they were on their house’s stairs.

Vanessa slowly wakes up, turning to the right side and trying to help herself stand with both her hands. Her eyes widen as she screams, then pushes herself away from the big rhino lying next to her, “What is this?” pushing and pushing away as fast as she can. “Why are you yelling in my ear? My head hurts,” the rhino replies. “Wait a second, what am I doing here?” He stands up with a dazed look in his eyes, “I was training in my gym.” “Dear, is that you?” asked Vanessa. “Darling… You are a cheetah in a tuxedo,” he throws a loud laughter, “and It suits you perfectly.” “you are a talking muscular Rhino in boxing shorts,” she points, “you don't get to talk about my look,” “come on, I was just trying to complement how this look suits you.”

The blue flame lights in between them, “I see that you got over your looks already, and you both skipped the screaming and running part, this will make our job easier.” A voice came out from the flame ball talking to the parents.  

“Let's jump right to the business, so both of you can get back to tasks you were doing without a notable delay.” 

“Yeah! right, I have to go back, let me back, I have to finish my contract.” Vanessa interrupts

“I need to get back to my practice,” Drew added, “what do you need from us.”

“Glad you asked,” the voice said in a proud voice, “I’m a spirit that helps young souls, souls that are on the verge of getting lost cause of the lack of capability of their elders.” 

“Young souls and elders, I'm getting lost over her.” Drew said, robbing his chin. 

“Wait... Wait... Are you referring to us?” screamed Vanessa running towards the little light, “where’s our daughter? Drew … our daughter,” suddenly shaking, Drew put her between his hand “ relax, darling, take a deep breath .. In and out .. In and out” 

“Worry not, for your daughter is safe and sound, at the moment she is shopping for her tae party with her Nana for her parents were too busy to celebrate her accomplishment with her,” affirmed the flashing light.

“Thank you for showing us our incompetence, we really appreciate it, but can you turn us back to our normal sizes so we can go to our daughter.” requested Drew.

“Sadly, that’s not happening, at least not yet.” was the light’s response.

“But why?” bursted Vanessa from Drew’s arms to the little light, “we get it, we are the worst parents, we learned from our mistake. Please, let us go back to her.”

“It doesn’t matter that you got the reason you are here,” said the light, adding “the girl didn’t want you to come to her party ... You know … The way you are.”

“The way we are?” questioned vanessa, “what do you mean by that?” Asked Drew.

“She wants her parents together, as a couple, representing a united family, not as guests in their own house, attending the party with their eyes on their phones, dealing business instead of being present as loving parents.”

“She wants you together. She needs the loving mother and caring father. She hopes that she returns to the house finding real parents, who are there just to support her, and be happy for her achievements, she wants to make you both happy proud parents.” 

The light flies above them both, “and for that, I won't be turning you back till you team up and make something for her party, simple and compelling, something she loves.” 

The light fades away, with the voice fading with it, “I wish you both the best, you have till she comes back with her nana.”

“What should we do?” Drew asks, “with this size we can’t prepare anything.”

“Alone we can’t, but if we team up we will be able to prepare the sweets she loves,” said Vanessa walking with big fast steps toward the kitchen.

May 07, 2021 14:17

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