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American Coming of Age Creative Nonfiction

The speech maker was in the library again.

He had signed up the lecture hall.

Hoping people would come.

I was there for the free cookies.

I had heard there would be cake.

So I went into the lecture hall.

First speech given.

Your condition as freemen is in danger. Microsoft / World government is involved in tyranny from the disney white house to the very phones, computers you depend on to do your work.

The tyranny of humanity who wants to make another hell on earth for you to be enslaved too. All have defended either their future or being suicidal per courts taken the experimental vaccine. Few never to tolerate this civilization collapse into pedophile, neo-nazism are fighting to keep thermonuclear war from happening. The conflict continues to fight against fascism. You accept and rewarded merged into the coherent of neo-nazism bullies. Bullying people to wear masks. Bully them to die to work. Bullying them to not being allowed into the public. Shame is great. The institutions that were to protect the public took CIA Bill Tate money and murdered many people.

The question, who is for freedom? Who is for liberty? Not Trump. He appointed Fauci. Not Republicans, they supported paying Microsoft 13 billion dollars for something they already had patented in 2019 prior to the hoax plague that Fauci let loose from Wuhan.

Who is left? Antifa? Not them. They are sponsored by corporations that had them burn down old buildings and stores for the insurance money.

Who is left? The individual? What can an individual do? They stole the election so even their vote does not count.

The churches? Some maybe. I find that churches seem to be seen supporting the mark of the beast and they should be able to read just as I did and say no. No to digitalized human robots. No to make humanity into batteries for microsoft and governments.

Who is left? God is left. God is all there is for hope. Pray. Pray that those who are evil become Christians and stop their evilness before thermonuclear war kills humanity. For NASA and CIA are planning to use thermonuclear weapons. And so far no one has stopped them in the past an dno one is going to stop them now except God.


The speech went into philosophy and the coming death of humanity was a bit of an oddity.

What I heard there started with an old philosophical consideration on whether life without the ability to die was life at all?

Second speech on absurdity given.

Seemed like a rather long speech. But the lecturer was not done.

The absurdity of freedom is something I wonder about these days. 2022 when freedom seems to show fighting with fascist in Ukraine makes reality a bit more weird than anything else. The people willing to fight Russia with Nazi seem to be those who were against freedom for the unvaccinated makes reality even a bit more absurd, if you ask me. People ranting and raving, you are not wearing a mask. You are not vaccinated. Yelled in my face, making me cry because I have feelings makes me wonder about freedom these days. The dramatic question when looking at the bio labs in Ukraine, Wuhan, and elsewhere being financed by the Freedom loving US of A seems absurd to me. In yet? Here I am and here you are. The question of memories being reliable, that good means godly and evil means devil. When looking into what they put into the vaccines is weird. Meaning? Why is it that nanobots are on the vaccine? Why is it that the patent for the mark of the beast seems to be associated with the vaccine? Why is it when I show the science I am shouted down? Memories of when I used to be respected nowadays make me question this reality. The idea of transformation into a monster seems even acceptable to people these days. I wonder how insane or absurd I must be to have people like that around me. The mystery to me is all this is written in the bible and no one seems to care? Makes me question the mystery even more. I thought the world was extremely knowledgeable about God or ideology, or at least understanding that prophecy happens. Why would humanity specifically destroy themselves? That freedom is at stake, let alone humanity’s soul, makes this mystery even grander on a scale I am no longer even sure how to measure. I investigate freedom. To be free, as a philosopher says, absurdly is to live free from constraints when everyone else is constrained. For if you do not live freely, then what are you living for? They always say an inciting event triggers these events? My key event was the Mandela effect. You see, I went to sleep in one world one night and awoke in a completely different reality the next. My reactions to this new world’s plural was a bit more than most. My original plan was to go back to hell and burn it down. However, I learned through time that my original world, which I left, no longer exists. Thus, I had to have a new plan of action. I was a man of action once upon a time. If you do not believe me, that is okay. No one does. But I lived freely. I lived for free. And in being free, I learned something about tests and challenges and my reactions to them. I failed all my tests. Whether freedom to be good, do good, say good. Somehow, someway, I fail in deed, in action and in communication. Since the event you have changed a bit? Freedom of the sort you felt and the freedom you have now been close to the same? No. Freedom in lockdown is not freedom at all. And where I was at? I had the freedom to walk about. To talk. Being listened to too. It’s important to think and learn. And now? That is the funny part of freedom, is it not? When you learn someone trapped you in a. What is this reality? Reality? I doubt this is real. Ralph, in his book Secret of Light, points out we are all avatars. I did not believe him, of course. But who would believe that? Humans or mass are nothing more than light? Light? Meaning? Energy equals mass times light times light. But what is mass? Mass is light too? Do not be silly!! I am not. Mass is made much of it from plants. And plants absorb light and thus mass is light stabilized. We are nothing more than stable avatars in lay for a time or a day. Avatars in an absurd dream where the bible is taking place and ranting and raving does nothing. And prayer? Praying seems to indicate God is here and alive. And? Those running the world are hell bent to destroy freedom. What is that song again? In the year 2525 If man is still alive If a woman can survive They may find... Freedom is an illusion here. The reality of the question of the nanobots, however, makes a question: am I here watching humanity die in the Cylons? Seems obvious if the robots have control of everything and are hell bent on thermonuclear war with Russia. Maybe this is the Cylon wars and the Mandela effect was just a dream that I lived in freedom once upon a time? The mirror reflection of reality that I lived elsewhere and know it. And now I live here at the end of time, which is not what I expected to see. Maybe this is my lesson except the unexpected in freedom. I did not expect this. Freedom should have been more freeing and less hellish or murderous or lockdown or plague. Freedom would have been more life than liberty and pleasure not. Shots, nazis, and the threat of thermonuclear war. I mean, I did not vote for Trump. However, the way the current presidency is going seems hell bent on destruction of this reality sooner rather than later. Do I have a new plan of action? Sure vote for anyone but those warmongers in office. Freedom to choose someone other than warmongers. To live free? That is a wonderful plan. However, money is the root of all evil and those in power seem to have all the money. And when they do not, they print some more to make what little I have worthless. So I plan to live freely at the moment. However, for the long-term plan, live in peace and harmony and vote out those who are causing this lack of freedom. The problem is the hard choices there are no good people to vote for. No ANTIWAR people, both parties seem hell bent on war. Find someone that says they are antiwar and hope for them, I suppose, is all the freedom I have left. Push for peace and not war. Pray for peace, not war. Again, freedom is the problem here. For I can read the bible and according to the plans that is exactly what the bible says will happen. They will cry peace but not be peaceful. Makes me wonder how insane this dream or reality is. How can a mere human wanting freedom be free when chains of evil seem to be everywhere? Turn to God. Believe in God. Pray to God. BE Good. DO GOOD. Seems like the obvious solution. However, there is no return to freedom from here. There is no freedom from the drums of warmongers. You can look at history and realize that being free makes love, not war music and dreams are long dead. Those claiming to be peaceful now are the warmongers. Democrats versus Republicans in the US civil war. Democrat Wilson claiming no war as his campaign then? Was it the RMS Lusitania he claimed to remember for the slogan of that war? A war ammunition transport secret until the 2014s. Shame on the US of A. Then Democrats in the 1964 Gulf of Tonken claiming something happened which never escalated and murder how many Vietnamese people? One million two or more? Then Weapons of Mass Destruction to murder what Clinton, Bush, Obama murder 11 million people and are not considered war criminals? Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Somalia, etc. Freedom to murder people is not the freedom I recall wanting to live for. Freedom meant peace. Don’t be evil. Don’t die be love. Don’t be evil. The sadness of freedom is gone already. The danger that humanity is dead from thermonuclear war is already being foretold by CNN. Their latest motto thermonuclear war might help climate change? Pray for peace. Vote for Peace. Write for Peace. Do not do evil. Do not support evil. Seems like a good last plan. To storm the castle of this reality is absurd. Money, judges, porn, Ukraine, child sex slavery, politicians, billionaires, all within their private bunkers with their food, munching watching television at the end of the world. Do I storm their castles to tell them they are wrong? Pray for them, I do. Change your way. There are other places to go. No, this is the black moment in a story where the hero knows freedom has been lost. Life has been lost. Liberty is lost. And the heroes are all dead. The only hope is God. Calling for help. Praying for Help. Oh, God, I made a mistake again. I am not sure which point is most wrong. Forgive me again. Please save humanity and freedom. The sad part of this freedom essay is that those who read the bible know the ultimate battle already. God wins. But those in their bunkers cry out and we see a different reality. We will be free and will break God’s bonds. The final resolution was written a long time ago in a future no one remembers but me. By a dazzling man named John Von Neumann. His statement in his final paper titled, there is no chaos. That all stories will come to their exact ending as required. That there is nothing chaotic in the universe. Meaning? Freedom for some. Hell for others. Both are within the grasp of humanity. Live free, for if you live with anything less, you are not living to your potential. Works Cited How Many Vietnamese Died During the Vietnam War?, Accessed 25 March 2022. 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