On Mars, Sunsets are Always Blue

Written in response to: Set your story in a kids’ playground, or at a roundabout.... view prompt


Contemporary Crime High School

This story contains themes or mentions of physical violence, gore, or abuse.

CW: Mention of blood/gore

The stars above us shine bright,

And James's letterman jacket is around me tight,

I feel like holding a star would be so light,

I could reach out and grab one, I just might

I only smell cigarette smoke,

I told James to stop the habit, when he didn't, I moped,

In secret I vape and smoke, like a dope,

James wouldn't find out anytime soon, I hoped

I met James when we were only four,

I was rich, he was poor,

I kissed him in a treehouse, and after that I wanted more,

Before I asked, he asked, and we opened that door,

We'd been together since we watched Looney Tunes,

I hoped our relationship wouldn't end soon,

I loved James and I think he loved me too,

Our flaming love made a huge boom,

Everyone at school hated our passion,

I can't believe I almost picked Jackson,

Instead of James who was always relaxing,

All the other couples were as passionate as taxing,

Mary Q said that me and James were fake,

Mary Q only wanted James to take,

Mary Q was always on a break,

From any guy she wanted or did date,

I hated the way James looked at her,

To me, I thought Mary Q was a dingy bird,

In elementary, she made me eat dirt,

Mary Q always made me feel very hurt,

I'd say I'm friends with everyone, but not Mary,

Most people say she's like a Halloween decoration, scary,

But some people actually adore her, they say she looks like a fairy,

I think she looks like a pesticide-ridden berry,

I'd say I'm not arrogant or rude,

Mary was a rat and James was a great and beautiful dude,

Mary always put me in a terrible mood,

I was upset with Mary, she was screwed,

Me and James walked together at school,

And Mary made advances towards him, she was such a tool,

When James looked at her, I saw him almost drool,

What was so perfect about someone I'd like to duel?

So here's what I planned,

I would push Mary and shove her into some muddy land,

She would cry and would be banned,

From being near James ever again,

But I didn't win,

In fact, she humiliated me in front of so many kin,

One of them was James, he was disappointedly scratching his chin,

I was so sad and so upset she made me spin,

I could feel my blood boil hot from within,

I ran away like any loser ever,

I wanted James forever,

But it was clear that would happen never,

Mary was going under like the Heather's,

This next part took some careful planning,

While I was studying an anatomy of murder, she was tanning,

All this took replanning and was quite damning,

When I was finished with my plan, I was jamming,

I stabbed Mary sixteen times,

In the girls locker room, what a gallant crime

She was frozen in her own misery and mind,

I hoped I could kill her a thousand more times,

It was called a murder, but no suspect yet,

Boys at school made a fifty dollar bet,

It was that Janice girl, the one that was building play sets,

She was creepy enough, and off they went,

I thought this would bring James closer than ever,

Our bond would be forever tethered,

But what a big lie I endeavored,

James was broken up,

I tried to cheer him up,

But apparently Mary was sweet like syrup,

He was so upset, I thought he was tough,

He loved Mary more than me,

How could that possibly be?

So, this part makes me feel guilty, you see,

I couldn't live knowing James loved her more than me,

Right near the playground, we went on a date on lovers lane,

And I could see James's clear pain,

It was clear he went with Mary here while she was still an alive dame,

I was furious, and I felt a lot of shame,

How used I felt,

Mary, I had dealt


And yet I felt melted,

I mustered it up instead of me,

That James was only a golfing tee,

Nothing of value, not to me,

So bye-bye he went, this next part happened with glee,

James's was stabbed six times by me, how many years I'd known him,

The bloody mess beside me was grim,

I wore the bloody letterman jacket for me to try and grin,

And I opened the syrup-colored bottle of gin,

And drunk away my pain and sorrow,

There will always be another tomorrow,

I took a surprisingly somber walk over to the slide, the swings, and ride them all at an attempt at joy,

Then I realized James was just like any other boy,

Helpless, annoying, another useless toy,

I feel a wash of guilt take over me,

What was I feeling? Wasn't I free?

I can't help but feel partially guilty,

Sour stuff bubbling in my stomach, helplessly,

I've always believed I'm a good person, but,

Maybe this was all a mistake, no it couldn't,

James was a cheater, and Mary a slut,

James's life and Mary's was cut,

My lies are building, like a necklace of pearls,

I get sweaty when whodunit swirls,

I can't go near playgrounds or I hurl,

I hate being reminded of my mistakes,

My mental stableness breaks,

I didn't know what it takes,

to get away with murder,

I'm staying quiet, no matter how guilty I feel,

Mary's favorite color was teal,

And James always liked to steal

my heart,

One day, I hope that heart he stole will heal,

After all, they did deserve it somehow,

My heart races, don't have a cow,

And now my duties are done, I should take a bow,

So you see, it's the question of who?

Who stabbed Mary sixteen then,

divided by two,

James was stabbed six times too,

I'm not innocent,

I'm reminded when I see the stars and the moon,

On Mars, the Sunsets are Always Blue

July 23, 2022 01:22

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