Alora The Saboteur

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You may find me evil and that does not bother me. Despite your opinion of me, you want to understand all the questions whirling in your mind. Most especially...why. If you just insist, I'll indulge you this one time.

My name is Alora. In whispered circles I'm known as 'Mistress Saboteur'. I am an expert in the art of sabotage, intentionally ruining or disrupting. I didn't start out this way; but years of mistreatment, injustice and abuse, have been the instruments that have created the product that I am today.

I am ridiculously wealthy and have anyone and everything readily at my disposal.

My nature is usually saturnine. What really is the point to having a sunny disposition all the time?

I'm only truly happy when people get what they deserve because of my meticulous, deliberate, actions to destroy or damage their plans, their life. It can almost make me smile on the outside.

Ah, I can see you are judging me. Your judging only empowers me to continue my calling with more resolution.

All involved in my current complot; have fallen asleep at some point in their day or night like normal, but wake up different, very different. In their state of confusion and fear they work themselves into a hysteria.

I must employ a nanodrone to tranquilize them. They are then taken to a secret location. They don't know where they are or how they got there.

Kirk an African American NYC Firefighter, Sanya an International Interpreter from Belize, Damien a Polish born FedEx driver, and Tristan an Aussie mayors assistant. Four very different people, all victims of the same fate.

"Why do I smell cheese and something else ....uhmmm onions? Yeah onions. Like B.O. and Parmesan cheese mixed."

"Crazy dream man. Let me get on up and get going."

Kirk sits up in bed and starts to run his right hand through his shoulder length hair.

"Hey! what! My hair, what happened to my hair?" Dull metal is heavy against his scalp.

"What the hell!?" Kirk paws his head with both hands in fear and disbelief.

Why does he feel metal instead of his fingers? He brought his hands down slowly from his head. In the place where his hands should be were prosthetic robot hands.

"Oh my god I'm gonna be so laaaaaate!! If I'm late one more time I'll get a write up. That jerk Connor will be whining to Sabrina if I'm one minute late."

"Ok, Ok. 6:05. I can do this, just a quick bird-bath instead of a shower, get dressed and out the door by 6:25, then grab the uptown express on Pritchard and 4th. It'll drop me 4 blocks away from the store, so I'll have to sprint the rest of the way. I should make it there with 3 or 4 minutes to spare before the start of my shift at 7."

"Aggghhhhhhh what the what!!?!!" Damien looks in the mirror but someone, something other than Damien looks back.

Blue green razor cut hair protrudes from his head mohawk style. The sides are clean shaven with tattooed celtic symbols. At his temples are two small red and yellow horns. Damien backs away from the mirror sheer terror in his eyes; eyes that were normally blue in color are now crimson like little pools of blood.

"Mmmmmmmm just 5 more minutes, I'll get up in 5 more minutes." Sanya stretches and turns over on her right side. Splat! she hits the floor, falling heavily on her side.

Shaking her head she hears ringing. Ringing that increases getting louder and louder. She grabs her head and curls into a fetal position. "Ahhhhhh stop, stop, please God make it stop!!" She writhes around on the floor for a full minute before the ringing subsides.

Sweaty and shaky Sanya pulls herself up on to her hands and knees. She crawls to her bureau and pulls out the second drawer that holds her meds; it's empty. Panic stricken she rakes her hand back and forth inside the drawer.

"Ahhhh no more fur babies to attend to for the next hour. Let me close my eyes for a quick power nap while I'm on break."

Tristan puts his feet up on his desk and goes to sleep.

"Welcome to the jungle, we've got fun and games.

We got everything you want honey, we know the names.

We are the people that can find whatever you may need

If you got the money, honey, we got your disease.

You know where you are?

You're in the jungle, baby, you're gonna die.

In the jungle, welcome to the jungle.

Watch it bring you to your sha-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-knees, knees.

Tristan topples out of the specialized aergonomic computer chair dazed and confused.

Guns N Roses Welcome to The Jungle is blasting and he doesn't know where it's coming from. Shaking his head to clear the loud noise of the screaming music, Tristan looks down and notices that he has on someone else's clothes. A long shapeless tunic over black leggings rough scratchy socks and shoes made of straw with a wooden sole.

"Anwar are the subjects ready?"

"Yes Alora."

"Good. I'll be down shortly. Please have cook send me a slice of Red Velvet cake and a cold glass of almond milk."

"As you wish Alora."

Moaning, whimpering and soft, crying fill the room.

"Whose there?"

"What? Sniff, what? Who are you?"

"Hello, hello where am I?"

"Maan what the hell is going on? Why am I blindfolded and strapped down?"

"We all are!"

"Ok, Ok, everyone just breathe, deep breaths to help calm down." My name is Kirk what are your names?"

"San, San, Sanya"

"I'm Damien"


"Good. I would shake your hands but I'm a little tied up right now."

"Not funny Kirk."

"Alright, alright, my bad. I was just trying to lighten the mood. Sorry"

"Why are we here; wherever here is?"

"I don't know Sanya."

"Do you remember anything that maybe can shed some light on how we got here or what's going on?"

"The last thing I remember is Guns n Roses Welcome to The Jungle blasting and waking me from my power nap"

"I woke up late and was stressing because I was going to be late for work."

"I remember cheese."


"Yeah I smelled cheese and onions. I think I was dreaming."

"Sanya what about you?"

"Ringing, painful ringing in my head."

"If I could have everyone's attention. Good day. How is everyone feeling?"

"I am Alora. I hope everyone is as comfortable as possible considering the circumstances. Unfortunately the restraints and blindfolds are necessary for now."

"Why are we here? What is happening? Why have you kidnapped us? What are you going to do to us?"

"Yes, yes, I know you have lots of questions. And in due time they will be answered.

But for now I have a riddle for you to solve.

If your able to solve the riddle one of your limbs will be freed from the restraints.

I will return in intervals with a new riddle until you are completely without restraints."

"Anwar will assist you. When you think you have the answer he will record it for you. The rest of you will have head phones placed over your ears when one of you is ready to guess. Can't have any cheating."

"Let's start with an easy one shall we?

I have seas without water.

I have forrest without woods.

I have deserts without sand.

I have houses with no brick.

What am I?"

"Anwar place everyone's headphones on please. Take care. I will see you again."

Wait. No come back!

Let us out of here!

Why are you doing this?!

Please let us go!

What lead to these poor peoples demise? Why are they being treated in this way? What is the purpose of it all?

Well to begin they all are not good people. Oh I know you think it's a situation of the 'pot calling the kettle black'; but no, no, I am far more entrenched in depravity than they. However they simply can not be excused.

Kirk falsely testified against my friend in an arson case.

Kirk has a reputation as being a ladies man. Kirk works out a lot and has a lean muscular body. He dresses in the latest trendy mens clothing styles when off duty. He keeps his healthy, beautiful, shoulder length, dreds clean and fashionably styled; as a result he's been chosen as 'Mr May' for New Yorks Hottest Firefighter Calendar two years in a row.

Avery, my friend, was at a block party one evening, when the fire house came through selling the calendars for local charities. Kirk, like many others, was instantly attracted to Avery's caramel colored skin, wide expressive eyes with natural long eyelashes, striking cheekbones, and full lips.

Although flattered, Avery was already involved with someone and declined his interest.

Kirk tried for the next few weeks to get Avery to switch her attention to him. She was becoming uneasy with his constant attempts. Finally one day she told him calmly and firmly she was not and would not be interested in him so stop and if he didn't she would file stalking and harassment charges against him. Kirk didn't take that so well.

One month later the insurance office Avery worked for burned down. Avery became the prime suspect because she was the last employee seen to leave the office after working a couple hours of OT.

Kirk's firehouse contained the blaze. Kirk still angry at being rejected by Avery; falsely accused her of arson and testified to the fact in court. Avery is facing a stiff sentence if convicted.

So I shaved Mr May's dreds and amputed his hands. No more fighting fires or striking fiery poses in a calendar.

Sanya was involved in an early morning hit- and-run. She was on her phone and wasn't paying attention as she drove. Running a stop sign; she plowed into an unsuspecting guy jogging around the neighborhood. Avery didn't even slow down from the impact. On my own morning run; I saw it all and called the paramedics. Thankfully his injuries were not life threatening. The cameras in the area had been removed due to a wiring problem. So there was no feed on who was the driver. But I had other ways to track her down. Sanya takes prescription medicine to combat tinnitus. She's suffered with the condition for years. I implanted an electrode just behind her left ear. It sends a megacharge to her ears causing debilitating ringing in her ears. She will never be able to drive again.

Damien stole several packages a week and then sold them on the black market. My mom had ordered a very expensive samurai sword from another collector. The sword never arrived. The other collector showed a receipt as proof of shipment. After much investigation I was able to track my mother's sword down. After asking around a bit more I found out how the sword had gotten 'lost' in the first place.

I admit I had a little fun with this one. To his misfortune Damien messed with the wrong lady's package. I had him genetically modified to resemble my version of lucifer. He'll never get a normal job. Sinful is as sinful looks.

Tristan set up kickbacks for his boss the mayor. He routinely approved or denied contractors depending on how deep their pockets were.

Super You Academy was a youth charity aimed at training youths of all ages to unlock the potential in their lives; by teaching life skills and workshops on low self-esteem and confidence building.

They wanted to open a facility on the east side, but, because they didn't pay up they were constantly denied. The charity was desperate to find a suitable place because the youth were losing hope causing some of them to act out resulting in brushes with the law.

Tristan lives a privileged and charmed life. Meanwhile the young kids he's affecting are just trying to get a good as possible start in life; but with out a facility to get the necessary help they are feeling useless and wreckless. I'm sending Damien to Yim Tin Tsai a remote almost abandoned village in Hong Kong to work from the ground up sans corruption.

Honestly I just hate injustice. I've always rooted for the underdog.

You say I'm doing bad things to the bad people who have done bad things. You call me a hypocrit. I disagree. I am simply an avenger.

I create problems for those who create problems for others. l balance the scales.


"Yes Anwar."

"All of the subjects have answered the riddle correctly."

"I'll be there shortly."

"Bravo! everyone. I told you it was a rather easy one. Even a fifth grader could have figured out the answer is....a map."

"As promised Anwar will remove the restraint from your left arm. Now for your next riddle."

'I am something people celebrate or resist. I change people’s thoughts and lives. I am obvious to some people but, to others, I am a mystery. What am I?'

October 03, 2021 13:30

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Angel {Readsy}
07:28 Oct 15, 2021

Mastery over all sentences 5 stars


Andrea Magee
12:00 Oct 15, 2021

Thank you very much!!


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Angel {Readsy}
07:27 Oct 15, 2021

Please comment my story it is a research work need to be edit


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Angel {Readsy}
07:26 Oct 15, 2021

The start of the story ; " does not bother me", oh amazing , I never read any story starting with such a line everyone like praises and wish to call themselve an angel a fairy a queen


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Keya Jadav
12:10 Oct 04, 2021

This is as perfect as it can be. It filled me up with an indescribable vibe...probably 'the escape room' one. The plot is so so cool and ye pulled it off amazingly. It is impressive how you didn't reveal much but deliberately pulled off the curtains, purifying the evil characts of the protagonist. Also, It's kinda amazing the way you ended it, I'd be very eager to know the answer though. Brilliant Andrea, this is best of your work, I have read yet.


Andrea Magee
17:17 Oct 04, 2021

Keya you made my whole entire week with your wonderful encouraging comment!! Thank you so much. The answer is ....age.


Keya Jadav
11:31 Oct 05, 2021

Aww...damn, right. Btw, did you submit it for the contest, I could see clear chances of this being recognized. :)


Andrea Magee
11:41 Oct 05, 2021

Lol. No I didn't submit it for the contest. Maybe now I will. Thanks.


Keya Jadav
11:53 Oct 05, 2021

Yes, absolutely you should. It is a very well written story. All the best :)


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Angel {Readsy}
07:26 Oct 15, 2021

Well said


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