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Fiction Mystery Suspense

They held onto. Running so fast. Becca hadn’t known what would happen when. But then again Veva had told her not to. They ran silently, trying to avoid tripping over things in. Where would they? If only they had trusted their.

It had started when. Veva had called Becca to tell. Becca loved this kind of stuff and was so excited to. Veva was the one who was always. She would stop in each one. Rummage through all the piles. Stay for hours, headache from dust, thin layer of dust on. But she didn’t mind because what was found. She could wash the rest off after. 

Veva had seen the shop. It wasn’t new but this was a street she didn’t. It was just one of those places that never drew her. But for some reason today it was like something told her to. There were plenty of parking spots. She had chosen away from storefront window. She hadn’t known but it felt like what she was. She grabbed her bag and walked to the. Opening the door, she heard a little jingle of. It was the smell that took her to that place where. One inhale and she was. 

The shop owner was behind. It was an older lady, probably around her mom’s. She smiled and asked Veva if. Veva told her she just wanted. The lady smiled and told her to take. Veva wasn’t sure if she knew what she had just. But there was a vibe in this. 

Veva headed to the. It was like something was pulling her that. There was a small section that seemed to be. The books on all three sides. Veva would look through the titles. She glanced. Starting with the first. She picked each item up and.  Moving from one pile of. She sifted through while puffs of. The itch in her nose told her. But this gut feeling. There was no way for her to know what. She would just keep. That was when she saw. It was a square-ish. It had a golden latch on the. It looked like the box her dad. For her birthday when she was. She picked it up gingerly and put it in front of. 

Veva ran her fingers along the edge of. The wood was. Turning it this way and that Veva saw that. Could it really be? Veva wondered. She wasn’t going to lose. She tried to find. But there wasn’t one. Lifting it carefully she. Nothing else caught her. She made her way to. The shop owner looked. What she was doing. Smiled. Veva cleared her throat before asking. She knew places like this were bound to barter even. 

Walking out into the sunshine. Under her arm, careful not to get. She remember a few of the sharp. She couldn’t wait to get. And call Becca to tell. She hoped Becca would be. Feeling both anxious and a little. Veva opened the car door, put the box on the. Went to the driver’s. Starting the car. It would only be a few more. 

The phone rang two times, three times…

“Becca, call me. You will never. I have got to. Just as soon as.” Veva hung up the. 

She knew Becca would. 

Ten minutes later her phone. 

“You have to. You will never. I went to that new place on. I couldn’t believe my….Yes and the owner gave me….No I didn’t tell her that. Just come here as fast as.” 

Veva and Becca sat on the rug in Veva’s. The box was. Becca could see why Veva had. She secretly wondered why Veva had. She hated to. Right now was Veva’s time to. Becca could not only see the. She could feel the warm vibe coming. 

“Okay, so when we. I remember when I was little and my Grandma had. She told me that whatever made me worry to. Funny, though, I don’t even remember the exact. This should be. Are you ready?”

“Veva, what do you mean you were told to put. What was it you put in there to? It’s not like you are that. Well, whatever it is, we will know what to do when.” 

Becca reached over and pushed on. Veva jumped a little when. She didn’t know why she was so. She had to laugh a little because. Suddenly she grabbed Becca’s.

“Nevermind, don’t. I just remembered what it was that. We do not want to. I will take it back to the. Maybe I will just leave it near the back.”

“Veva, after all this you don’t want to just. And if you just leave this by the. And then if you ever see that lady again.”

“No, Becca, I remember now when I. Didn’t I ever tell you about the time that my. I had been so terrified for. She told me to put it in the. And lock the. I did just as she. And I never saw it again until this morning when.”

Becca laughed. There was nothing that could. She grabbed hold of the. Turning her back so that Veva couldn’t. It was now or.

Suddenly, with a whooshing sound and a burst of. The light glowed. A black line of smoke rose and spun. 

“Becca, no! What have you.” Veva screamed.

“I thought you just joking about. I’m so sorry.” Becca sighed then felt Veva grab her by the wrist and. It was too late. 

They ran down the stairs and out the. The black smoke seemed to follow.

Becca stopped, bent over, breathing. “What was that anyhow”

Veva was also huffing and puffing, trying to get her. The black smoke swirled in a circle right. 

“I don’t care,” Veva shouted at the black smoke. “I am not afraid of. I am stronger than. You are just jealous of what I. Becca. That was my. She died when I was. She was so mean to me when. So, I put my thoughts of. I locked the box and told. For all these years I had forgotten what evil I had put. I’m not running anymore, I am ready to.”

Becca tried to speak but her. Suddenly, the wisp of black smoke swirled around Becca’s. Inhaled the smoke. Started to cough. Sounded like she was. When the coughing finally. Veva just stared at. That was when she saw the eyes. Those weren’t Becca’s soft brown. Could it be?

“So, sis, you thought mom had such a great. You thought you were done with. Well, I’m back and now you are stuck with.”

Veva ran. She wasn’t going to. When she saw the gap in the. Squeezing through, her shirt getting caught on. Then she felt herself falling forward with nothing to. 

The police found her body the next. Someone had called and given them. Becca got the news and. Then, looking in the. Well, she had other friends to. 

February 23, 2023 04:27

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Mary Bendickson
02:34 Feb 27, 2023

Very interesting. Little hard to read but still got it. I see you are about as new as I am. I am not on any social media and I guess that is where others get so many likes so fast. Not understanding everything about this site yet. Of course after reading other entries I feel like a total rube. Have never considered writing anything before then wrote a whole book but haven't put it out there yet. So when I compare myself to the awesome writers here I know why.


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