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The morning breeze brushed against my skin. It carried the scents of salt air and fir trees.

"ooooo...oooooo...oooo" call the Mourning Doves through the forest. A vision of shapes, lights and shadows drifts across the waters of the lake.

It is forming a picture that is wavering on the ripples of the lake. To a time traveler, it evokes waves on the ripples of time.

Lately, the feeling of the troubled world's weight getting heavier was growing. I needed a happy uplift.

"It was time for a time-out," I thought. "I need something new, or something forgotten from the past."

Thinking about stories of the past gave me an idea.

"Stories have the power to make us feel something. They are experiences. Whether real or magical reality, stories, the adventures, and imagery can uplift us."

A dream of a poem about time travel floats into my senses.

"Timeless dreams, beyond star trails,

Mystical rivers, another world,

Oceans of time where eras flow,

Present to past, rippled and swirled."

Now my Mystical Animal, the part-dog and part Black Bear, Coos Bay Bear, bites the sleeve of my sweatshirt, tugging. “OK, Coos, let’s plaaaaAAAAy.”

I see Coos is ready for a rocket burst of zoom energy. Countdown…T-1…ignition…blast off. “youuuuu…whoooo…oooooo…yeeeeaaah,” I sing to him, throwing my arms high over my head and clapping.

Coos leaps high into the air, twisting, then flys like a cannonball around me. “yeah! Yyeeeeeaaaaah!” he yips, starting low and ending on a high pitch.

He rolls onto his back on the ground, making crazy eyes.

"OK, I get you.” He is ready to roll out of here and I sense Mystical Creature time travel coming up.

A psychic message floats into my mind like a song from Coos Bay Bear.

“Let’s go,” I say to Coos Bay Bear, as the whirl of a time travel begins.

We are flying through the winds of time.

Something like a breath comes from the world of other eras. The eons of the Era-Verse sing strange songs and whirl with layers of images spiraling like galaxies.

“MMMmmmMMMmmmm,” Coos voice rises and lowers in a hum.

“So beautiful,” I say to Coos.

Then we are slowly spinning through time to another era. We see colors like a rising dawn, like light on an impressionistic painting, surrounding us. They whirl like photos with multiple exposures.

Freely we soar, like birds, through the skies of time.

“We’re flying,” I say to Coos. My heart beats with the thrill. I hold tightly to Coos Bay Bear, his fur brushing my face.

Coos is fearless and devoted. I know he has supernatural Mystical Creature abilities.

I know he was sent to me by the All-Embracing Spirit because he is my perfect time travel partner. There we go. Whirling. Spirals of time. Images layered. Soft shapes of light moving.

There is a slight shiver of fear with the dare devil’s love of just enough danger to be interesting. A spicey combination. I feel so alive. Life in the moment, focused, a laser light beam on each second.

“Breathe deeply…pause and hold….whooooo outward….”.Hanging on tightly on to my Mystical Creature.I whisper to Coos, “We’re going deeper..deeper…and deeper on down…through spirals of time…it is wonderful.”

Coos gives my face a licky doggie-Black Bear kiss.

The labyrinth of time spinning, uncoiling the spirals. I feel lighter than air. The eons of time in the Era-Verse begin to flow like a river around us.

Coos wraps his body around mine, puts his paws around my neck, presses his nose against me. We are snuggled in a wrapped circle, moving through time.

The red coat of my old equine friend, Flame, appears like a ghost trotting through fog, mane and tail flying, against the green grasses. Dreaming becomes sharper, Flame is closer, closer. Blaze, a more muted chestnut red, comes through the mists of time, forelock framing the large eyes, spikey hair over long eyelashes, eyes that speak and draw you in.

A red setter’s long ears flying in the wind like wings appears. Daisy. I’m so glad to see her.

Coos and I stay in the Era-Verse above, Coos zooming around in the white clouds and blue sky, imitating the running horses below. He is panting, his tail straight out behind him, paws paddling as he run-swims through the air.

I love to visit the countryside where I grew up, as long as I stay out of the house.

An aura like the golden hour at sunset bathes the fields and forests below in wafting light. I hear the songbirds voices, like small bells twittering, cheeping, long and short calls drifting on the air.

The house sits outside the golden aura, and I shiver looking at it. Coos Bay Bear nudges me now, as we float in the Era-Verse, looking down, and I awaken from those bad memories.

He is an Empath and his Mystical Creature supernatural powers enable him to know my feelings and when to take my thoughts somewhere else.

Now I remember my early childhood playmates, in the wide expanses of farmland and forests, who had more legs than I do and they had tails. So much happiness and love with them. It flows through me now.

Neighbors were few and town was a long drive away. At 5 or 6 years old I expressed my feelings and thoughts to horses, dogs, cats and birds and together we played. The stories in books about animals were real to me.

Now the world is still my storybook. The animals are still my friends.

In the prairies and woods of Illinois farmland lived white tailed deer leaping over the fences, cottontail rabbits bursting out from their nests on the ground, cardinals posing with their red against tree bark, song birds of the morning making wake up calls along with the roosters from the farm next door.

We were friends and neighbors with grasshoppers, squirrels, chipmunks, red foxes, grey foxes, gophers, rats and mice peering at us with tiny bright eyes. Friends too with baby mice, like the one that burrowed into my tight boot before I put it on, and wiggled like a giant spider while I screamed, and tried to get the boot stuck on my foot off.

From the time travel universe above, I watched my childhood self, who was experiencing nature and animals in the countryside.

A sense of wonder and a feeling of joy began to grow inside me. I sensed this was a journey of personal transformation.

The past unfolded while I kept watching.

It was a rural life with critters everywhere. There were huge yellow and black garden spiders building webs around the doors overnight. Their threads shined in the morning sun and the two-inch wide striped gold/black spiders stretched their skinny legs, looking at us from the web's center. They seemed to know and build webs before we needed to use the door. "Sorry friend but I have to get through there."

It was a world with gentle garter snakes that kids could carry around in their closed hands, walking up to adults saying look what I have and opening their fist to reveal the creatures inside. Running off laughing.

A world of yellow sac spiders the size of a quarter, worms to pick up, pond turtles to watch, toads we were told not to pick up or we would get warts on our hands, marsh animals, mosquitoes landing on our arms, lightening bugs to run with in the evening, and friendly lady bugs to crawl on our hands.

“oooo- AAAAhh-oooo- AAAAhhh,” Coos Bay Bear spoke with high-pitched yips, pointed his ears forward, opened his eyes wide at me, wiggled his eyebrows, stood on tiptoe and danced a shimmy.

He was ready to play tag, chase, and be chased, with the friends we saw below on the waving grasses, in the corrals and pastures, moving along the streams and creeks.

The wind blew a cloud past us. Coos crouched low, legs bent, ears pointed at it, and sprang into a chase after it.

We hovered above Flame and Blaze as they nibbled grass, the wind playing in their manes and tails, their coats shining in the sun. Flame looked up, feeling someone was watching.

Blaze followed her eyes with his. “papapapa…papapap….papapap” the popping sound as they blew through their lips and snorted greeted me. “eee…eee…eee” their neighs followed.

They recognized my essence, even now, with their multidimensional senses.

A red whirlwind blew past the horses and it was Daisy the Irish Setter running, ears flying out behind her head so they were horizontal to the earth, blurring with speed.

Coos stared at Daisy, so beautiful, riveted.

I knew Daisy was a Mystical Animal too, and Coos the Mystical kinship.

Forgotten was the troubled, turbulent world.

Rediscovering the wonders of animals and nature filled us with joy.

We took our discovery and joy with us when we began to spin back through time toward the present.

Coos Bay Bear looked at me and whirled his ears like windmills.

I laughed and the weight of the world felt lifted off my shoulders.

March 05, 2024 01:43

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Sam Newsome
23:39 Mar 13, 2024

The language is poetic (I thought almost poetic, but decided it is poetic. The story seems disjointed to me. I had a problem keeping up with who or where she was.


Kristi Gott
00:12 Mar 14, 2024

Thank you for your feedback. The story is in a subgenre of Fantasy called the Magical Reality genre, where fantastical events and unexplained events happen. This genre often uses myths, poetic language, imagery, metaphors, and allegories. It is also in the genre of "mythopoetic." These genres are niches and people may not be as familiar with them as they are with other genres. The story is about a poet and her mystical dog time traveling to her childhood time era and watching her childhood self while the poet and dog stay in the "era-vers...


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Mary Bendickson
05:44 Mar 07, 2024

Most beautiful story I have read involving time travel. Thanks for liking my 'Blessings Tree '.


Kristi Gott
05:51 Mar 07, 2024

Wow, thank you so very much for your encouraging comment. I really appreciate it. I just started back to writing last year and I'm still experimenting. It's so much fun!


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Alexis Araneta
13:55 Mar 05, 2024

You are so creative with your stories, Kristi. The take is so unique and fresh. Lovely job !


Kristi Gott
16:44 Mar 05, 2024

Thank you very much for your encouraging comments, Stella! :-)


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