No, Snow Go Away!❄

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Creative Nonfiction Drama Mystery

On July 23rd it was a hot summer day in Harlem New York.

Girls playing patty cake & hopscotch, while the boys play basketball.

Mothers watching their children play on the step, while the fathers work.

The elderly watch from their windows as they fan themselves.

Suddenly a little girl felt something wet fall on her shoulders as she plays.

She thinks that it's sweat from her playing in the hot heat so she continues to pay it no mind.

A little boy looking up in the sky while trying to catch a football that his brother threw at him, sees a snowflake falling from the sunny sky.


He says as he catches the ball.

His brother in confusion.

"A snowflake?"

A woman with a sundress gets up from the steps & notice the little snowflakes.

She reaches her hand out in the air for a snowflake to land on her finger.

"How is that possible?"

The snowflake lands on the palm of her hand but then turned into a liquid.

Everyone notices the snowflakes falling from the sky.

Children smiling as the snowflakes land on their noses.

One little girl sticks her tongue out for the snowflake to fall in her mouth.

"It tastes like water?!"

She says as she swallows the frozen liquid that melting in her mouth.

Adults stand with confusion upon their faces.

A baker steps out of his bakery to watch the snowfall.

He spins around like a child impressed with the snow.

"It's snowing?!"

An elderly woman comes out of her apartment, walks down the steps in stood in the middle of the street.

"I think the world is ending! Snow in the middle of summer?!"

Children stop playing with the snowflakes & become frightened when they heard the world ending.

The children run to their mothers while their mothers hug them.

"The world is not ending! This is God's way of cooling us off on this hot day!"

The woman with the sundress says while smiling & enjoying the snow.

"Cooling us off? It's not supposed to snow in the summer!"

The elderly lady says

The woman in the sundress walks off her step & became face to face with the elderly woman in the street.

"You don't know that?" This isn't a coincidence."

"Do you not know how the seasons work?"

"I do! But this is God's world he will do as he pleases!"

"You are so rare!"

The elderly woman says while becoming angry!

"Rare? Haha, you are the one who is scaring kids by saying that the world is gonna end, you don't know that!"

A man looking out of his window & dial 911 from his house phone as he sees the two women getting into a heated argument.

"Please ladies! They are children out here! No need to argue we are all a little shocked by this"

Says a lady with a clear umbrella.

"Why do you have an umbrella?

This is beautiful!"

Says the woman with the sundress.

"No, it is not! I was in the middle of growing my vegetables until this happened. I am not a child I do not get amused easily by snowflakes!"

"But you do know that snow is just frozen water, so your plants are being hydrated."

The sky started to become grey & dark as the snow continues to fall.

Everyone on the block stares at the sky as the snowflakes touch their eyelids.

Suddenly the police arrived.

"I was called because there was some sort of argument between two women?"

The officer asks while approaching the three women that stand in the middle of the street.

The man who called the police shuts his window & closes his curtain.

"No argument officer we are all in bliss from this snow!"

Says the lady in the sundress.

"No, you are the only one in bliss! Most of us think this is odd"

The elderly woman says.

"Yes this is quite odd I've never seen anything like it. Everyone should go into their homes until this stops.....I hope it stops."

As everyone proceeds into their apartments, the police drive off.

Later on in the day, the snow became heavier than usual.

This time children were playing in their rooms while watching the snowfall from their bedroom windows.

Mother's we're making hot chocolate & fathers came home.

A woman turned on the tv that was in her living room that said "this is impossible! Snow in July!? I've never seen anything like it! New York, we think you should stay in your homes for the remainder of the day."

The woman turns off the tv & lights a cigarette.

She picks up her house phone & begins to engage in a conversation.

"Hey, ma! I know can you believe it? Snow in the middle of fucking July! My whole apartment building is devasted! Yeah, I just watched the news they want everyone to stay in their homes! Fuck I had a hot date! Now I have to cancel"

Next scene the woman with the sundress sits in her room writing in a journal.

A few doors down the elderly woman hides underneath a cover saying a prayer.

Underneath the elderly woman, there was a couple who were expecting.

The woman cries while the man comforts her.

"I can't believe it's snowing! I wanted us to have a summer baby!"

The woman says while blowing her nose with a tissue.

"I know & we will"

"How? If it's snowing in July!"

"Look honey July is a summer month! No matter what the weather is doing at this moment it's summer!"

The pregnant woman laid her head down on her boyfriend's shoulder & continued to cry.

A woman that lived next door to the couple was on the phone talking to her husband.

"Baby, are you gonna be ok?"

She asks while crying

"I think that Im stuck here for a few more hours! I can't believe that it's in snowing IN THE MIDDLE OF JULY!"

January 16, 2021 16:26

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07:31 Mar 31, 2021

What is the genre of this?


Jade Orien🍀
20:13 Mar 31, 2021

I believe it is nonfiction.


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Aman Fatima
04:44 Mar 03, 2021

Nice story!! and the story has a nice flow in the dialogues and the description.


Jade Orien🍀
05:52 Mar 03, 2021

Thank you I'm glad that you enjoyed it.


Aman Fatima
07:21 Mar 03, 2021

Yeah!! I really did enjoy it!:)


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05:37 Jan 29, 2021

I liked the story, good luck 🍀


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