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Christian Coming of Age Friendship

'What the heck is wrong with my parents?' I thought to myself as I grabbed the last box from my bedroom. A bedroom I slept in for the past 14 years since I was a baby. Now it's going to have to be my former bedroom because I'm forced to go across the country with my parents. 

I honestly hate moving even though this is our first time doing so. Or at least my first time. Sure I've helped out friends and family members move in, move out but every single time I just hate it. I mean don't get me wrong, I love helping out but it's such a pain when moving. You have to pack, move stuff around either it being light or heavy, and then unpack. It's never fun. I know some people enjoy it, but I never liked it one bit. 

As I grabbed the last box, I went out through the hallway and empty living room and gotten myself to the front of the house where a UHAUL truck was in the driveway. My dad was in the truck making sure that all of the boxes is neatly stacked and not going anywhere. 

Once he saw me, he came over to grab the box I was holding. "Thank you Stuart. Is this the last of them?" he asked as he grabbed the box from me.

I answered as polite as I can: "Yes dad. My room is all done."

He replied back: "Lovely. Then we shall be on our way. Please go fetch your mother. I believe she is talking with Ms. Lu."

I responded with: "Alright dad. See ya in bit."

Ms. Lu was the sweet old lady who lives next door to us. She would always bring us cookies for the family including snickerdoodles which are my all time favorite. Truth be told, I'm going to miss those cookies as much as I am going to miss Ms. Lu. 

As I passed the moving truck and turned around the corner, I saw my mother talking to Ms. Lu by the fence. The two were talking about mother's new job in Salt Lake City as a pastor. My mother has been a pastor at our local Charleston church for as long as I can remember.

Still can't believe we have to leave Charleston for this. I was even planning on attending WVU once I got done with high school. I have such as future here in West Virginia but now I gonna have to move in Utah for all of this. This past week was so hard for me because I had to say goodbye to all of my friends, family, teachers, and Lacrosse team. Sadly we didn't have much time to do a farewell party. And sure, I hope that things are the same as it was here and there but that obviously the case.

Once I was near the fence with the ladies, Ms. Lu saw me by the corner of her eye. When my mother saw Ms. Lu looking elsewhere, she stopped and turned to my direction. Both of the women smiled at me and I could swore they were shedding some tears.

"Oh my little Stuart," said mother as she embraced me with her motherly affection. "You're growing up so fast my dear." She even gave me a kiss on the cheek right there in front of the neighbor.

Embarrassed, I go: "Mom, please stop."

"Sorry my dear. A mother already shows her child affection no matter how embarrassed they get," replied my mother as she poked my nose.

"Well, your child is growing up to become an adult very soon," I said as I rubbed my nose.

"You still got a long way to go darling," responded Ms. Lu as she stood there with a smile. "You're only 14, which means you got four years to become a young adult."

"Yeah and I can't wait to become one," I replied.

"Trust me honey, you dont want that. Being an adult isn't what is cracked up to be," responded my mother.

"Your mother is right," agreed Ms. Lu. "As soon as you become an adult, you'll regret saying those words when you were younger."

"Well, at least I can have a say if I want to move or not." I replied while slightly kicking a tiny rock.

My mom responded: "You still have a say my dear. We've always told you that you have a voice. Is there's something the matter sweetie?"

"I dont know mom. I just dont feel like moving is all."

"But when we discussed this as a family a few months back, you were absolutely fine with it."

"Yeah, well I had a change of mind mom."

There was silence there when I said what I had said. It felt like an eternity but it was only after a few seconds Ms. Lu finally responded: "It's okay if you have a change of mind. Having to move especially for the first time is hard for anyone. I'm sure your parents would consider your decision."

My mom then asked: "Stuart, is what you want?"

I replied softly: "Yes mom." I felt bad event though those were my feelings after all.

My mom goes: "Alright sweetie. Then we'll stay."

My heart skipped a beat and I replied with a "what?"

She replied: "We dont have to go to Salt Lake City just because of me. Your dad wasn't even a big fan of moving there anyways. We already have a life here in Charleston and I dont like to leave Ms. Lu all by herself."

"You all sure?" I asked.

"Yes, most definitely my dear. I'll go tell dad we are staying. Thank you for being honest my dear. I love you and I want what's best for you."

"I love you too mother. I'm sorry if I took too long to make a final decision."

"It's all fine my dear. Like Ms. Lu said: It's a hard decision to make especially when it's your first time doing it."

"Yeah, she is very wise," I said as I turned towards the nice old lady.

Ms. Lu responded with a smile: "Well it helps when you've been around for 75 years of your life to do so."

"It's been settled. I'll go to dad and help me out," I volunteered.

My mother responded: "Don't bother. Go help Ms. Lu to grab the cookies from the oven. She was going to give them out before we leave but since we are staying, we can have some now."

"I even made your favorite snickersdoodles my dear," smiled Ms. Lu towards me.

I responded: "You know me too well. Alright, I'll help you out Ms. Lu with the cookies and we can eat them together." 

And like that, my mother told father the news we were staying and took everything out from the truck while I helped Ms. Lu take the cookies from the oven. 

We took out at least a dozen of cookies tray from the oven. There was a varitey of cookies from M&M's, to Chocolate Chip, to Peanut Butter. I honestly think Ms. Lu should start her own bakery because of how much she baked cookies and that each of them tasted delicious. The last batch of cookies were the snickerdoodles and they tasted better as much as any other time. Shortly afterwards, my parents came over and the four of us ate Ms. Lu's cookies. Mom had her M&M's, dad had his Chocolate Chip, Ms. Lu had her peanut butter and I had my Snickerdoodles. We of course shared our cookies and enjoyed it all with tall glasses of milk.

Snickerdoodles have always been my favorite cookie out there and Ms. Lu always made the best patch. They would always be my favorite especially from Ms. Lu whose neighbor was always kind, wise and part of the family. Thank Ms. Lu for everything you do especially your delicious, mouth watering Snickerdoodles which I would always enjoy as much as your company.

February 05, 2022 17:08

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Moon Lion
08:21 Feb 19, 2022

Very relatable, and I liked the happy ending where the mom decided to stay. Just wish she'd decided that before the last box ;).


Sean Sorce
20:48 Feb 19, 2022

Yeah I tried to make it relatable as possible when it comes to my writing. Lol sometimes you have to make the final decision by the end of it at times.


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Kathleen Fine
18:04 Feb 17, 2022

Hi Sean, I liked the story but felt it wasn’t believable that the mom would change her mind with the moving van being filled on moving day! Nice imagery with the cookies!


Sean Sorce
04:06 Feb 18, 2022

Glad you like the story. Yeah you have a point. One of these days I'll edited it better. Thank you for your feedback.


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Kay (:
20:21 Feb 19, 2022

Hey! I wrote a story in the same prompt and would appreciate it if you went and checked it out^^


Sean Sorce
20:46 Feb 19, 2022

Oh really? I most definitely should check it out. What's it called?


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