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Romance Science Fiction

Do you know why wars are started? If you are thinking "someone wanted more power", or "someone was really mean and wanted more people to be mean to", or anything like that, your wrong. The real reason wars were started, was that someone powerful was bored. Now read what happens next when everything was predicted and one girl was not.

Imagine soldiers running and shooting. They all have helmets and know exactly who is shooting at them, when they are shooting at them, and why they are here. Now imagine one girl, about two years old walking out in front of the army's, sitting down, and crying. imagine everyone surprised not knowing who this was why they were there or anything about them. imagine that that girl is you. you are the first person in history to have done a single unexpected thing, but you have only ever done unexpected things. You were even an unexpected birth! you are sitting on the battlefield crying because your doll got lost, you want to ask them if they could help you look. one of the men steps forward to ask you something, then the man falls over. No one knew it was going to happen. Then one by one they go back to the trucks, back to their homes and never fight a war again. You are still sad though, no one helped you. You go back to your own house still crying. But before you can get there, one of the men stopped you, "here" he said, "I found this near the battlefield, I thought a little girl might like it." The thing he handed her had black hair, blue eyes, freckles, white skin, and was made of yarn and plastic. She was so happy to have her doll back that she did not remember to say thank you, but the man did not care. He could not have heard anyways, because he was deaf. That is when wars stopped happening on the planet of Predictol. The planet was in the galaxy of helaxay. (it had neighbouring planets one called Unpredict, Unpredict was opposite land for Predictol. Ginigana, is a land of magic where you will find all of your wishes coming true (as long as you say I wish before whatever you want to happen). there are a few other planets just as strange as these, but today we only look at these three lands.) You are now 18 years old and have decided to visit Ginigana, you want to wish that people on Predictol would become mostly predictable again (except you of course). On the journey you meet someone from Unpredict because your ship had to land on the midway space station between Unpredict, Predictol, and Ginigana. you think he is quite handsom with his deep hazel eyes, his almost white skin, and his strait, black hair. His hair went all the way down to his waist, you go over and ask him where he is going. He responds "I am going to Ginigana to wish that Unpredict would become unpredictable again. while at least some of the time." You respond "Me too! While, I'm going to wish that Predictol would get a little bit more predictable." You laugh together, you are about to say something but the announcement from the overhead speakers interrupts you. "All passengers heading to Ginigana on flight 6 D please go to your gate immediately." it repeated three times as you and him quickly walked to your gate. When you got there you were asked what your name was, you say "My name is Nilac" Your new friend says "My name is Calin" The attendant says "please come to the back room, I will be there in a moment." You wait with him, you chat and laugh you are again about to say something to him when you are cut off yet again. The attendant has come back and tells you why she wanted to talk to you. "The reason I took you back here was because some very important people are coming and want to meet you. They have stopped a war and wish to meet other peace-bringers, they were 2 when they stopped the war on Ginigana." She said. You and Calin respond "of course we can skip our flight to meet them." "Great!" she responds. you miss your flight but they are there almost right after your ship leaves, you meet them and you enjoy talking with them. you go on their ship and head to Ginigana, you look out the domed glass ceiling at the stars. When you get to Ginigana you make your wish, you have decided to stay at Ginigana a little bit longer so you can be with your new friends. after you leave, Calin invites you to come to Unpredict. you say "of course! But only for a little bit because my friends and family will be expecting me." You get a ticket and go to your gate. You get on the ship and sit in your seats. The trip there is very boring, but you did get to finish your book that you have been reading. When you get to Unpredict you get the most marvellous gift you could, you get a marriage proposal. he asks "Nilac, will you marry me?"

You respond "I couldn't say no!" Calin smiles and kisses you right on the lips. Your wedding is splendid, you wear a ivory dress with a white flower crown. You have all your friends and family there and are happy for the rest of your life. One day you tell him what you were going to say all those years ago "I think I love you."

He responds "I think I love you too."

As for your friends from Ginigana, they also got married and spent their days in luxury on a private moon they owned. The moon had a beach, a lovely villa house, and even a zero gravity compartment. (You did visit and it was awesome!)

December 16, 2020 15:40

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21:55 Jan 04, 2021

This is pretty good!!


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