Have you ever wondered about the result of your actions? Those seemingly innocent actions that can result in catastrophe? Have you ever thought from the other person's perspective that how will your actions affect them? I think that for many of us, this would be a trifle question and we will answer it with a simple no and carry on with our lives. A seemingly innocent action has made Harry to hate the first of April i.e., the April fool’s day. He was a jolly kid back in high school, pulling pranks on others, having a laugh or two and living his life a little. But something terrifying had happened when he was in high school, an incident that had changed his life forever.

As usual, he had wanted to prank his friends on April fool’s day.

It had become a ritual for Harry and his friends that on each April fool’s day

they would go to each other’s houses and prank one another. So, after school,

his friends came over. Harry had bought balloons for that day and he had filled

them up with colored water. when his friends had not been alert, he had caught

them completely off the guard and threw balloons at them " Ha-ha I got you

now, happy April fool’s day “, Harry laughed at the state of his friends who

all had goofy grins over their faces. his friends had planned to take revenge

on him and had warned him of the upcoming prank but he brushed it off saying” Bring

it on “Harry challenged his friends playfully. but the poor soul had not known

that this prank would change his life forever.

After, lunch, one of his friends named Jase went to terrace to

practice football, the terrace had no railing as their landlord had not paid

heed to it and Harry’s folks had shifted two days before. “Be careful sweetie,

the terrace has no railing”, shouted Harry’s mother Mrs. Peter. “Okay Mrs. Peter”, came Jase’s reply. a few moments later,

Jase came downstairs, looking frantic and he said anxiously, “Man you really

need to see this. Come on up and see for yourself. ‘Harry came up hurriedly

with his friends trailing behind. “Yes, what is it? “asked Harry.” Over there

behind you’, Jase pointed behind harry. As soon as Harry had turned around, he

felt some. liquid being poured all over him. His friends had thrown a whole

bucket of paint all over him. “Ha-ha we got you Harry. Happy April fool’s day”.

 “Children come down; I have made you all

cookies “, came Mrs. Peters voice.’ Cookies!’, they exclaimed and rushed downstairs.

Just as Harry had started running, his foot slipped over the paint and as the

terrace had no railing, he fell on the ground and became unconscious.

His family and friends rushed him over to the hospital. After a few hours, the attending doctor came out of the I.C.U and gave them both the bad and the good news. The good news was that Harry had survived the fall miraculously but the bad news was that he had landed straight on his spine resulting in the fracture of his spine at the point where the nerves of his legs originated, so he could not walk anymore. When Harry came to consciousness, he could not believe how his life had completely changed because of a mere prank. At first, he was frustrated, as adjusting to his new life had been difficult. He found it very hard to even perform simplest of the tasks and watching the other kids walking and running around only fueled his anger. He started losing his temperament over trivial matters. Occasionally, he would try to stand up from his wheel chair, but he would always fall down. He started losing hope and he became distant from his friends and family. He became cold and callous. His family also had become depressed over his behavior, for he seemed like a person who had built an invisible shield around himself not letting anyone through it.

One day, as Harry laid in his bed, he contemplated his life and behavior. He felt ashamed over it. He could not believe that once a fun-loving kid who had loved to bring smile over other’s faces would lose his good nature over an accident. Would he let the paralysis of his legs decide the course of his life? No, he decided that day, surely, he had lost the power over his legs, but he had two working hands and a mind full of creative ideas, he would not let this hurdle come in his way, he would play his full role in the greater plan of life.

He was a human being, the Lord’s greatest creation, how could he let his hopes die? when he knew that his Creator disliked hopelessness. Harry cried over his behavior; he was sorry for it. He promised to become a greater person and he did. He asked for forgiveness from his friends and family. They not only were happy but also accepted this new found energy in him.

After 10 years, he became a teacher and also a motivational speaker. But his teaching was unique in two ways. First; he taught not only the normal children, but also those who had any disability. Second; he always held a special class on First of April. As a teacher, he always fulfilled his duties of teaching them to do good deeds. He was very accomplished in his field.

On this April fool’s day, when all the kids were pranking others, he assembled his class and taught them some very beautiful lessons of life.

‘Remember children, when you do anything, always think about its consequences, how it can affect a person. It is not bad to laugh or joke around, but always think at what expense are you joking? Would it hurt anyone’s feelings.? Would it result in distress for others? Because that is not happiness, it is a practical joke. Embarrassing others, pulling other person’s leg is not a thing to take pride in, and always remember, whatever the circumstances you face in life, look at the possibilities you have rather your difficulties. If you are not good at anything, do not be sad over it, always exploit your potential. Maybe you could be better at something which others cannot do. Do not miss the chances which the life offers and always look for the bright side of things, as there is a silver lining in every dark cloud.”

April 02, 2021 18:52

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Farwa Nasir
19:06 Apr 02, 2021

Well done Maha ❤👌


Syeda Jafri
00:58 Apr 03, 2021

Thank you so much Farwa😍


Zaki Khan
06:47 Apr 03, 2021

It is such a nice story. Filled with emotions and spirit to never give up I like it a lot😊😊 Keep it up 👍


Syeda Jafri
14:57 Apr 03, 2021

Thank you soo much Zaki😍


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