June 12, 2093

This is it! We are finally going! I am already packed and ready to go. We are leaving first thing in the morning! I should be asleep but I can't b/c I am so exited! For years I have been waiting for this! I can't bekieve believe it is actually happening! Gotta go.

June 13, 2093

It is a really long drive to the termanil terminal. I feel like we have been in the car for three days even though dad says its only been 10 hours. I have already napped 3 times. I am glad I didn't put on make up necause I keep rubbing my eyes. I hate car rides. My earbuds died and dad says I cant use the charger b/c he has to keep his phone charged while he uses it for navigation. We have already made one wrong turn.

I am enjoying the view of the countryside through this car's large windows though.

Its a nice car. We rented it b/c dad didnt want to leave his at the airport. He said someone from the car rental place will come get it after we leave. I will not miss his old clankety clankity pickup. Dad calls it a classic, I call it trash. Mom use to laugh at our arguments about it. I miss mom. She would have loved this.

June 15, 2093

I had a hard time waking up this morning. We didn't get to the hotel until after 1 in the morning so I guess I have only had like 4 hours of sleep. Breakfast was good though, pancakes. I want to be excited but I am so tired and now I am getting nervous. Dad says once we leave we can never come back. I will never see Bridgette or Toni again. I already knew this of course. I'm not stupid! But the closer we get the more real it is. It'll just be me and dad. I'm sure I will make friends there though.

June 15 June 16, 2093

It is just after midnight, I feel like I am sleep walking, and this metal seat is super cool looking but really hard and uncomfortable. Dad has been filling out paper for half an hour and is complaining b/c he filled out two huge packets for this last year. Someone already went through our bags. Dad just said they are going to have to take some blood and mouth swab samples. GREAT!

JUNE 16,

We are still here. Feet still on Earth. Said boarding would start first thing in the morning. They gave us a really cute room on the 8 floor with an amazing view of Houston through its floor to ceiling window. They took our phones and laptops, said they had to stay grounded but upon arrival all would be replaced. I am so excited! I am going to go take one last shower before take off then go to bed. I doubt I will have time to write tomorrow, so update as soon as we land.

June 17, 2093

I wish I could get a picture of the inside of this thing! It has no windows! I guess I am going to get comfortable. I feel like I'm going to puke. I wish I had called my people and said bye before they took my phone. This is it. Write when I get there. I fixing to take the longest nap EVER!

Jan 3, 2301

They finally gave me my stuff. I feel weak and its hard to keep my balance. My knees feel like rubber. I am starving! Good news, I lost 19 lbs and my hair is super long. I let a lady trim it earlier b/c it was too long, but it is still down to my butt. I haven't left my room yet. I don't wamt to embarrass myself with my wobble but the view out of my window is the most amazing thing I have ever seen! I laughed when I realized that I am 225 but still look 17. Then I cried when I realized that everyone I knew, except dad, is dead. I miss mom!

Jan 5, 2301

This place is even cooler than I thow thought it would be! I have not seen dad this happy since before mom died. School is awesome. Next year I can even take an astraunaut training course. There are more windows than I thought there would be and I dont think I could ever tire of looking at these many awesome new planets and moons and stars! I heard they are trying to get to the purple planet, Aydray because a returning sampler had evidence of live. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!? The food here is so good too! Gotta go. Jelissa wanted to go to the park today.

P.S. there are so many cute boys here!!!

Jan. 10 2301

I met a boy. His name is Zak. He is so cute! I can't even talk to him. Jelissa keeps pushing me to talk to him. I want to. He has a really cool hoverboard. He is 2 years older than me. I love his hair! His eyes are the most beautiful brown!

Clair and Zak

Jan. 15 2301

I feel like I never time for writing anymore. Between school and Jelissa and Zak I am so busy! Dad seems to like Zak, thats good. Well, Zak is taking me to see the matinay matenne tonight so I have to go get ready! He is SO sweet!

Feb. 2 2301

I broke my arm today. I fell off of Zak's hoverboard after I told him I didn't want to ride it. The medical rooms here are really cool! They used lazors lazers to cut my skin open and fuse the bone back together and to stick the skin back together. I got to watch it but couldn't feel anything! It was so cool.

This place is way better than Earth!

Feb. 8 2301

Zak kissed me today! He kissed me in front of my favorite window, the one that looks out at the green moon Saglancia. He told me one day he would take me there to get a green moon rock. I think I love him.

Feb. 9 2301

Today wouldve been mom's birthday. Dad said he wants to take me to dinner. I just want to cuddle up with Zak and cry but Zak has a full day of Astraunat training so I dont get to see him until tomorrow. I miss my mom so much. She really would have loved this place. There are no diseases or sicknesses up here, like the one that took her from us.

I miss you mom. I love you mom. Dad misses and loves you too. You wouldve liked Zak and he wouldve liked you.

April 04, 2020 16:30

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