"Mother nature needs our help"

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Short setting_ Dennisville country.

This story has two persons name James and Peter. James is a handsome and teenager while Peter is an old and retired soldier man. In the early beautiful,quiet, peaceful morning as the sunrise greeted the world for a new day ahead. The men were on the sandy beach name Shirley. Peter was drinking a bottle of water then he disposed it into the ocean beside the beach and James saw when he threw the bottle into the ocean and went to confront him.

James said,'' Good morning, I can see you look like a smart, young man, why did you threw that plastic drink bottle into the ocean?''

Peter said,''Listen old man,I am not your child,I don't appreciate you judging me, I don't know you and I don't want to know you neither. I never heard of a water police and I recommend, that you go check your nerves, these having problems with every things happens with old people.''

James asked,''Is the ocean now a garbage bin or you don't know the difference between the beautiful ocean and metal garbage bins?''

Peter said,''Why don't you go sew or mend some clothes like those old grandmothers do or go play some horse bet race like what those old grandfather men do.''

James said,''A puppy doesn't stay a puppy,he must turn a dog, just like you will get old too but I hope when you get old, that you reach my age. I am 65 years old, that old enough to be your father,grandfather or great grandfather.''

Peter said,''Well, old boy I am still young and I have human rights to do whatever I want. I can throw a million bottles into this ocean,if I choose too and you can't stop me.''

James said,''Well, young boy I am old and I know better than you, because I been here before you on this earth to gain more knowledge.Yes, you do have human rights but not to hurt others.''

Peter said,''This is just lifeless liquid flowing all over,it's not special, it's not human to be treated proper.''

James said,''No, wonder pollution is increasing,it is because of the opinions or views about water to this young generation mind and the technology like what created your bottle but I don't blame technology, I blame humans for using it the wrong way.''

Peter said,''Nobody cares about water pollution, it's not effecting us only the water. I am not dead, I am still alive,clearly not effecting me.''

James said,''Water pollution is cause by many things being throw into the water such as littering garbage,oil spillages ,sewage,etc,. Yes, it is important to you because it effects your health, because when the water is polluted it becomes unhealthy, it can kill or make humans sick.''

Peter said,''Well,I am not dead, so I don't care about any water pollution and its problem, I am alive and that's all that matter.''

James said,''Water is your problem,because you need it for your daily life,that's why you need to protect it because it saves you.''

Peter said,''I am alive water is dead, I control water, I can do whatever ,it can't tell me what to do, I am the boss and water is the slave.''

James said,''Imagine waking up tomorrow and all the water from everywhere has disappeared forever.''

Peter said,''I never think about that,the world would be a different place,everybody would be effected greatly. I feel so ashamed and disappointed in my self.''

James said,''The world would suffer without no water: for washing your dirty clothes,cleaning your house,washing your cars,bathing your favourite pets,watering the plants, bathing your smelly skin and most important to drink because water is more important than food.''

Peter said, ''Wow! I can't imagine a world like that,it's awful,it would effect our hygiene and surroundings.''

James said,''Well,many times we don't value or appreciation,what we have in life till it's gone from us. Some of us would realise the true value of water, till it is gone then to care;when it would be late.''

Peter said, ''That's true because I didn't realise how important water was till imagining if it disappeared.''

James said,''Imagine what eating a plastic bag or trapped in it would feel like.''

Peter said,''Nobody shouldn't go through that it's tragic and cruel; I can't imagine a person having to through all that pain.''

James said,''Well,those beautiful, incredible, fascinating marine animals face that tragic and cruel experience everyday,because of humans.''

Peter said, ''Thanks for all the information,I promise to never litter in the water again. I see my friends that I came here to meet coming now. We are surfing in the ocean today. You should watch me ride on the water waves; if your still here at the beach and sorry for being insolent earlier.''

James said,''It is okay,your a good kid;stay safe and away from drugs. Also don't forget a single plastic a day everyday away from the ocean can save humans ,animals,plants and the water. I am waiting on my wife,today is our wedding anniversary and this is where we met; you know how woman behave with their make-up,lipsticks and hair.''

Peter said, ''congratulation,and when woman are doing their beauty, it keeps every man waiting, I had the experience for my spring dance.''

James two friends name Eric and Paul came to him. Erick threw a chocolate pack in the ocean.

Peter said,''Stop! don't ever litter in the water, always throw your garbage in the bin. There many poor animals living out there and the water that is depending on us to protect it.''

Erick said,''It's just water, not a big deal''

Peter asked,''Who feed you when you are thirsty; wets your dry throat, who baths your skin to make you feel comfortable;who fed your mother to keep you alive,who keeps the plants and animals alive that help feed you food,who is the reason your still alive?''

Erick asked,''Since when do teenager care about anything?''

Peter said,''Yes most teenagers are wild,but I know all of us have some humanity inside of us to care about nature that protects us. So next time before you decide to throw anything into that water, think about why your still alive today? and those poor, innocent animals who will have to die for your ignorance.''

Erick said,''I am sorry and I will never litter again, because of water I am alive and I am thankful for life.''

Then Peter while crying hugged James. After they went their separate ways. Peter went with his friends to surf in the water and James waited on his wife to celebrate their anniversary.

July 11, 2020 01:16

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