My Valentine's Experience

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Note: Hi! I'm back writing these stories, I didn't write for quite a long time because now I don't want to pay a lot of money just to submit my story, but I really hope you enjoy my story and leave a like and comment, I spent my whole afternoon working on this. Without further ado, here's the story:

Hi, I'm Angelena Pierce, and I live in a children's home.

I mean, it's great and all (some of the older kids have taught me sarcasm) but sometimes it has a few ups and downs about being an orphan. Last year, we painted the whole home rainbow colours, so we basically grabbed paint brushes and buckets and started colouring it in, Sarah Parker -who is only 6 years old- put her hand inside the blue paint and waved her hands in the air. Yes, if her hand was stuck inside a can of paint and she put her hands in the air that means that the paint splodged all over her, thick oozy paint running down her forehead and the rest was dripping down her damp hair. The caretaker had noticed her then, and he put her in a freezing cold bath, as she is so small she gets to bathe in a small bathtub so she doesn't take up the bath all of the others of us use, the big bath as we like to call it.

Sadly, because of all the rain and storms and bad weather we've had over the past year the paint has all disappeared and all that is left on the walls is a greyish stain of paint. Now, whoever crosses Manur Avenue and looks at the home will think it looks like one of those jail-cells they used to have in the Victorian times (we are currently learning about the Victorians in history at school). As you might know, today Valentines day and Tina the cook is preparing us a massive Valentines dinner party, which actually sounds fun for a home which should take record of being the boring-gest home in the entire world. Last year for our haloween decorations we put up one old scarecrow in the front garden, I've given up on haloween, including on how to spell it. Not including the Easter hunt we had last May (yes, I know, the staff organizing the hunt had forgotten to buy any Easter eggs beforehand, and when we gave up for a Easter hunt that year, a chocolate company offered us a lot of Easter eggs for a very low price, because they had loads left and didn't know what to do with them so we hard the hunt in May instead) where all of the eggs were a bit on the whitish side, but I was actually excited for this year's Valentines day because it didn't seem so bad after all, or that's what I thought at least before Tina had caught an illness and she couldn't cook for us or we could get infected, so instead the playground staff tried to cook for us, which was bad-very bad- since they just put a chicken in the oven and forgot all about it. Not to even mention the 'heart cookies' which looked purple and the side of a grapefruit, and rather uneatable. The love potion ice-cream was the only thing that looked like actual food, but Mrs. Smith accidently put ketchup instead of the strawberry sauce inside the ice-creams, so now even that was ruined. There is a rumour going on that one of the toddlers tried one of the cookies and had to go to the sick bay, which sounds true, believe me. The staff didn't want us to be poisoned and then get a lawsuit against them for, erm, giving children uneatable food I guess. Instead, the teachers ordered take-away pizza and chicken and stuff like that so that everybody was happy. Half an hour later, the food was delivered to the door -I'm pretty sure the delivery people were a bit confused about delivering to a children's home, but they did it anyways- and we were all celebrating and cheering, it was like we were already partying before it even had started! Once we ate all the food, which we had in seconds (if it was full of vegetables it would have taken so much slower, I bet) and then the REAL party had started, the room suddenly went dark and the disco lights went on, some boy from a younger grade wanted to kiss him, so i kicked him away and he landed in the middle of the squash table -I mean that they were selling juice, and not squashing people. You get what I mean- and then the boy had to go and change his trousers, very embarrassingly, and was given a 'don't be kicked by an angry girl and land in a squash table or any other table for that matter' type of warning from the, let's say, 'addictive adults', I don't know I'm bad at alliteration and I don't really have time to talk about that because of what had happened next. By that I mean some little kid spilt his drink all over the music set, and it sparked electricity and the lights suddenly turned off, and everything else did too. That was the end of the party and all of us had to leave the hall until some of the IT guys fixed the problems with the tech stuff, which apparently costed a lot of money in repairs.

I mean, I would say it was a pretty good party with the takeaway, cool music and lights and I even got to party with my friends (I didn't even have time to write about that, that's how many different things happened for once). This was once of the best events ever this 'place' had hosted in a while, even though it didn't really have the best ending it could have had. With that, I'm going to bed and I'll finish writing now, have a good Valentines and goodbye, I hope I get to see you soon!

Lots of love, regards, you know what type of stuff I mean

Angelena Pierce x x x

February 18, 2022 21:41

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Moon Lion
05:05 Apr 24, 2022

Totally understandable leaving due to the new rules for payments, I know a bunch of other authors on here who also took a break/lost interest. This story was really interesting from the start and Angelena's perspective was a really cool way to explore her home and the prompt.


Damian Nowacki
15:43 Apr 25, 2022

Hey Moon Lion, Thanks so much!!! I know that the fee is a total bummer but I haven't quit, I'll just post once in a while for fun.


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