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Friendship is when two people meet, share secrets, have sleepovers, go to the movies, go to school, do homework and laugh together. But then they lose touch and after many years apart they reunite.

This is not the case with me and my best friend Ace. We never lost touch. We were never apart. Our friendship is timeless. There is no one on this planet beside my husband that means more to me then Ace.

Ace was the one constant in my life. The one person I can count on for anything. When I was sad Ace was always there to make me laugh. He always use to tell the best bad jokes. I laughed until my stomach hurt. He still continues to tell bad jokes.

There are so many words to describe Ace but the one word I use to describe Ace is compassionate. No one ever saw the compassionate Ace. He always acted tough around other people. Around me I saw the gentle side of Ace. I love that about him.

The day I met Ace my life changed for the better. I moved to Rocky Hill when I was eight. I didn't know anybody. My parents were horrible people. You take one look at them and they will scare you off.

I was an outcast because of my parents. They never made it easy for me to make friends. I was constantly bullied because of them and they never did anything to help me. I cried day and night in the hopes someone will save me. On my third day in Rocky Hill my prayers were answered.

I was walking through the streets of Rocky Hill when I came upon a group of girls and boys. I tried to ignore them. I had no such luck. They surrounded me and began calling me names. I tried to run away from them but they kept pushing me into the crowd. They laughed at me when I began crying. I fell to the ground. They were still calling me names. That's when I heard someone yelling at the crowd.

I heard the crowd quickly leaving. Then I saw someone bending down towards me. I didn't hear what the person was telling me. I was still crying. The stranger put his hand under my chin and slowly lift my head.

He was a kid around my age, yet he command so much attention. Ace was his name. I liked his name. Ace was my hero. From that day on Ace protected me from the bullies including my parents.

The entire town of Rocky Hill already knew about my parents and me after only three days. I didn't need to tell Ace about my parents and me. He already knew. I was surprise Ace was so kind and caring, he was just a kid. Every day I saw the real Ace. At school he was different, He was tough and strong, said what was on his mind. Ace never minced words. But with me he was the real Ace. The kind, caring, compassionate Ace.

I loved that Ace can be two different people and never change for anyone. Ace never shied away from anything. He taught me how to be strong and confident. Ace taught me how to stand up to my parents and the other kids.

Everyday my confidence grew all thanks to Ace. Ace always invited me to his house. We did our homework together, played video games, watched T.V. I even helped Ace practice soccer. I loved every moment being with Ace.

What my parents didn't give me Ace's parents gave me. His parents were good to me. They treated me like a daughter. I never knew a parent's love. Thanks to Ace's parent's I finally knew that kind of love.

Holidays, birthdays, summer vacation, I spent with Ace and his parents. So many amazing memories were made. My fondest vacation with Ace and his parents was going up to the lake. The lake was beautiful and I had so much fun. Making S'mores and telling ghost stories was everything I ever wished for.

All throughout our school years me and Ace were together. Many of the kids thought me and Ace were a couple, that wasn't the case. Ace was my best friend, my brother nothing more. I never thought of Ace as my boyfriend.

The girls were jealous of me because I had Ace's attention. They tried to get Ace to dump, he did the opposite. I was proud of Ace for standing up for me.

Ace had no trouble talking to me about the girls who liked him. I was honest with him. I told him whatever girl he ended up with has to accept our friendship. He said the same for me.

I didn't know what was going to happen after graduation. I was afraid I was going to loose Ace. Ace was accepted to his first choice of college Stanford. I was on the waiting list. I was scared I wasn't going to get in.

My fears were gone when my acceptance letter came in. I worked so hard for this. I save up my money working odd jobs so I can go to college. Now I was going to one of the best college in the country with my best friend.

College was a dream. Sharing this experience with Ace was priceless. Me and Ace met amazing people. Ones that would become our close friends. It was at Stanford where Ace met his future wife, Evie.

Evie was one of kind. She was a beautiful kind woman with a big heart. She accepted our friendship because she had a similar friendship with her best friend Hunter who is my husband.

Ace was happy with Evie which mad me happy. After graduation Ace proposed to Evie. I helped Ace picked the ring and I helped with the proposal. It was magical. The wedding was even more magical. I helped with the wedding preparations. It was simple and beautiful. I was Evie's maid of honor and Hunter was Ace's best man.

In all my life I wanted to feel accepted by my parents and the people of Rocky Hill, all that doesn't matter anymore because I have Ace. He accepted me for who I am. I will always be thankful to have Ace in my life.


Life-long friendships is not a word you hear often. There's no such thing. Friends come and go. They are there one moment and gone the next. I'm thankful that didn't happen to me.

I met Everly when I was eight. She was being bullied by none other than Connie and her brother Jake. I never liked them. When I saw them gathering their buddies and crowding Everly, I knew I needed to do something.

I walked to Connie and Jake and in a loud voice, I told them to back off. Connie, Jake and their buddies left. It broke my heart to see Everly crying. I bended down to her, put my hand under her chin and gently lift her head. I smiled at Everly and whispered to her "No one is going to bully you ever again."

From that day on I protected Everly from everyone including her parents. I was only eight, just a kid but my parents taught me to always defend those that can't defend themselves.

Living in a small town, people gossip a lot and whenever a new family moves to Rocky Hill the people snoop and boy did have a lot to say about Everly and her parents.

It didn't take long for us to find out how horrible Everly's parents were. They were ride and nasty towards the whole town. Everly was different. She was the total opposite of her parents. No one ever saw Everly the way I did.

Everly became my friend, my best friend. She opened up to me about her life. I was sad to learn Everly's parents didn't care about her. I showed Everly what a true friendship was. I invited Everly to my house on a daily base. We did homework together, watched T.V. played video games. She even helped me practice soccer.

I saw the smile in Everly whenever she was at my house. My parents loved Everly. They treated her like their daughter. Everly never had any confidence so I taught her how to be strong and confident. Everly flourished.

Summer vacations were always the best. Everly came with us to the lake. She loved every moment of it. I saw her smile and laugh. Everly was free of every negative person. Holidays and birthdays, Everly was always at our house helping my mother cook and bake. She was so happy.

Nobody understood my friendship with Everly. I was the son of the mayor, popular in school. Everly wasn't. She was a nobody. I didn't care what anyone thought of my friendship with Everly neither did my parents.

Everly came to every single one of my soccer games always sitting in the front row always cheering the loudest. Everly was my lucky charm.

The girls were always jealous of Everly. They wanted me to dump her. I did the opposite. I dumped them. No one ever tells me who I can be friends with. It was easy to talk to Everly. I told her about the girls who liked me and Everly flat out told me that whoever wants to date me has to accepted our friendship. I told her the same goes for her.

When I got into Stanford, Everly was on the waiting list. I knew she was scared to lose me and I was scare to loose her but I was confident Everly was going to get into Stanford and I was right. She got into Stanford. I was happy we were going to together. We met many amazing people including my wife Evie and her best friend Everly's husband Hunter. The four of us were very close. We spent every moment together.

After graduation I decided to propose to Evie. Everly helped me with the proposal. It was beautiful. The wedding was everything I hoped for. Everly was Evie's maid of honor and Hunter was my best man.

When Everly and Hunter got married Evie was the maid of honor and I was the best man. Everly looked beautiful. All these years I watched Everly grow into an amazing, confident woman.

To this day me and Everly are still as close as ever. Our families grew. Our kids are growing up together. Our friendship continues to grow. I could not have asked for a better friend than Everly. Forever friends that's what we are.

June 13, 2023 22:07

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David Adams
12:17 Jun 22, 2023

I enjoyed the story and the split telling it from both sides. Unfortunately I found that the flow was spoiled by the multiple typos. I find it better to write submissions using Word and having used its edit part do a copy and paste.


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