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        It was Sunday afternoon around four pm when the alarm on my phone went off; it was time to return to reality. I had been having fun as the time that had passed very quickly I had just spent about eight hours indulging in some of my favorite fantasies. I had been experimenting with Cyberdrive a virtual reality device designed to let the user experience various computer games, movies or custom scenarios in a three dimensional setting. This was my first time using the software after I had found the disk and setting up my user profile. The software had many different games available to try even from the beginning I had trouble deciding on what I would play first.  When I decided to try one of the games out for the first time I am glad I set a time limit for myself for the more I played and interacted with the system the deeper and more involved the game became almost as it was learning from me. The virtual interface was set up using various menus with so many options to explore the crisp black screen contrasted the various menu bars color coded based on the type of experience you were interested in.

               I had started this morning in the green games section of the software it had many titles for games I had never heard of before. I had rea the description for some of the games and they seemed familiar to me almost like something I may have played before. You see from a young age I have been a professional gamer making my money playing, testing and reviewing games it was a god job. That’s why when I received a letter in the mail containing a black disc roughly four inches wide by six inches long in the mail labeled Cyberdrive I was curious. The disk was about a quarter inch thick with infrared biometric thumb scanners on the sides the disk had a small oval circle in the middle of it with bright blue lights that flashed occasionally. I thought that this disk was from one my clients that wanted me to test their product. I was quite shocked when the only instructions that came with this device was place your thumbs on either side of the disk and experience the ultimate form of virtual reality. The first time I placed my thumbs on the sensors the lights got brighter and the room I was standing in slowly faded from existence. That’s when I heard a voice and the whirl of a unique starting music slowly the voice got louder as it said calibrating unit. It only took a few seconds before a menu appeared saying welcome new user to Cyberdrive a fully immersive virtual reality project designed by Scott Farming I did not recognize this name. This was quite normal for me I had tested many products from many different creators it was part of my agents plan to charge a substantial fee to have one of the best gamers in the industry test and criticize your game.

               Doing this kind of work had made me plenty of cash letting me live a comfortable life and working the hours I wanted to work. The voice said in a sexy smooth tone welcome new user to Cyberdrive please create a user handle. I just thought I would use the handle I had used for most of the games I played and it showed up on the screen in a very bold font welcome Hujiklop9 please select a male or female avatar. I selected the male avatar went through the process of customizing it to include some of my own merchandise and gamer gear. After I was satisfied with the look of the avatar the system told me to save progress which I did than it went through the process of how to exit the system. I was not quite ready yet to rally commit to playing this new system yet so o I logged out. I emerged back in my room where I had been standing when I activated the object before not even realizing until I looked at the clock I had spent an hour in this virtual environment. That’s when I decided to the next day to try a game for myself the next day so I set the alarm on my phone for the designated time and decided I was ready to try my first game. I entered the Cyberdrive again choosing the green games menu scrolling through the various game option and their descriptions. That’s when I landed on a game that seemed very familiar to me but the title was different. The game was tiled Progression of Civilization and the description was very familiar to me. The description of the game was pick a Civilization to lead throughout history while trying to progress through the ages deal with competing civilization and try to conquer the map using your superior forces and technology will you survive to the ultimate age or just become a footprint in the sand. I had always loved these types of games so I decided I would try it for a while. I went through the obligatory game tutorial of how to do things in the game selected a civilization that sounded interesting to me and started playing. The controls and format of the game was very smooth and fluid when I started to play. At first the game was easy and I was learning the basics and my little civilization was doing decently until we got raided by one of the computers civilizations we barely survived that first raid. 

               Learning form that brutal raid I worked more on improving our cities borders and army while continuing to gather the various resources needed for us to progress through the tech tree and improve our country. After getting a good set up I was dealing pretty confident in my abilities and decided I would return the favor to the computer player that attacked me early and raid their village. They were behind us in technology and development and I wiped out the city with ease taking over their territory and conquering a new portion of the map. The cool thing about this I unlocked dome of that civilizations specialty military unit from that age and was able to produce them. This was a very unique feature to this type of war simulation game I had not experienced before. I continued to play for what felt like a very short time tats when my phones alarm went off I saved my progress looked at the stats for my civilization quickly and was shocked that eight hours had passed by so quickly. After exiting the Cyberdrive program I was surprised that I did not feel drained or very tired I was hungry and had to go to the bathroom but no other side effects.

               I had played games in virtual reality before and occasionally after finishing up a quick session with one of the other units occasionally my arms would feel sore or I would have a headache. No side effects at all from this system so I decided that when I had more time I would dedicate more of my schedule and efforts in truly experiencing this system some more. I got myself a bit of dinner watched some shows on my television did my daily stream before heading to bed curious what did this device have in store for me my adventures in Cyberdrive were just beginning and I was pumped to experience everything this system had to offer. 

June 02, 2020 15:29

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Rhondalise Mitza
14:32 Jun 12, 2020

Hi, I'm Rhondalise! Have some tips for your story here. Break up paragraphs and make sure you've re edited before submitting; there were some typos hanging around. The story, however, was straightforward. You didn't fumble with setting or voice and that was good for building your style. I'll give your other two stories a read too.


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