Horror Fiction

After years of anticipation I was finally able to buy the house of my dreams, I was surprised that it was in my price range, which set up some red flags for certain members of my family. I the other hand was elated at the fact that I could afford such a beautiful home in the country. It was a beautiful Victorian house that was over a hundred years old; four bed rooms, two bath rooms and a library that was full of books, the house was also full furnished it was as if they took what they could and left . True it needed some repairs, the paint was peeling off the walls and the porch needed a complete over hall , after all no one have lived in the house for over fifty years but that didn't both me in the least. However the history of this beautiful home was a litter more then disconcerting, the bank claimed that the last residents saw dark shadows lurking around the home, the young child actually heard her name being whispered from the darkness on a few occasions. The people in the in the next town over was very aware of the dark history of the house and scared away all potential buyers, all but me. It wasn't from lack of trying either, as soon as exited the bank I was met buy a crowd of towns people who begged me not to buy the house, when I inquired as to how they knew what my business was at the bank, I guess word travels fast.

I wish that I could say that the first night in the house was uneventful, I woke up at three o'clock in the morning with a dark shadow looming over me. I closed my eyes hoping that I was dreaming or hallucinating but when I open my eyes it was still there. The shadow draped itself over me, I was completely frozen, I couldn't move or scream.

“Alexis.” The voice was very sinister, I had never been more terrified in life , I thought for sure that it was going it was going to kill me. The next morning, I was mentally and physically exhausted and terrified to get out of bed .Unfortunately my mom was coming over today so I had to drag myself into the shower, after four cups coffee I was ready to start my day. I started cleaning and rearranging furniture so that when she got here it would look like I was making some sort of effort, but actuality I wanted just crawl back to bed. She finally showed up sometime after lunch time, She looked at me with completely mortified it looked as if she had seen a ghost, before I could say anything she ran out the door.

“Mom wait where are going?” At first I was very confused, then I realized that she must have seen the entity that attacked me the night before.

Her hands where shaking so bad she kept dropping her car keys, I finally went over and picked them up and unlocked her car. She begged and pleaded me for me to come with her, that she feared for my safety.

I came clean and told her what I had experienced and that even though I was afraid, I refused to give up on my dream house.

“Come stay with me until we can get the house cleansed or something, but don't stay here please.”

I gave her a hug and assured her that everything will be fine, I glanced towards my house with uncertainty, standing the window was the menacing shadow it like it was beckoning me back into the house and for brief moment I was frozen.

“Alexis are you okay.” My mother said this a number of times before I finally came out of my trance.”

“Um, what, sorry I am just tired I guess.” When I looked back again the shadow was gone; you know mom, maybe I can get out of the house for a couple hours.” I quickly got into the car and as we drove down the long dirt road I watched the house getting smaller and smaller. The further we got from the house the sicker I got. Finally I got my mom to pull over because I became physically sick. Upon my request my mother turned the car around and headed back towards the house. The closer that I got back to the house the better I felt, my mom helped me into the house and into bed, even though she was scared she stayed with me anyway. That night the shadow figured come to me one more the same feeling of fear washed over me, this time when it attacked me I have physical marks on my body. My mother who was laying beside me didn't move, the next morning when she saw the deep laceration on my arms and the bruises around my neck, she hugged me tight and began to sob uncontrollably, we tried once again to leave and once again I became violently ill. It was as if I was now bound to the house; those things were going to kill me and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

“Alexis please let me call our priest.” She had finally stopped crying, I wanted to tell her yes, please someone to help me but instead I became angry and told her to butt out. It was very strange because I had never felt such anger, It was almost like it came from an outside force. She glared at me and stormed out the door, I wanted to stop her; now I am all alone, it won and I have nothing.

Over the next few weeks the attacks became more and more intense, I started to look like a battered woman; one morning I woke and my arm felt like it was on fire, there was also a strange mark on my arm; a snake in a lake of fire was branded onto my arm. It was official I was his but he was also mine; two dark souls intertwined together for eternity .

My mother called a few times but I never answered the phone after all why would I let her in? She wanted to vanquish the evil entity; ; If they left I would parish as well. Soon after the other shadows made themselves known, day after day I would wake up with new brand on my body. I started having the urge to join the shadow figures, I had no longer had use for my body. I called my mom and sisters up that night and told them I loved them very much and that I was going away for awhile, even as I was saying the words I was emotionless; just words and nothing more. After I hung up I sat in the library for hours just staring into nothingness, I felt as sense of peace as I allowed to the shadows to consume my body, I felt a sense of reprieve and power; now we wait to free another tortured soul....

May 03, 2021 16:33

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