The diary entry of Luna Ellam

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Finally, the moment everyone was waiting for years, actually it has been a few months more than a year but it was feeling like years, so years. The government had officially declared that the pandemic was over. People were dancing on the streets and were enjoying the moment of their life. Children were busy throwing their masks high in the air. Women were busy cooking their favorite dish along with humming sweetly to celebrate the end of the pandemic. That was at that unfortunate moment when I decided that I and Jacob should have a weekend trip to Springfield.

It was the beginning of Pandemic when I moved in with Jacob. At that point, I was tired of making love with him in the same house, same room, and, of course, the same bed. So, I told him “Jacob let’s visit Springfield for the weekend.”

It was Friday already. That night, we packed everything we needed. Everything!

I put an alarm to wake us up on the time. So, we don’t miss our train.

But my luck can betray me at any point; I will be disappointed but definitely not surprised.

The alarm was supposed to go at 6’o' clock, but it didn’t. We woke up at eight in the morning. I was furious; I checked my phone to realize it was fixed at evening six, not morning six. We knew the train was missed and we have to drive. So, we took our time to get ready. But despite my hilarious luck, I was dressed extremely ravishing. Just then my boyfriend brought me a cup of cold coffee in one hand and was talking to his sister on the phone, which was in his other hand.


Then a whole cup of ice-cold coffee fell on my newly brought dress. The strain was too displeasing to my eyes that I had to change; I was not in a mood to wear something exactly lovely. I changed into whatever I got my hands on.

We left the house; we took a break at an attractive restaurant when our destination was less than fifty minutes away. The moment I step out of the car, a bird flew over me and threw its crap on my shoe, like it was waiting for me to step out from the car. As always, I had no option but to wear the dirty gardening extra slippers, which were always thrown in our car.

And Jacob was having his perfect morning. I don’t remember what I did of anyone in my past life that this stupid luck was not on my side in this lifetime.

We finally reached our destination.

The whole Springfield had a pleasing view; the lovely scent of cherry blossom-filled the whole valley. The blue sky with white clouds and the beautiful chirruping of birds were worth dying for. Then I felt nothing could go wrong but like the hell, my life goes according to me.

A leaf from a cherry blossom flew and pasted on my lips.


It was fine if the leaf pasted on my bare lips but no I was wearing my RosyPaul’s exclusive cherry red lipstick, a limited edition lipstick. In the whole country, only three people have that lipstick and I’m super proud to say that I own one of those lipsticks. I tried my best to take out that leaf, harming no lipsticks, but like usual, things didn’t go on my way. Instead of getting out of my lips, it was getting more and more pasted. After a lot of pull and push, it came out, along with a deep coat of lipstick on its back. I threw the leaf. This whole situation was like a scene out of comics for my boyfriend. I could see he was trying his level best not to laugh, and to my shock, I also see where he is coming from. So, I don’t blame him. But as everything is happening with me, I can’t support his laugh either.

When we booked ourself a room at the Sweet Nights Hotel, it was ranked five-stars . The rooms were beautifully decorated, and the bed was chef's kiss. I totally loved, but before we use the bed, we planned to step out for a sea-beach walk. Jacob told me, due to an urgent call. he will be a little late and I can wait for him outside. The name of the beach fills my blood with excitement. So, I stepped out of the hotel. Just then, a drop of water fell over my head. I touched it and saw upwards, then another drop of water fell straight into my eyes. Then I realised the sadistic gloomy clouds which were floating freely above me will pour some useless rain, which will destroy my mood, and as I thought, rain poured endlessly.

I returned to our room. Jacob already started a chess game and was waiting for me, hoping that my favourite games will lift my spirits up, but unfortunately I lost there also. then again I was disappointed but not surprised.

The disappointed soul of mine, whose hobby is sleeping. Slept peacefully for a few hours.

I woke up when Jacob whispered softly, "Babe, the time has arrived. It is night already."

I stretched a bit and Jacob with his sexy body climbed to the bed, then came 'GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHH'

and the bed broke away. Jacob called the hotel service. They compensated us with a bottle of vintage red wine. And our rooms changed were changed.That whole night Jacob slept peacefully, but I was lying like a dead person, who was just trying to survive till the end of the day.

The next morning, I didn't even have the hopes that the day would go properly. So to stay safe I woke Jacob and told him "You pay the bill and wait for me in the car. I will check everything I go with the flow. I will try to reach as fast as possible."

"Wait...are we playing detective-detective now?"

"Babe, please shut up...I really want to reach the house in one piece."

"Okay, but move faster."

After half an hour, I reached the car safely.

"Should we move now?" said Jacob, who was busy trying to hide his laughter. At that moment, I did not even have the will to scold him. Hence, I just nodded.

He stopped at an attractive restaurant, but I made my mind, I would just starve rather than spoiling my mood. Thankfully Jacob brought me a Burrito. I ate and slept the whole way back.

We reached home; I cooked some porridge because I was too tired to cook something fancy. We would always watch something while eating. So, I asked Jacob, “Babe, what should we watch?”

"Let's continue that anime we left half."


I started the television while watching the anime. Jacob smoothly and said "Babe have to ever consider making an anime or a show on your life. I'm pretty sure it will be hit."

At that moment I realised that other’s life comprised a set of dots,but mine comprised a set of messed dots which made me more messed with each passing day. Without able to thinking of any reply, I said “I’m never going out with you again.”

July 29, 2021 20:16

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