A Raindrop's Journey

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Adventure Coming of Age Fiction

The soft raindrop fell like dew to the hard ground, joining its fellow friends in their misery. She knew what would happen to them. They would fall from the sky like birds feeling as free as ever, then they would hit the ground--evaporating into moist air returning to the clouds they just came from. They would never be free. Not one of them could control their fate, and living in a place that rained so often, they were trapped in the same routine; rarely regarding the sun. Some rain splashed to the trees and caught onto their wooded canopy, others whisked down a rapid river enclosed in it's watercourse, while some met their fate in a parched animal seeking a drink. But for every single drop of rain, they all had the same biography. Pod, Rain, Journey, Evaporate, Pod. 

Except for one. This one drop of water became a legend to all other rain showing them the possibility of adventure when they felt unable to control their destiny. The folklore was passed from generation to generation of rain around the globe spreading the good news of the one drop who helped change nature's course. 

A long time ago, around 3150 BC, there lived a young dew drop. We'll call her Misty. Misty came to be like any other creation of the clouds, falling to the earth like her fellow brothers and sisters and planning to return the same way through evaporation. It was just a part of life, and Misty had heard about it from the elder of the raindrops in her community. Her favorite friend was an extremely elderly raindrop who we'll just call Drench. Drench had traveled all over the world with his pod of rain, ending up in crazy bazaar places like the belly of a whale with a man named Jonah, a river in the jungle with a woman who studied gorillas, and once ended up inside a family's water filtering machine. (Misty still couldn't believe how he got out of that one.) Even though these amazing journeys were fun to talk about, Drench always complained at the end how he never got to choose his adventure. Nature always took its course and more than half the time he didn't even want to be in those places. He explained to Misty that after every single adventure he had, he was sent back up to the clouds with the rest of the rain and it repeated all over again. He had no choice in his fate. Misty wished she could do something venturesome like Drench, but didn't understand why he always complained about where nature took him, as his adventures sounded wonderful. 

On her first ever trip down to earth, she was ecstatic and eager to start her journey. She couldn't wait to have an amazing adventure like Drench and couldn’t wait to see where nature took her. As the cloud holding her pod opened up into the dark gray sky, she saw many forlorn faces looking down but decided she wouldn't let their grumpy mood get in the way of her thrilling day. As she was released, falling with ease from the sky her heart lifted, and anticipated the coming ground of earth. But when her soft body hit the cold hard cement, it shattered her. It was nothing like she expected, but before she had time to think, Misty was drowned in a wave of crashing rain turned water. The drops around her didn't look excited at all. Many were actually asleep during the ride, having become so used to it through their years. Misty knew it would be the survival of the fittest from here and tried to push her way through the crowd, but something held her back. It was some invisible force, and no matter how hard she struggled and fought to move herself, the thing kept her down and would not let her go. Now Misty was frantic. If she could not control herself she couldn't protect herself either. As she rounded the corner with her splashing peers, they came to a drainage pipe. Misty was completely petrified. She tried to scream with all her might, but nothing came out... just the sound of rushing water. She struggled and fought to avoid the drain but it was coming closer and closer by the second. An elderly raindrop nearby saw her panicked face, and smiled at her. “Don't worry my dewdrop. It will be over soon.” Misty looked at the older drop and felt a bit comforted but was still scared. Before she could respond she felt herself lift off of the ground and down a dark hole. It was like she was flying again, but with much more weight packed around her. She even got claustrophobic, and decided she did not like drains. When Misty and the others came out of the drain, they trickled into a small little stream down the side of a highway. About an hour later, the sun came out and dried them all up. Misty was cautious about this new method of returning home, but decided she'd do anything to leave this awful place. As she once again lifted off of the ground, she saw the world disappear from her and never thought about how much she missed home.

Several years had passed with Misty following a similar pattern to this, pod, rainfall, journey, evaporation, pod. Sometimes she stayed on earth only a couple of hours, but once she stayed for a week in a bird bath. Misty was becoming agitated with this method and wanted so badly to take her own course but the invisible force kept holding her in the cycle year after year. The day before the pod left their cloud once again, Misty went to her friend Drench.


"Oh, why hello my dear Misty! How are you?"

"I'm alive I suppose. I came to ask something, and I need your advice. I know you've been around this world more than anyone and have seen so many things, and you're the only one who can answer my question." Misty looked solemnly at the old fragment of history in front of her, and Drench knew the child was perplexed and upset at their way of life.

"I think I already know what you're going to ask young one," he calmly said. "You want to escape the hands of nature and create your own path. Am I right? Or just getting old." 

Misty gave a small smile, "No, I do. That's exactly right."

"Well, why don't you sit down and I'll explain some things to you."

Misty took a nearby piece of cloud and sat on it.

Drench took a long moment before he spoke, as if trying to find a way to word his message carefully.

“The ways of nature are very mysterious and hidden to all. Only one raindrop has ever been able to control it. I have tried my whole life and have not been able to even once. Although you might have a different story. I have seen you compared to other dewdrops your age Misty, and you have something they never will. You have courage, adventure, and are competitive. You just might be able to control nature like the one raindrop who did.” 

“What? But... how… that’s completely rubbish Drench. I know I want to make my own course, but I most certainly can not control nature, let alone push it! There must be another way.” 

“Oh Misty, Misty. You are stronger than you believe. I’ve seen the other dewdrops around here like yourself, and they have nothing like you do. Now I’m not trying to make a moral of this story or some corny lesson, but if you really do put your mind to it, you can do anything. Now don’t get me wrong, it won’t be easy… but I think I just might be able to help you."

Misty's eyes glowed with delight as she looked upon her elderly friend. She had prepared herself for a letdown before she came, but this was even better than she had hoped for. 

“You really think so?”

“I know so my dear. But there is a catch. Raindrops are forbidden from defying nature in such a way. The one raindrop who did it was severely punished, and banned from the sky. The elders are worried that if any raindrop becomes too powerful, it would only cause destruction. I wholeheartedly agree with them in some ways but, let's say you’re a certain case that I support. If you succeed in this Misty, and they find out… you will never be welcome in the skies again. "


Four hours later (although raindrops don’t keep time). Misty was all set for her adventure. Her and Drench had worked furiously before their cloud decided to open. He wanted to make sure she got to practice the first moment she could. 

“Are you ready Dewdrop?”

“Ready!” replied an excited, but slightly nervous Misty. 

“Alright then, remember what I taught you and keep your mind clear.” 

Misty smiled, and then embraced Drench in a hug.

“Thank you Drench.” she whispered in his ear, and then leapt off the cloud with the crowd of others. 

As Misty plummeted out of the sky, instead of looking where she was going she closed her eyes and tried to focus. She breathed deeply as the world around her faded away and was whisked into her own time. As she fell, the wind suddenly pushed her higher and higher. As she soared, Misty felt herself get colder and strangely turn hard. As she looked down at herself, she saw that she was no longer liquid H2O, she was a solid but soft object. One that was beautifully created with spikes and twists in its design. It was just like Drench had predicted. He had told her that if she was able to catch a wind that rose high enough, she would transform into something miraculous and unheard of. Now Misty did not rapidly fall from the sky, but floated with ease to the ground making it possible for the very first time for her to enjoy the scenery. As she got closer to the earth though, her newly formed body melted away, and only her water droplet self remained. As she finished the rest of her journey with the pod, and finally rose into the sky once again, she was thrilled by her experience and couldn’t wait to tell Drench all about it. Before she could find him though, she was stopped by a crowd. Many raindrops clustered in front of her blocking Misty from getting anywhere. By the looks on their faces, they obviously were not happy and weren’t going to let her go anytime soon. 

Misty thought she’d give it a try anyways.

“Um, excuse me but I need to be somewhere. Would you mind moving?”

“Yeah right, we're not going anywhere,” said a gruff voice in front of her. 

“You’ve got a lot of explaining to do, missy,” chirped a high pitched voice- one of the old ladies.  

“I’m afraid I don't know what you're all talking about.” Misty tried to say with a calm voice (even though she knew exactly what they were talking about).

One of the raindrops must have seen her transform and tattled to the others. Misty started to get frantic… Drench’s words flashed through her mind as the raindrops pulled her toward the elders’ office. 

‘The one raindrop who did it was severely punished, and banned from the sky.’ 

As they came to the elders’ office, Misty spied Drench out of the corner of her eye. He had a sorrowful look on his face, and she knew how he must feel. She watched him follow her the whole way, and hoped only for the best. 

“Raindrop number AC3284… please step forward,” came the voice of the youngest elder. 

Misty bravely walked toward the five elders staring disapprovingly at her. She could feel the heat of a thousand blazing eyes boring into her back. The whole pod must have been there watching her. 

“Did you or did you not at 9:32am this morning transform out of your raindrop being, disobeying the law of rain?” 

Misty took a deep breath, knowing she must tell the truth. 

“I’m afraid I have sir. And I’m not ashamed to say I did.” 

“And why in the sky is that?” The oldest elder piped up.

“Because, we have been doing the same thing over and over for years and years; falling from the sky, taking our boring journey, evaporating back into the cloud, and then traveling to another part of the world. Over and over! Aren’t you sick of it yet? I know I am!”

“Why I am most certainly not, and you should not be either.”

“But I am! And I can’t help myself! You can throw me out of the sky, split me to pieces, and I’ll never change my mind.” 

The elders looked at one another, and then dismissed the crowd.

As the last of the crowd faded away, leaving only Misty and them, one of the elders spoke.

“Misty, we appreciate your bold decision to try something new, and… let’s say rebellious. But the law stays the law. I’m afraid we can not side with you.”

Another spoke, “You will have to be banned from this cloud, and the skies as well. We are terribly sorry, but will give you no further punishment. You should be grateful, as past raindrops like yourself have not been let off so easily.” 

Misty was furious, “No you’re not. You’re not sorry in the least bit! You think I’m going to take over or something? You can’t keep controlling the rain this way. One day, they will overpower you and you’ll wish you gave them their way a lot sooner. I’m warning you.”

That night, Misty was banned publicly from her rain pod. 

Before she left, she spoke with Drench and hoped to thank him for his friendship, and apologize for what had happened. 

“Drench? May I talk with you before I leave?” 

“Of course my darling, but please don’t apologize for anything, I should be the one doing that. I have placed you in great danger and I am so guilt-ridden I can barely stand it.”

Misty looked at him with a soft smile, “Drench, I know raindrops don’t have family, but if they did, you would be mine. You have done so much for me over these past years, giving me friendship, kindness, and comfort. You have only done me good by teaching me this transformation I can’t explain. You’ve helped me become free! So please, don’t be sorry at all.”

“Oh Dewdrop. You are something special alright.” Drench paused and looked thoughtfully, but Misty could tell he had more to say.

“Let me come with you when you leave, I think I know a place we could go. I can’t bear to watch you leave, and must come with you.”

“Well, alright. But are you sure? You are very old and I don’t want to danger you trying this.”

“Excuse me young lady? I am most certainly not that old! Don’t underestimate my liveliness.” He winked at his little jab. 

When the elders and other raindrops came to escort Misty to the edge of the cloud, Drench came along with her. He explained to the elders how he wanted to go with Misty to earth. They agreed, but told him that because he was helping her, he would not be allowed into the skies again either. Drench had expected this answer and said that would be fine. Wherever Misty was going, he was too. 

Misty took one last look at the raindrops around her, the gray cloud surrounding the pod she grew up in, the sky below her seeming as it stretched forever, and her best friend standing next to her. Misty realized she was not where she belonged and a better home awaited her in her freedom. She took this with courage as she and Drench jumped from the cloud falling freely. As if right on cue, the air pushed Drench and Misty higher and colder. They turned slowly harder. When the wind stopped, Misty looked at herself and saw the mesmerizing effect with spirals, spikes, and twists in her new design. Drench looked at her with the same expression and laughed. They had transformed. As they floated from the sky, they did not turn into water again like Misty's first experience, but they floated the whole way down, landing on top of the mountain Drench had predicted. It was cold, but Misty thought it was overall the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. There was white stuff lightly dusting the trees, the lake nearby was hard as a rock, and baby animals played in the new thing. It only took Misty a moment to realize that they were not the only ones who had transformed. But thousands of others were on this very same mountain as well. They were not alone in their discovery, and had a whole new community to support them for the rest of their days. The other beings warmly welcomed them to their home and treated them like family. Before Misty could get distracted though, she asked the question she had always wondered. 

“Excuse me miss,” she said to a lady nearby. 

“But… what exactly... are we?” 

“Why my child, you are snow.”

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