Hey son, how’s your mother is she still mad at me? I hope she isn’t.

Well, I won’t get the answer to this question till I’m back.

And hey… Don’t let her read this, this is a story I’m writing just for you.

Remember when you got excited after hearing the bedtime adventure stories. The stories are about the hero who saves the day after fist fighting some monsters just to save the princess.

You asked me if I went on a real adventure before. I can’t forget the sparkle in your wide eyes as you asked that question, jumping in your place, with your hands shaking.

I’ll make this journal a story about a real-life adventure. And Its hero is your brave father.

To be honest, I don’t know how to start this journal. I’ll be trying to give you a detailed story of my adventure day by day, in my moments of rest.

I’ll start tomorrow.

Day one.. morning son. 

It’s a warm morning over here, the sweet scent of the tea I’m making and the dew on the surface of this plant that I don’t know its name laying next to the tree trunk on which I sit right now makes the perfect scenery for the beginning of our story. 

I wish we could sit and drink together facing this gorgeous view of the wide green hill, but all I have is those three garlic-smelling animal-looking men with me.

I want to make a bet so badly only if I have one who can bet with me.. Ha.. Found it.. You bet, son.. Don’t cheat. Bet on how many of them will turn out to be chimera by the end of this journey.

I’ll go first, mind you. I say two of them are actually half animals and one is just an ugly bastard.

I’ll grab some tea, wait here.. Ha.. eh, have some of your old man’s jokes.

I just took a sip of the tea while still hot… the smell of alcohol reeks of it, that’s Jhon’s doing, this drunk fat pig. I can’t stand him, son. One day, just you wait. One day ill smash his face under my boot remember those words.

It’s evening now. I totally forgot to leave a note about my departure earlier, but don’t worry, you missed so little.

This day was tedious. I’ll spare you the boring details and give you the conclusion.

We spent over 12 hours searching the vast hills. Nothing worth be called an adventure.. Yet! 

It’s my bedtime just finished my watch. I’ll sleep now talk to you on the next morning, with my hope of it being much more lively than today.

Oh, before I forget, I’ll give you some details about the mission early in the morning. 

Day two, I hope you slept well last night.

I found what I will write about in the next section. I’ll tell you about my companions, the rat, the pig, and the donkey.

The view is the same as yesterday. I swear to you, my son, all those hills look the same to me.

But still.. The beauty they share makes up for it.

I opened my notebook and the first thing I’m doing today is rereading what I wrote to you yesterday. I don’t want my son to think of his old man as ignorant.. I’m not, hopefully.    

I’ll try my best to write as many words as I can every day, to give you the full picture of what I’m living here, with these creatures.

You know your dad. I can’t hold it in for long. I’m afraid if I don’t write it down now, it will never be written.

A random forgotten journey.

Wade just woke up.. 

We both wake up early since our watch is the first at night. We get plenty of sleep while the two other bastards keep their eye out for us late at night.

I don’t trust them fully. Wade is the only one with bearable qualities. 

Mostly, his leadership abilities made him likable to me. 

He still looks like a donkey. I can’t get that picture of my mind.. Ha Ha.. 

Son, don’t be like me. Don’t judge others by their looks.

For the sake of the story, I will call them by those names, adding some drama. 

I hear whistles.

Yeah, from down the hill, time for work now. I’ll wake the others and head down. I Will finish later in the evening.

It’s nine-thirty nighttime.. 

The other two went to sleep.. It’s just me and Mr. Donkey face. He used to be a baker back at his home.

He keeps on bragging to me about his lovely wife. He is madly in love with her, almost obsessed. Which I do not appraise in a man to be fully obsessed even if she is a deity of beauty.

He just stood up to look around. He does that from time to time, making sure the surroundings are safe.

Standing, he looks like a bear. Seven feet, or taller, with his an ancient Greek muscular body, smooth and energetic movements, and the ever wide smile of his.. Gotta love this man.

I thank the lord. The only blessing I got on this journey so far is to have this man as a companion instead of the two others.

Oh… I almost forgot I didn’t update you on today’s mission.

We found a dead body down the valley, burnt to a crisp. I think it was out of mercy, so she doesn’t turn to those things the government assigned us to exterminate. 

The alchemist confirmed.. She was halfway through the transformation. I feel bad for the poor bastard who had to burn his own sister or lover, just to keep her from turning to a blood-thirsty monster.

Tomorrow, we reach the peak. Exciting.. right son? 

We are getting close. Things will get brutal from now on.

That’s it for today.. We talk tomorrow morning. 

We made it.. Day three.. Cool, huh?

Last night wasn’t as calm as the first two.. Gunfires heard here and there all night. We had to stay focused on our shift, so we don’t get jumped by one of the creatures.

Three after midnight, it calmed down a bit, and we switched places with the other two. I desperately need a couple of hours of sound sleep.

Day four.. Still breathing, let’s get back to the story I was telling you about my companions. 

Alright.. Alright.. we talked about the beloved donkey face, now we talk about the rat. 

I call him that not for his ugly looks; he is not a person you call ugly different from our folks but not ugly. He is literally that what I call him, a rat. People know him and call him by that name after he ratted his friends to the baron. 

The story goes like this. One day, greed took over one of the baron’s underlings who, on his part, convinced a group of unhappy workers to help him out with a special job. Which is a heist on the goods of the baron while delivering them and makes it seem like a robbery made by some opposing families. Giving the situation they live in, I understand that stealing is one of their solutions.

Mr.Rat over here followed their plan, which seemed flawless to them. On the execution day, they got caught red-handed; they served years in that location without meeting a single guard. That day, they met a battalion waiting for them. And, you can guess what happened. After that incident, the baron gave him a place upon his household servants 

I believe the baron sent him here as one of his eyes on this mission.. To be completely honest; I don’t know, and I don’t care, for I’m no servant of that family.

August 20, 2021 17:37

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