Romance Sad

The constant motion 

Of the ocean

Bringing back too many memories

I stand here


Afraid to be alone

But too afraid to move

Where did all the time go

I remember when

We used to laugh and play without a care in the world

Not scared of what hasn’t happened yet

I take a step forward

Heart breaking

Full of dreams and what we used to be

If i asked you now

Would you even remember me

Would you take me in your arms

Pull me close

Tell me you would never leave again

Tell me how wrong you were

One more step forward

Water seeps into my socks

I don’t bother taking them off

Bitter cold

The feeling of a ghost

What happens if I disappear

Would anyone come running to find me

Or would no one notice

This is the presence i hold

Not sure if im even visible

Could you hold my hands

Show me you care about my existence

Likes and dislikes

Varying colors and patterns

What is the world made of

Dirt and rock

Happy and sad

Oh mother, help me live

Oh brother show me my heart

Dearest what have i done

The sky is dark

A storm is rising over the horizon

Heartache and destruction

I turn around

The storm is me

I’m sorry i couldn’t stop it

Who created this monster

It had to be you

The world is full of beauty

Sometimes beauty can strangle the weak

Never stop looking back

One step forward

Plunging forward



Under the crashing waves

No way to know direction

Losing breath

Crushing me

No going back

Must pay for my crimes

I feel myself slipping away

No help for it

It’s time to say goodbye

As the world crushes me

Some are able to survive

I could never resist the pull of the ocean

Couldn’t understand why

Until today

My life is meaningless

My visibility has faded

One dream I’ve lived

A hand reaches out

An olive branch

A second chance

Oh mother can you see me now

Are you asking me to take the hand

I pull with all my might

I set my hand on the other

I’m pulled to safety

I gasp 

Water flowing from my lungs

Drenching the sand surrounding my pitiful body

Cling to a wet shirt

Tears flowing onto a firm chest

Salt in my mouth

Heart pounding

Harsh sobs echo through the night

Shivers trembling a weak body

Coat being wrapped around me

Maybe there is some beauty

Through pain comes the beauty

Cling to it

Before it gets away

This is the story of a girl

Full of pain and sorrow

She finally saw the light

And she began to heal 

In the light of the coming morning

Tears of joy pouring down her pale face

Not afraid of what the future held

Not afraid to start again

And start again she shall

thanks so much for reading! I know I haven’t posted in a while I’m going to try and get more on here. Also if you have any suggestions on stories or a certain topic you would like me to write about please let me know! I’m happy to do anything, but I usually do romance or drama. Feel free to comment. I love it when you guys comment. Thank you so much again!

November 18, 2021 16:39

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Creed .
17:05 Nov 22, 2021

I love this story, it's so poetic and reminds me of the kind of emotive stories I always write. Why is it that it doesn't have any likes until now? Well done!


Marcail Nevaeh
18:09 Nov 22, 2021

Thanks so much!


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