Crime Mystery Suspense

Rob was beside himself. He couldn’t believe that he finally had obtained a Monocular-Telescope that is ideal for bird watching. It cost less than twenty dollars, which was also a pleasant surprise. Rob lived south of Chicago near Riverwalk Park. It was ideal for bird watching because of the dense growth that lined the walk near where he lived.

One day, as he was watching the birds, he noticed that a dog ran out of the bushes with a bone in its mouth. He thought it was strange that a dog would have buried a bone in that area. He then dismissed it and returned to looking at birds with his new telescope. After about an hour the dog returns and goes into the undergrowth where he was earlier. Shortly after that, he sees the dog leave again, and yes, the dog had another bone in his mouth. Rob was curious so he took several photos of the dog with the bone in his mouth. He could get a very good close picture of the bone in the dog’s mouth with the Monocular-Telescope. After Rob took the photos, he looked at them and thought to himself the bone looked like the Ulua bone of a human arm that he had seen in the school’s biology lab. Rob thought that he could not go to the authorities since he doesn’t believe what he saw himself. Rob then remembered that he often had seen a Policeman walking along the walk, and he decided that he would talk to him the next day. Satisfied with the course of action he had picked, he returned to his bird-watching activity.

The next day when Rob was bird watching, he saw the Policeman walking down the walkway. He hurried downstairs to the walkway and was very upset that he had almost missed the Policeman. He finally caught up with the Policeman, but they were significantly beyond the point where the dog had entered the undergrowth. Rob told the Policeman what he had seen the previous day, and the Policeman was very interested. He said that they needed to check that area out to determine where the dog was getting the bone.  He said that he could not look at the area today, but he would not be working tomorrow, and he could do it then. Rob said that would be great and he would join him when he got here. The Policeman said he would be here early in the morning around seven am and that Rob could join him then. Rob agreed that he would be on the walkway at seven am. Rob thanked the Policeman, told him that he would see him in the morning, and returned to his apartment to continue his bird watching.

The next morning, after a restless night, Rob went down to the walkway to wait for the Policeman. He finally arrived and the two of them walked into the undergrowth where the dog had entered. The area was very dense and both Rob and the Policeman had to crawl part of the way to get through the growth. Eventually, they came to an opening, and they could finally stand up. What they saw surprised them both.  There were three mounds of dirt, and one of them had been disturbed and they could see exposed bones. Rob said he thought that this is where the dog had found the bones that he was carrying in his mouth. Rob then said they should tell the authorities what they had found. The Policeman agreed with Rob and said that he would report it. He then said unfortunately I can not let you leave because you have seen and know too much. Rob dashed towards the undergrowth to escape from the Policeman. However the growth was so dense that Rob was crawling too slowly and the the Policeman caught Rob. He grabbed his leg and pulled drug him back into the opening where the three mounds were. He told Rob that he was sorry but that he was going to have Rob join the other three mounds. Rob tried to break the hold the Policeman had on him but could not do it. The Policeman told Rob that he would need to incapacitate him so that he could dig the fourth grave. Rob continued to struggle with the Policeman but then the Policeman took his night-stick and knocked Rob unconscious.

While Rob was unconscious, the Policeman began digging the fourth grave that would be used for Rob. He did not work fast since he knew no one would be coming through the ticket. It took him about two hours to dig the grave and when he finally finished, he went to where Rob was laying and drug him to the grave. He pushed Rob into the grave and began filling it up with the dirt he had removed.

Suddenly Rob realized that someone was shaking him and trying to lift him out of the grave. The person was an EMT person, and he told Rob his name was Bill. As Bill continued lifting Rob out of the grave, he saw the Policeman that had knocked him unconscious standing beside another officer who had placed handcuffs on the assailant. Rob looked at Bill and thanked him for getting him out of the grave and he then asked him how he got there to save him.

Bill smiled and told Rob that he had called him. Rob just stared at Bill and asked him to explain. Bill told Rob that fortunately, he was wearing a health watch. As a result, when the Policeman hit him with the nightstick and he fell to the ground, the watch detected that he had fallen, and it called 911. We received the call, which contained your GPS location, and now here we are. Bill then provided Rob with more information. He told Rob that the Policeman was removed from the Police Force because of disciplinary problems and that he is no longer on the Police Force. It is believed that the other three graves are missing persons that he also killed because of problems he had with them when he was on the Police Force. It was very good, for many reasons, that Rob was wearing a health watch.

February 23, 2022 01:15

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Kathleen Fine
11:40 Mar 03, 2022

Great story! You might want to try adding some quotations/dialogue to show to struggle between the two men! Either way I loved it!


Rick Mullholand
17:25 Mar 21, 2022

Thank you very much. Good suggestion. I am glad you enjoyed it


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