Internet Espionage

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American Crime Fiction

“It happened again, I am not crazy, not paranoid as some are suggesting. These people are violating my privacy. This justifies my suspicion” 

“But how are you sure they are monitoring you and for what?” hey, they alone can answer correctly that question. I am not sure that these creatures are what we take them to be”

That was Tony talking to his friend Mark. He just told him about how his privacy is being violated not by the illiterate locals but by foreigners who are supposed to know better judging from what they claimed to be and where they are coming from.

“How will you explain away the fact that I have just yesterday evening for that matter discussed this issue with you and not up to 24 hours, it happened again? I can’t understand these white people. They seem to be swimming in this thing called spiritual espionage and teaching us nonsense. These people are not refined people. Don’t they know how the man they are violating his privacy feels?- shit, they are fully crazy”

“ yeah, that is the era we are in, the era of ‘do as I say not as I do', what can we do?”

“Nooo, one must do something. It is their poke-nosing that turned this world as it is today. Not practicing what one is preaching. I am beginning to wonder about other things coming from those creatures. Don’t you doubt those creatures at times?”

“Of course, at times, certain things are too good to be true. Their women are something else. Cantankerous whole. They like to poke their noses in what is none of their concern”

“ I think in general, women are by nature like that everywhere. They want to know everything, searching none stop for topics of gossip. Not even that they will put into better use what they claimed to be searching for or heard for they don’t even hear well and are prone to reaching the conclusion that differs from reality. It is just to show others that they are alive and awake wherever their base happens to be”

Tony had for long realized that the same people he registered on their site is spying on him for long and pretends not to know. He was wondering why they will be doing something like that, why each week, they will glean what to write on their site from his utterances and pretend to be the source of what they write. He had been wondering if they had been monitoring his utterances and thoughts from their base or planted themselves spiritually in him or his house. Health concerns is are what they care about judging from their selfishness.

Soundness is what he will not swear about those people or anyone else that not only violates his privacy but disturb his health just for gossip topics.

Putting oneself in others’ place or wearing their shoes to know where it pinches is always what educated people knew about the act of relationship or engagement. These people lack the refinement of every degree. Do a lot of talking in the name of wisdom but shortcomings are shortcomings. Theirs are in a class of their own in that department.

“Maybe, they, are following you around to know how you do what you do. They want to know the WHYs of every of your move for their psychological well-being.”

“ And two years plus is not enough for them to have mastered the WHY?”

“ You must know one thing, most of us are not all that convinced easily. Some of us are not that easily convinced and some have rules of disengagement they stick to like glue. When their normal policy is to forget you within three years or any other period they set for themselves, even when convinced within months, they stick around for that three years”

“ The way I do my things or pass judgment is to first ask both parties to any issues to first tell me if they happened to switch sides with their victims or another person, would they still go ahead with whatever they are doing? If their answer is yes, I tell them to go ahead and press charges or report to the UN Security committees if in doubt, why still bother with it?”

Tony could not understand their interest in him for years except for selfish purposes. Humans are creatures of selfish logic. 

Not even that they are recompensing him for the violations but behaving as if it is their right. “ Rights? inside my own house?”

“Well, it might be their rights, if your right is what you call it, it becomes that thing to you. Others might have their rights on them too”

“maybe, they don’t care. Those people, their ways differ and they might be working for some people. I trust them like I trust snake”

“Nooo, I can’t just tolerate such a violation. It’s given me a migraine. For them to have the affront to even tell me that my suspicions are correct just sounds like mockery to me. I must let them know”

“ And afterward, what? That should be your question. If you are talking to the pe poke nosing is their second nature, how do you expect them to change?- they are weak on that aspect”

It wasn’t even the first time Tony noticed such a thing, an unhealthy interest in his life. It had happened for years when he was a prisoner in far East Asia. They just climbed into his heart and stayed there for years searching for God knows what. Only they can tell what they do with all the information they gathered for ten years. They even came to enlist him as an agent and he made a ruckus for it.

“Why are they enlisting ex-convicts, I mean, those groups are not particularly known to be smart or sound. Why waste their money and time?”

“ You have seen the aspect espionage has taken. It doesn’t require a Master’s degree these days. It is just your willingness to sell your conscious to the devil”

“I don’t understand. How do you mean?”

“ What you heard and what we are discussing. What I had been complaining to you for almost an hour now. That is selling your hearts to the evil forces for rewards I don’t know really what the compensation is”

“ You mean those spying on you for long now don’t their hearts to the devil?”

“Exactly, you are getting smarter each day. They are not working for free. Why should they?”

Their talk veered towards the inability of the government to do anything about the state of the nation, especially on security matters, how they seems to be leaning on the side of those dissecting the nation and they later rounded it by agreeing to keep eyes on all those keeping eyes on him.

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Lily Finch
00:02 Jan 23, 2023

Philip, interesting story. Your story would be much easier to read if you wrote simple sentences. Thanks for the read. LF6


Philip Ebuluofor
14:25 Jan 24, 2023

Simple sentence?


Lily Finch
15:23 Jan 24, 2023

Yes. Some of your sentences are way too long.


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