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In December, Garima is enjoying a cup of coffee on a bench in Chili. She's taking her time with her coffee, taking small sips. A table sits next to her. There are cookies on the table. Her husband and children are soundly snoozing as she completes the domestic chores. Garima now has it all: a great family, a supportive husband, and well-behaved kids. Her journey to this point has been anything but easy. It took a long time, but finally, she got what she wanted. Garima was born in Kanpur, India, in a tiny village. When her parents returned after a family gathering, they were found dead. Even though she had no intention of marrying into a wealthy family, her brother's only goal in life was to arrange for their marriage. He begins searching for suitors for her as soon as she completes her degree. Soon after, he found her a suitor and married her off to him. Even though he was well-off, that man was a jerk. Garmi, despite being married to the house, is treated as a servant by her husband and other members of the household. They're rude to her and don't give her any attention. They can even go so far as to physically abuse her. It belonged to the Garima. She was overjoyed, expecting that at the very least today she would be seen. In the end, no one cared for her and in the evening, she was beaten up by her mother-in-law and her husband. She screamed nonstop throughout the night, and she couldn't go asleep. She went to see her brother the following day, unable to stand the torment any longer. Her brother, on the other hand, is unwilling to accept her since he believes that once a girl is married, she can no longer live at home. As she listened to her brother's comments, she became agitated again. She had no choice but to return home. With that, let's go back to the current day, where Garima is deep in concentration when she feels a tap on the shoulder. She looks up to discover her husband Rakesh alongside her and asks:

Rakesh: What's keeping you up so late?

Garima: I'm pondering the origins of my life and the path I've taken thus far.

Rash: Hm.

Nevertheless, Garima, I have no idea how to go there.

In Rakesh's head, he becomes engrossed. It's no secret that Rakesh comes from a low-income background. Yashar is the father of a wealthy daughter and son. With Rakesh's permission, Yash and his wife are living with Rakesh's family. Rakesh too married a wealthy woman, although he moved in with his in-laws after marrying the woman he had been in love with since college. However, he comes to the realization that his wife has been treating him unfairly and decides to return to his own residence.

Returning to the present, Garima says:

Garima: I'm not sure what's going on with you right now.

It's going to dawn soon, so let's go inside, Rakesh said in his sense.

Garima: I recall exactly how we met.

This time, they're both preoccupied with the prospect of their upcoming union.

This pandemic, known as covid, enraged the entire country and triggered lockdowns in which only medical supplies and emergency services were available and police patrolled the streets. Garima decided to return home at this time.

If it is not an emergency, the police stop everybody they see on the road and send them home. Garima was detained by the police, but she claims she only wants to get home, but she can't remember where she was staying. The cops have come to take her home because I am her husband, Rakesh, who has arrived at the scene. In the end, Garima could do no better than to pay a visit to Rakesh's home. Despite the fact that his parents accepted her because they were aware of the scenario and expected her to leave the next day. He dislikes it, but his sister-in-law reminds him to keep it quiet. A 21-day lockdown was announced, which means that she will have to stay in this house for that long. Rakesh's parents were well-taken care of by Garima throughout this time. Rakesh, on the other hand, was rejected from the household because of his previous behavior. That's why Garima took care of Yash's parents even though she was a kind stranger. Yash's wife didn't like her in-laws and didn't want to live with them. The parents were moved by Garima's behaviour. Garima is the only one who can persuade Rakesh's parents to accept him because he has admitted his error and wants to make amends. Also, she helped Yash and his wife come to terms with their failings. It's now or never for her. To say goodbye, everyone shed a tear. Because she is a stranger, Rakesh's parents can't force her to become their daughter-in-law. All of the people in Garima's house were looking for her because there were no maids, and they feared that she may be hired as one. It was only when the man went to look for her that he was arrested along with his father, despite the fact that he was a well-off man. Rakesh soon followed suit, calling and divorcing his wife. Rakesh and Garima finally reunited and got married as they traveled to an undisclosed location. His parents' joy was contagious. A few years later, they had two children and were both content with their families. At this time:

Seeing Rakesh's expression, Garima said:

Garima: I can't thank you enough for making me your wife that day. I don't know if I'd met you otherwise.

Rakesh: Please, please, please keep your mouth shut! Said with a kiss on her forehead and a finger on her lips. If we stay, it will be too late because our children will be waking up shortly.

Garima: I'm in love with you.

Rahul: I adore you as well.

In this manner, the two of them can go back to their respective homes holding hands. The two individuals were able to transcend their previous marriages in which they were treated as servants and had to serve their esteemed partners, who made them obey their instructions and disrespected the other person's feelings, through this method. When it comes to emotions like love, some rich people don't get it. They insist on paying in cash for everything.

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