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As a child, I’ve always had some mysteries that I could never explain. An example would be the moon following me wherever I go during a late-night drive, or when I fall asleep somewhere and when I wake up, I’m already in my bed. All these things were so magical and mysterious and unbelievable. It’s as if children’s minds are at a different world and it’s colorful, creative, and imaginative.

Once we grow older though, everything is explained through Science and how Science is all around us and how it answers almost everything that solved our mysteries. I found out through science that since the moon is outside of the planet, it can be seen everywhere and that I was carried by my parents to bed when I fall asleep somewhere. Knowing about that now lost its fun and excitement.

Although, something still tickles the back of my mind. Whenever I lose something, my mom manages to find it. Like, hello? Where is she getting it from? Are her eyes that powerful? Is there such thing as mom eyes? Do our eyes change when we become a mom? I needed to test it out.

One morning, I decided to hide my sock and ask my mom to look for it. I know where it is, it is under the laundry basket in the laundry room. I followed mom wherever she went in the house but not a single time did she enter the laundry room. The next thing you know, the sock is right on her hand. Of course, it was shocking. I was ready to prove her wrong and that she doesn’t have a superpower.

I sprinted towards the laundry area and when I checked the under of the basket, that I swore I placed it, it was not there anymore. Yeah, it might have been the other pair of the sock but no. It is just simply gone.

Knowing all the science now, that sure as hell could not explain how things just randomly vanish and only moms could find it. To my fear of this kind of sorcery, I vow to never do it again. It was some spooky stuff that I believe, should not be tried ever again. Are moms actually more than just human beings? They sure are awesome and beyond this world to even be able to push out an entirely new human being into the world and take care of it but this? An odd happenstance.

We humans experiment a lot and this brings us the good, the bad, and the ugly of results. Research gave us a lot of cures to illnesses and innovations on technology and all of that. It’s innate to us to seek information, but what do we do with the discovery of something beyond our comprehension?

Years later, when I decided to become a mother of my own, start a family, never once did it knock my mind that I would be able to find missing things my kids lost. I once was a kid and with my little experiment with my mom, it’s just something I couldn’t do. I didn’t do anything to have my eyes enhanced, in fact, my vision started to become poor and needed some aid as I aged.

My son has eyes that shine in wonder in whatever I do at home. He would always be curious and asking, and the satisfaction is painted all over his face once I answer him. Since he is still a toddler, he can easily misplace his toys and forget where he puts them but to me, it’s an easy see because toddler toys have big colorful features that are really eye catching. Is this where the mom eyes start developing? The thought swim in my head as I provide everything my boy needs. Would it be as creepy as my experience when I give him the things he asked for?

Not too long after, I had more kids, and I couldn’t say I’ve had a full rest ever since. I always make sure that they get the best in the world and their needs are always provided for. I want to be the best mom for them.

My eldest son is going to college and is packing his things up. He wanted to keep some of the things he had from his childhood as a remembrance. With all the time that flew by, some things are already just plain gone or irreversible. But that’s when it hit me.

My son asked for a shirt he’s never seen from ages ago and somehow, this portal opened up to me with all of the missing things that he was looking for. In this portal, there were even instructions on how to deceive these kids, thinking it was there all along. The only rule in that portal is to never tell anyone.

It was like an entire mom universe where every mom has a copy of the item that is missing in their home and written in the guideline that once the missing item is found, the original item will be claimed back in the portal.

Not only does it work on missing items, but also on missing husbands. Moms there could also see whether or not their husband is cheating. How? I don’t know but it sure does solve my problems. Another childhood mystery solved. This isn’t a super power however, it is an opening to another dimension.

I write this as I near my death. My secret is also your secret. Items that vanish are not truly gone. It is just somewhere only moms could find. It isn’t open for everyone, but with great power comes great responsibility. Use this knowledge for good. If not, someone will definitely come for you. Just as to me, sharing this to you.

It is beyond science that someone is watching our every move and decision. It is up to you on how you choose your journey to be.

With love, Mom.

August 21, 2021 07:43

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