Suspense Romance

A moment lasts a lifetime, so long as you know how to spend it. I loved Katherine, she was an angel that sparkled in the moonlight. The moonlight played a huge role in magnifying her magnificence. Nothing was more beautiful than her hazel eyes. They glossed like the lip gloss that laid upon her lips.  A gloss that entranced any man that tasted the flavor, her flavor, one that was unforgettable. 

I knew it all too well. I was her lover of course. We meet at a special place. The graveyard, it was a place that we shared a lot of our first. It was the place we shared our first kiss. The place we gave each other to ourselves; and that night was special in particular.  We shared in each other’s warmth. A warmth that lasted until the sunrise. 

Katherine was a woman of the occult. She was a person who loved trying to commune with the dead. The dead never spoke to her as far as I knew. I on the other hand was never a believer. I just wanted her. I wanted her love. I wanted her attention and affection. She was my missing piece. The piece that kept me together. 

Time passed. We eventually grew apart, she moved and I stayed in our home town. Time passed. I grew, yet my heart was still void. I could not move past Katherine. I needed to meet her. I needed my missing half. The half that kept me together. I found a way to meet her. A way to commune with her. She told me that I could meet her at the graveyard at a time. At any time I felt ready. She told me that if our hearts were aligned and if she felt the same then she would be there. 

The watchtower struck midnight. I could hear as it rang a mile away.  it was time to meet. My hands quivered in a way that shot shivers down my back, giving me chills. My heart pounded as I waited in the graveyard. I waited at the spot of our first kiss. The place that ingrained my heart with love. A love that was only for her, only for Katherine. 

Minutes passed, then an hour then two. I was a fool to think after so much time to think Katherine would show. I placed the roses I bought down beside the headstone. I look at the headstone. All I could think about was me and Katherine. We spoke of dying together, next to each other. Me in her arms and I and hers. It was nothing but a fairytale that I conjured in my mind. 

“It’s good to see you, Greg. “ My face turned red, as I blushed. I turned, yet no one was behind me. I looked around, seeing no one. I walked forward, looking for any sign of her in the graveyard. A tap brushed across my shoulder. I wiped myself back, like spring. 

“Katherin, is that you?” My mouth dropped. A tear left from my eye, as it slid down my right cheek.  I  felt as it bounced off my chin. Katherine Stood before me, yet n a different form. A form, not of flesh and bone, but a form that transcended the human form altogether.  A form of a spirit. The sprite. The human spirit. A ghost most would say. 

“Yes, Greg it’s me.” I tried to place a hand on her ghostly figure, yet it passed through, like trying to cut through the air.  She was intangible. Her beauty was still dazzling. My heart ached as my blood pumped, making a thumping. Thump. Thump. Thump. That was sound in my mind. It was my love song. I wanted to cry but I was glad to see my love, my lover to be exact. 

 “Katherine, it’s been years, decades even. What happened to you? How is this possible?” Katherine wept as a tear fell from her eyes and became a gaseous cloud, before hitting the ground. She hesitated for a moment, just briefly, like butterflies were held within her. If a ghost could blush. I assumed that she was blushing, at least on the inside. 

“When  I moved and left you. I knew it was a mistake. But my parents made me leave. After a while, I grew older. I fell in love again. I got married. I had kids, but all through that time. I still never stopped loving you.” My eyes began to tear, as my body shook, while I tried to hold back my emotions.   

“I never stopped loving either Katherine. If you could feel my heart. You would know it pounds for you. I just wish you were still alive.” Katherine lowered her head, before rising it back up. 

“I died a while ago. I came here every night. I remember Greg and so did you. We might not be together, but I will always love you. I just wanted to say goodbye, Greg, one last time before I departed from this world.” I slightly tilted my head in confusion.    

“ You’re Departing?” Katherine smiled as she looked above. I also looked, it was just the beautiful night sky, it was a full moon out. It would have been perfect for a beautiful picnic in the moonlight. I looked back to Katherin, while she still had a gentle smile laid across her face. 

“Goodbye, Greg” Before I could say another word she vanished. I scoffed. I was heartbroken again. I had been left again and the second time it hurt even more because I knew I would never see her again. My heart was still racing, it wasn’t good for my health. I was getting old. I was just glad to see Katherine again, even if my questions weren’t completely answered. 

 I grabbed my presents. The one I bought for Katherine. I smiled as I picked them up. I looked back to the sky before leaving The graveyard. I just hoped Katherin was in a better place.  I took two steps forward, as I turned away from the night sky. Each step held a step of satisfaction until I collapsed, dropping everything I was holding. 

My heart pounded. I gripped my heart with my right hand, as I clawed the ground and dirt with my left. My vision grew more in more distant. It looked like I was viewing reality through a tv screen, A window that showed a twist and distorted version of reality. My breathing quickened but I felt less air entering. Then it came to a stop. My grip lessened in both hands. My eyes grew heavy as they began to shut. I saw light dwindling from me, while the sound around me was void from my eardrums, leaving only silence behind. I felt nothing. I was at peace.

October 31, 2020 01:27

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