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Dipper's guide to the unexplained: Ford's Coat :

"Mabel , are we rolling " a brown haired boy with a pine tree hat asked. "Yessir" a girl from behind the camera responded "Ehaham ok then (*clears throat *) . Hi everyone my name is Dipper and the girl behind the camera is my twin sister Mabel " the camera briefly turns around to show a girl with brown hair and braces smiling then turned the camera back to the boy named Dipper who continued talking "today on Dipper's guide to the unexplained we're exploring a new mystery which is Ford's coat , it's the middle of the summer but he's still wearing that same coat and the EXACT same shirt from last year , theories Mabel " Dipper said gesturing at his sister . "Okay " the girl responded turning the camera to a pinboard filled with pictures and drawings . "Theory number 1 : a embarrassing tattoo ... that's permanent ! Theory number 2 has a mouth as a stomach because of a space alien bite ! Theory number 3 scars - " "From fighting aliens !! " "Umm yes Mabel , theory number 4 : He just has too much hair , I wonder if he's trained with a manatour before " Just then mabel interrupted saying "or maybe he has kitten abs or diamond abs or maybe he's got a secret alien kitten sleeping in that coat or maybe - " "ok you get where we're going with this "Dipper cut in . "Or maybe he's housing a frog ! " "Errr... Yes maybe Ford stays in his lab alot so it's hard to get solid evidence-" "But he can't stay in there for long ! A hahaha we'll drag him out of there soon enough! " Mabel said laughing Dipper then also joined in the laughter with a "Ahahahahahah" "ahahaha ahahaha ahahaha hahahahahaha hahaha " Cut to ford who was listening to the whole thing "i ... just ... wear ... the coat... because .makes look cool like ...a-a awesome scientist " Ford said weakly with his eyes widened . Just then Stan came in saying "You'll get used to it once Dipper talked about a mystery and theories about it in his sleep while Mabel recorded it in her sleep . They even tried solving the mystery of my burn mark by coming in when I was showering " "Showering ?? " Ford asked eyes widened and sweating more than ever "Yes" said Stan blatantly and leaving the room while Ford feared for his life at this point. 

Mabel's guide : 

"Haii everyone my name is Mabel and today I'm covering how to apologize to you're great grunkle " a girl with braces and brown hair said "now despite how hard or impossible it may seem -" "that's cause it is impossible" said a boy with a pine tree hat "oh what do you know Dipper?!? " the girl named 'Mabel' said pushing the boy named Dipper off screen . "How you apologize depends on what you did we did something really... damaging which you may have seen on mabel's guide to colour " Mabel said nervously "sooo in our case a really long and sincere apology should definitely work " mabel said punctuate the sentence with a smile . she then gets up from her desk and leaves with and apology card .

Le timeskip :

Mabel came back with a determined face "we must find a way to apologize" she said "Dipper help me with this you played a part too" "Ok just give me a few seconds and try again " Dipper said getting up .

Another Le timeskip because I want to :

"Grunkle Stan could you please accept this apology?" Mabel asked holding the card up "Eh sure kid " Grunkle stan said taking the card.

"Wait really ? I mean yes ! And see that is how you appologize to your great grunkle ! Mabel out !

Behind the scenes that occured a few seconds ago :

Dipper : Grunkle Stan I have a question.

Grunkle Stan : What do you want kid ?

Dipper : Could you please take this few dollars and forgive

Grunkle Stan : I dunno kid she nearly blinded me ... but add a few more dollars and we'll talk

Dipper : Alright here (most of it was Mabel's money that she had given to Waddles and Dipper had collected )

Stan : Alright Kid you've got yourself a deal

Dipper : Thank you Grunkle Stan !

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