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Maverich Alexander Maxwell just woke up from a nightmare. The sun was already shining. He was really disturbed for he saw that his lovable best friend was in some sort of trouble. He prayed, ‘I hope it was a mere messy dream. Nothing to do with reality’. He got out of the bed and after getting fresh ate a toast. He just took one. But his loving and caring mother compelled him to eat two more.  

‘Mom! You know I am getting damn late’, he cried on the fourth one.

 ‘I know dear’.

              He got up and started to descend the stairs of his house.

             In the school he sat with his best friend - Hassam Rapicort. Hassam was a boy girls could potentially die for. He had spikes that really looked gorgeous on him. Alex was hot and charming too. And probably the most beautiful person in school after Hassam. They both together were real chill duo.

 ‘Well…’, a teacher appeared at the class door step, breathing noisily. ‘Sorry for the interruption’, she said to the teacher teaching at that time. ‘ We need actors for today’s act, taking place at city hall. Every school is going to participate. So I am hunting for actors to act in the skit that our school is going to perform’, she continued.

               “Actors” when this word came the students in the class were sure of two names, Hassam and Alex. Hassam was known for his looks and Alex was famous not only for his looks but his millions of dollars worth method acting. Therefore, they both were an obvious “yes”. Two other boys also got selected.

                    Following the haggy teacher they were discussing what their roles might be? What the story might be? Blah blah blah. Well, the teacher told them the story and their roles in the skit, however, when they reached city hall it was known that their turn had passed and that all they could do was to wait and watch other performances. So did they. But to their dismay the seats were occupied so they had to sit on the carpeted steps there. The day was quite bore for both of them. However, they next day was Sunday they were happy that they would be hanging together in Hassam’s house. And this day they took an oath - in all their senses – to be best friends forever and to never leave. To study in same school, college, university do same jobs and also buy homes near each other’s. Shortly, all they could do to be friends eternally.

                      Dear friends, whenever you opt to take an oath keep it the easiest for you never know what nuts the game writer has for you. But, they were kids. Unaware of the game writers game changing possible tricks. Lets look at other side of the coin for an instant. Which is better one friend who left you, his memories for the three score and ten years or three score and ten present friends for one year? Someone might be able to give you the answer but it’d surely be wrong. Later you’d know what I mean.

              Everything was going fine but after their exams when they were promoted they were really happy and enjoying the life. In these two months before summer vacations they hung out together for two times. But the game writer had nuts for them.

The summer break was a dreary time for Alex. He also had to write the home task. He was a good student but didn’t like to write. So he contacted Hassam to help him. But he was unable to reach him. Once he met him briefly near Hassam’s house but he refused to help and said, ‘I am still working on it. So, I can’t.’ And the phone call ended.

                                     After the vacations Hassam was continuously absent. Ale went to the teacher who was also Hassam’s aunt to inquire the reason. She told Alex that they had shifted to a new housing society and he was going to school near their house. Alex knew that Hassam couldn’t do anything else but to shift since his whole family did shift to a new house.

                                    Alex against your expectations was very happy. Why so? Obviously not for he was the most handsome boy of the school. The reason is that the real friends become happy on knowing betterment of each other. Since Hassam was now in much better school, Alex was happy. But, he was a little gloomy because he won’t be able to sit right next to his best friend. This change, however, wasn’t offensive to Alex since Hassam could, plausibly, not do anything else but to shift. Dear friends, one of the promises broken start a chain reaction of all of them being broken.

In coming years Hassam and Alex would chat on mobile. Hassam used to tell Alex how he had made new friends. But Alex never did. Since he was not ready to give place Hassam had in his heart. True friendship is as strong as true love. However, these conversations went shorter and shorter to just a hello and a ‘seen’ by Hassam for Hassam now had started to remain busy. Least that’s what he used to say to Alex.

One monologue less in a conversation or no conversation at all, how different are they? Someone may answer but, again, wrongly. This is because they both are the same thing. You’d surely know soon.

They both reached a point of no conversation at all. Since they were on this road and reached the final destination one day. Four years flied. Alex was extremely happy for they both would be together again in the same college since one of their mutual Zane told Alex that he was also coming to the same college in which Alex had applied for. And Hassam did come in the same college. Best friends united that’s what you’d probably think but sadly it isn’t.

The first day Alex saw Hassam and went to him but in place of embracing him Hassam passed by his side seeing but not considering him. It was the greatest blow Alex had in his life. His best friend ignored him. So, Alexander’s ego also made him never even go to Hassam. Hassam also never came to Alex although both knew they were there. They had eye contact multiple times. Alex in college, like in school, was bookaholic and a good student. But, Hassam used to smoke. He was trying to be one of the bad guys. However, it was his mere feign for he really was the simple Hassam. But those kind of habits do affect you regardless of if you’re feigning or really into that sort of things. Alex still used to ask how Hassam was doing from Zane.

                           The bell rings. Consultant doctor comes in.

‘I actually would like to see the pathological diagnostic reports of the patients admitted here yesterday and also ask Jeff to fetch me an Espresso’, said the director of cardiology department. ‘Okay, sir’, Sara said.

As he saw the clock it was 15 minutes from 12 O’clock – the exact time for him to go and a round of the ward. As he went he saw each and every patient. One patient, however, seemed if he had seen him somewhere else. After the round he went to relish his Espresso. The reports were on his table. He deeply studied all of them till it was time to leave. So he did. The next day he was very tired because he could not sleep at night for the face of the person he thought he had seen somewhere else stuck in his head like a melody. He spent whole night thinking where had he seen that think, pale and frail person. And that why he felt strangely related to him. Next day he did the same the previous. That day when he was seeing the reports he saw a name Hassam Rapicort.

The years past, Alex had become head of cardiology center of the city and Hassam had ruined his health due to too much smoking and obviously worries of life for he had not become anything. He had not married. Alex’s mom died long ago but he never married although was very rich and handsome man.

The whole mystery was solved. Alex studied the report keenly. He jumped off his chair with his eyes blinded by the tears of sadness and joy. Sadness for he knew that his friend whom he loved so much as going to die. He had become pale, frail and unrecognizable. And joy for he could meet and talk to Hassam as a doctor without telling him that he was Alex. Alex went straight to him. But in a serious mood. He had control over his emotions. He told Hassam that he need a heart transplant or he would die soon. Hassam told that he would in no ways bear the expenditures of a heart transplant and secondly who would donate him a heart. He further said that all his family and friends left him for he was poor now.

Alex told him that he knew a man who would do both. Alex went out of hospital straight to the person he thought could help. It was difficult to make him do both of them. Obviously who is ready to give his heart. But after a hue and cry by Alex he become ready to give his money and heart. Tears of joy and happiness went on Alex’s face.

Hassam was operated successfully. Utmost care was taken. But Alex resigned and went away for he didn’t want Hassam to know that it was he who was the director and had helped him. The day Hassam was discharged he received a letter outside the hospital. It read;

Dear Hassam,

 I loved you the most as a brother. But, you probably found more friends. Good for you. But I could not make a single best friend after you. And I being a real friend couldn’t see you dying on the bed. So, I did what I could at that time. I have donated all my money to you. All my belongings now, lawfully belong to you. When you become healthy the trust would hand over that to you. If you are reading this it means that everything went well and according to my expectations. Now, our friendship has become eternal. We won’t ever be separated. My heart at the moment is beating inside you. I fulfilled my promise.

                                                                    Love from eternal friend


Alex had went to his own home to prepare himself for the sacrifice. He loved his brotherly loved friend Hassam as Jesus had loved humanity. He, indeed, was Jesus’ reflection on the earth. Hassam realized his best friend. But it was too late. He cried for that’s all he could do. But, its only lonely tears when you realize someone’s regard for you too lately. Hassam could relate to Sia’s “Footprints” as it exactly described his condition;

And I saw only two footprints in the sand

Thought you'd abandoned me and

Let go of my hand

But you were carrying me

Carrying me to safety

Two footprints, your footprints in the sand

Two footprints, two footprints, your footprints in the sand

Two footprints, your footprints in the sand

Oh what if I had got the things I knew it was I

Who'd abandoned with you

Forgive me, I was lost and found

You had never left my side

Picked me up when I thought I would die

You helped me and I was fine 

But, his best friend was a betrayer too for he had left the world. But, Hassam kept the memories of that betrayer best friend who left him, more dear for the rest of his life instead of all his friends that were with him. Memories of his betrayer best friend was better than all other friends themselves!

February 20, 2020 05:12

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Ali Ali
16:25 Feb 22, 2020

Impressive attempt


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Ibad Khan
16:18 Feb 22, 2020

Ending is like sheikspear. Good story but no suspence at all over all it is 8/10


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Ayhan Murtaza
13:49 Feb 22, 2020

Indeed i feel my story has an O. Henry touch. And i love O. Henry.


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