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Tonight on World of Mysteries: peek inside the wonder of coexistence between two seemingly incompatible human beings: a loud and energetic extrovert (also commonly known Profugus Extrovert) and their quiet and reserved counterpart - a domestic introvert. How does this relationship work? Stay with us to find out.

This program is funded in part by the Quiet Life Foundation, which has been protecting introverts in the workplace and at home. “They are among us. The Quiet Life Foundation.

NARRATOR: The world is full of wonders and mysteries. Black holes, dark matter, the ocean floor. For every answer, we get ten new questions that are yet to be answered. But today I want to take you on a journey to explore one conundrum that is still teasing the brilliant minds of hundreds of scientists. Do opposites attract or push away never to meet? 

Today, we are lucky to sneak a peek inside an introvert’s lair. It’s not often we see these private creatures in their natural environment. They show signs of the behavior of nocturnal creatures even though they are active during the day. You can recognize an introvert’s natural habitat by three distinctive features: an excessive amount of plants, piles of books, and, of course, a thinking spot to daydream and have insightful conversations in their own head.

And how lucky we are! There is one sitting there right now. We move closer but stay behind the massive leaves of their fiddle-leaf fig plant, not to give away our presence. See how expressions change on their face? It looks like they are having an internal argument, and we can only wonder what it could be. Maybe they are debating whether or not to make a phone call or trying to decide if they need another artsy hobby or not? We can only guess! Just look at how dramatic their eyebrow movement is and how tense the corners of their lips are. Whatever it is, the decision must be important to them. 

Suddenly, they jump from their comfortable seat, startled by the doorbell. What kind of sudden danger could it be? Moving almost silently they go to the front door, and we can see a peculiar mix of emotions on their face, a mix of relief with regret. They have been expecting this visitor. 

Who is at the door? Just look at this fine specimen of the extrovert. They are beaming with energy and their smile is so shiny it can probably provide enough energy for a little country like Lichtenstein. Their vibe feels almost explosive as they burst into the introvert’s apartment almost crushing into books and plants placed in every nook.

The shade of regret covers the introvert’s face as this hurricane of a human storms by them, and you can almost see them shrink in size under the pressure of their energetic congener. What was it that they could have agreed on? 

There could be only one thing introverts would fear so much, but couldn’t escape: a party. And yes, the appearance of the just arrived extrovert shows clear signs of “dressing to impress.” The introvert tries to get out of the commitment but doesn’t even notice how the extrovert talks them into putting on make-up and changing their outfit. 

It’s too late when the introvert realizes they have fallen into the careful trap set by the extrovert. And look how proud and excited the latter one is! An explosive mix of a predator with a winner. With pride in their eyes, they lead the way to the party. The introvert drags their feet along. 

Seeing an extrovert in its natural habitat is not that rare but what a glorious sight it is! As soon as the extrovert enters the room, they carefully pick their next victims and approach them. Even though their attention has shifted, they are keeping a close eye on the introvert they brought with them, ready to jump to the rescue. Yes, yes, even though extroverts may often be seen as a self-centered and shallow species, they show deep caring for their quieter companions. If an introvert gets dragged into small talk by other viscous extroverts and shows signs of distress, a loyal extrovert will be right over to take the brunt. 

Meanwhile, our extrovert has chosen a group of other people chatting and prepares to jump in. Their muscles tense, they put on the biggest and the friendliest smile that could easily give an unprepared introvert a heart attack. They approach. It looks like it is a friendly group of other extroverts. It’s common among stronger species to establish hierarchy when more than one of them is in the room. They would talk over each other, raise voices, and make hand gestures trying to get more attention than their opponent. But it looks like the dynamics in this group today are rather neutral, so our extrovert joins it without a problem. 

And just look at them! Soaking in the spotlight vibes and radiating charm at everyone nearby, they almost transform like a phoenix that left the ordinary, everyday life and found itself in a magical realm. You don’t need to ask an extrovert to tell a story or an anecdote; they are here to entertain you as long as you are ready to adore them. 

Wait! While we were watching the extrovert thrive in their natural environment, the introvert found a dog! Now, this is fascinating. There was plenty of research dedicated to the nature of relationships between introverts and pets, and especially how they use pets as a defense mechanism at parties when they don’t want to be spoken to. And yes, look how our introvert separates themselves and the dog from the rest of the party. Both look happy, especially the dog. It doesn’t care who rubs its ears - introverts or extroverts. 

But what is it? It looks like a group of three leery extroverts hungry for attention is approaching our introvert. They circle the prey and get ready to introduce themselves, making sure their audience of one can’t get anywhere. The introvert tries to ignore them as long as possible, looking for salvation in the dog and hoping they would pick someone else, but alas, no. You see, introverts make a much better audience for extroverts than the same kind. Known for their listening skills and genuine interest in other people, introverts have long become the favorite prey of attention-seeking predators. 

This situation doesn’t look promising for our introvert. Just look at them, trembling inside but keeping the brave face, ready to endure whatever conversation lies ahead. The extroverts start with everyday small talk - the weather, what are you doing for a living, but before the introvert can finish the phrase, they interrupt and jump in with their own stories. The topic is long lost. Now they are just tossing the words. Whenever the extrovert lets others speak, they make them talk and yet again don’t let them finish. It’s getting hard to watch! We can see the introvert looking for polite words to excuse themselves and walk away but doesn’t get a moment to say it! 

Suddenly, the power dynamic shifts. Our extrovert leaves their group and comes to the rescue. Unfortunately, this conversation won’t be as pleasant as with the other group. You see, now two alpha extroverts want to dominate the conversation. They start talking politely, but soon enough, you can hear raised voices and fake laughing, indicating this is a real fight - a fight for attention. 

The whole battle goes on for no more than ten minutes, but you can see our extrovert starts losing it. Of course, it is three against one, and these are well-versed aggressors too. They know precisely when to hit with their remarks and how to lead the conversation. The situation gets hopeless for our duo. 

You won’t believe it! The moment our extrovert gets the ground, our introvert backs them up too! And not just with any conversation - they are praising the extrovert and their friendship. The other group seems to be thrown off their game; they didn’t expect such resistance. They try to say something but the introvert wouldn’t let them cut in. And just look at the extrovert! These words of kindness and support are the only praise they need in the world. They have the most understanding and supportive person on their side, their friend. And that’s the only thing that matters. 

A few minutes later, they retire from the party, leaving the shocked group of extroverts digesting their inglorious defeat. Ah, they are heading to a bar just around the corner. A couple of drinks and a plate of fries make their way to their table.

Now it’s the extrovert’s time to listen. The conversation dynamics change, and now it’s the introvert who’s doing all the talking, being loud, and waving hands like a windmill. Don’t be surprised. Scientific research has proven that in small groups and around people they like, introverts can show the signs of extroversion by talking and even being obnoxious sometimes. Isn’t it curious? 

It seems this situation is perfect for both. In between laughs and fries, they talk and share and support each other. The introvert gets a caring and thoughtful person to speak to, and the extrovert receives all the attention from a person who actually values them. Together they complement each other. 

Isn’t nature beautiful?

July 28, 2021 17:16

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Keya Jadav
08:41 Aug 03, 2021

Oh my gosh! I love this story. A very interesting way to convey it. Great job Stacy! And as an introvert, I truly agree with all the facts. You think introverts are so quiet and insecure but just be friends with them and it's all gonna turn upside down. You'll beg them to shut up 😛


Stacy Knight
06:21 Aug 04, 2021

Thank you, Keya! Glad to meet a fellow introvert as well :)


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