As the last petal falls continued

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Drama Friendship Romance

Chapter 3 The date.

I wake up early the next morning, feeling like I should be getting ready for school, but then remembering that it's Saturday. My date with Ben, I'm so excited, but first I gotta get dressed and get ready for breakfast. As I get out of bed I try to think of what I should wear. After a while I finally decided to wear my pink crop top, a pair of ripped jeans, and my white converse sneakers. I also decided to pack my two piece swimsuit just in case he wants to swim. As I walk down the stairs I text Ben and ask him what time He can pick me up, and he responds with, good question! I could probably pick you up around 1. I text ok then put my phone in my pocket, but stopping to admire my case it was clear with glitter on the inside. As I was walking the rest of the way downstairs my mom yelled

“Sweetheart, do you think you could bring me my curler?”

“Mom your curler is already in your bathroom”

“Oh ok thanks”

“Your welcome”

After a while I almost forgot about the date until I heard a car horn honking outside of my house. I went outside to check and remembered it was Ben, I ran outside and hopped in the car.

“You seem excited,” He said.

“Yeah, I guess…By the way are we also gonna be swimming?”

“I mean if you want I brought my swim trunks”

“Oh ok I also brought my swimsuit, but I just wanted to make sure”

“Yeah I get it”

The rest of the drive was silent, but when we got to the dock I realized that I was beyond scared, I was terrified, but I tried to keep it to myself because I didn’t want to embarrass myself. As soon as we got there Ben ran off the dock and jumped into the water, when he came back up he shook his wet hair, making me blush. I quickly pulled my phone out and sent a text to Eliza. Ok I'm on my date with Ben right now and I'm freaking out wut do I do?????? After waiting a bit she replied. Ooh that’s tough just act normal…be urself that’s wut i do.  I closed out of my texts and turned off my phone, obviously Eliza wasn’t going to be any help. But I had to think of something to do…just then my thoughts were interrupted by Ben. What was he saying? I didn't know but I was gonna pretend like I did.  

“Uh Huh that’s really cool” I said trying to make it seem like I had heard what he had said.

“Um, are you okay?” he asked with genuine worry.

“Yes, yes of course.”

“Umm well you are shivering”

“Probably because I haven’t got in the water yet”

After I said that Ben climbed onto the dock and ran over to his bag, he pulled out his jacket and then draped it over my shoulders. I shivered, I didn’t know what to do at that moment. Just then he looked at me so I turned my head to look at him, and what happened next happened so fast I couldn’t even register it. He leaned in and he kissed me, it was a long memorable kiss and I couldn’t even believe it, so I just kissed him back. After we broke apart he seem to have realized what he did and immediately stammered

“I-i’m so sorry I don’t know what came over me”

“It’s okay, I mean to tell the truth it was kinda nice for my first kiss” I admitted.

“Are you sure I didn’t mean to do it without your permission it just kind of happened”

“Yeah of course it’s okay, I promise”

“Ok if you say so”

After that we kind of just sat there for a while not talking or doing anything but then he gathered up his stuff and just put it in his car and asked

“Are you ready to go?”

“What! Oh yeah of course”

“Ok then let's go”

As I walked out to go to his car I paused for a second but then just kept going. I don’t know why but I just thought I should pause just for good measure. As I got into the car I started thinking about if maybe he was going to ask out for a second date, If not that would kind of be awkward.

“Hey, you okay?” Ben asks worriedly.

“Yeah, I’m okay, Just a little worried,” I said.

“Well what are you worried about?”

“I don’t know, what if I’m not the kind of girl you want, I was scared that you weren’t going to ask me out on a second date”

“Well that’s a coincidence, because I was just about to ask you out again”

“Oh well I’d love that, where were you thinking?”

“How about Dee’s diner downtown?”

“I’ve never been there before”

“Well it’s this 50s themed diner and they have really good food”

“Ok, sounds interesting, what day?”

“How about Tuesday?”

“Yah sure I can do Tuesday”


As we drove off I couldn’t help but still feel sad even though I will be going on another date with him. I pulled out my phone and texted Eliza again. Hey, I just finished my date with Ben, he’s driving me home right now!!!! Tho I’m kinda sad it’s over even though he asked on a second date, We’re going to Dee’s diner, have u ever been there cause I haven’t??? I waited a few seconds for her to respond and when she did this is what I get, OMG my Besties gonna have a bf by the way Dee’s diner is the best ever I love their hamburgers they might be better than McDonalds!! I rolled my eyes as I read the text. Does she really think that going on two dates means we’re boyfriend and girlfriend? It takes like 5-6 dates before your gf and bf. I didn’t realize we had pulled up to my house until my Mom opened the front door and popped out of the house.

“Hey Sweetheart” My mom said with way too much excitement.

“Hii mom, um why are you all the way over here, couldn’t you have just waited in the house?” I'm kind of embarrassed.

“Oh sorry hunny, I just wanted to meet this handsome young man, that was taking you out for a date” My mother said obviously trying to impress Ben.

“Aww thanks Mrs. Moore, and Ruby I don’t mind at all, honestly my mom does the same”

“Well Ruby I think it’s time to go”

“Ok mom, but can you go inside so I can say goodbye to Ben personally?”

“Yes of course sweetie”

As my mom walked back into the house I couldn’t help but feel better, because my mom is pretty annoying sometimes but she means well.

“Sorry about that” I said embarrassed.

“Don’t be your mom was just trying to be nice”

“Yeah I guess”

As we just stared at each other I felt myself leaning in and then the next thing I knew our lips were touching again He pulled me in closer this time making me feel a rush of adrenaline and then when we pulled apart, I just said goodnight and hopped out of the car. I couldn’t believe I had just done that, we literally went on our first date I felt I was going way too fast. I tried not to look back as I walked into the house, but as soon as I closed the door I forced myself to look back even though I wouldn’t be able to see through the door. I walked up to my room and put on comfy clothes and just tried to relax, though I knew that would not be possible. I tried everything to get comfortable but that feeling of being too clingy or going too fast seemed to haunt me. I tried to not think about it, but of course I was doing a poor job. Suddenly my mom barged into the room.

“So how was it?” she asked, sounding like a little kid on christmas day.

I decided to blurt out what happened in one long breath,


“Woah, woah, woah calm down okay tell me slowly”

“Mom, I’m sorry I might have had my first kiss twice but the first time he kissed me and I didn’t want to be rude so I just kissed him back but the second time was in his car and it was me who kissed him and it was only my first date and I don’t know whether or not he still likes me or thinks that i’m clingy and I’m really stressed and tired”

“Hunny, Why didn’t you just tell me, of course i’m not mad and you don’t have to be sorry love is love even if you did only have your first date, if you think you love him then go for it and if he doesn’t like that then he doesn’t deserve you”

I couldn’t help but let the tears stream down my face, I didn't know what else to do, I could feel myself start to sob as my mom pulled me in for a hug. I didn’t know why this was all suddenly coming out, Maybe I realized I couldn’t bottle these feelings in. Or maybe these weren’t even real feelings, maybe I was just having these feelings to make it seem real. Suddenly my phone rang. When I checked the called Id It was Ben I answered.


“You know the Masquerade ball that’s coming up?” Ben asks quietly.

“Yeah, what about it?”

“Well I was wondering If you wanted to go with me”

Chapter 4. He loves me, He loves me not

I just stood there with my mouth hanging open, did he really just ask me to the Masquerade ball? My mom looks at me signaling that she wants me to tell her what's going on. I cover the phone with my hand

“It’s ben, he just asked me to the Masquerade ball”

“Oh fun, remember that beautiful poofy red dress i have that has the off the shoulder lace sleeves”

“Yeah I remember”

“Well I want you to wear it for the Masquerade ball”


Then I shooed my mom out of my room and uncovered my hand from the phone only to realize that Ben had been rambling the entire time.

“But if you don’t want to go that’s fine I mean you don’t have to if you don’t want to I just wanted to ask you because I thought maybe you would say yes and-

I cut him off

“Yes, I’ll go with you to the Masquerade ball in a couple weeks”

Even though he covers the phone I can hear him shout YES and I just blush. I think it’s pretty cute. After a while he hangs up without telling me and I'm left there to think a lot so I just text my Bestie Hey girl so um guess wut happened after a bit she texts me back ok spill wut happened i’m dying to know and so I text her Ben asked me to the masquerade ball. She doesn’t text back for a while but when she does it reads O M G he did what! I can’t believe it, well wut did u say????? I don’t text back for a minute to create suspense and then when I do I text her a simple yes. After that I powered off my phone…again and decided to just sit down and think about what i’m going to do and to try not to freak out, because I just accepted to go with Ben to the masquerade ball. Why would I do that? I don't even like dressing up. Oh well I guess I’ll have to deal with my mistakes. I put my phone down and decided to take a nap. I don’t know how long I was asleep for but when I woke up it was early morning, which meant I needed to get ready for school, so I pulled on some of my green Fashion Nova cargo shorts, and a Nordstrom black long sleeve crop top, then I just put on whatever socks I could find, slip on some platform converse sneakers, rush to the bathroom and try to decide on what to do with my hair so I just put my hair up into a messy up-do and ran out to wait for the bus to come. When it finally arrived I stumbled onto the steps of the bus and trudged over to find a seat. Once I was finally able to sit down I got out my phone and started watching youtube, but eventually I got bored of that and so I decided to look around and see if there was anyone to talk to, but sadly there wasn’t so I guess I was gonna have to endure this torture alone. When the bus finally stops, I hop off and rush to my locker to check myself. So far, looking pretty. Mckenna walks past and stops. “So, I heard that there is someone else who wanted to take you to the ball.”

I whip my head around. “Yeah, Ben already asked me, now let’s get to class.”

“No, someone else wants to ask you.”

I let curiosity get the best of me. “Who?”

Mckenna shrugs and walks off. Ugh. Who else wanted to ask me? Not that I care, I'm already going with BEN but still. I spot him in the classroom, but he’s already staring right at me with a smile, which sends butterflies to my stomach. He looks cuter and different, and for a second I think that he probably changed his style to impress me, but I shake those thoughts away. This is the first time we are talking in person since our kiss last night, and I suddenly become nervous but I boldly walk to him and set my things next to him. 

“Oh, hey Ruby, You look really pretty today” he said, obviously trying to think of something to say.

“Thank you, and you as well look very nice today” I said, then instantly regretted it because I sounded so formal.

“Sorry that sounded way too weird, I'm kinda nervous, and when I get nervous I talk like a tour guide” I admitted.

Ben chuckled. “It’s okay I get it, sometimes I Sound a certain way when I get nervous, and trust me I don’t sound smart, I literally say everything that pops into my head, and sometimes they aren’t the best things” He says looking me straight in the eye, which of course makes me blush. I just stand there and stare at him with this stupid look on my face, gosh sometimes I just want to slap myself for acting so stupid. So instead I just nodded and looked up at him with the most innocent eyes, praying that he wouldn’t ask me anything else so I could just leave this awkward conversation. But of course things never go my way. 

“So I’m having a party at my house tonight and I was wondering if you wanted to be my date?” Ben asked.

“Um, sure of course I’ll be your date” After I said it, I instantly regretted it, the way I said it made me sound desperate. Dang it, why couldn’t I just say the right thing. I can’t even flirt right, for goodness sake!

“Uh, great, Well It’s tonight so wear something nice”

I just nodded then ran home as Soon as I got to my room I went into my closet and picked out a very cute One Shoulder Cut Out Knot Front Satin Bodycon Dress from shein and it was green, and perfect, I put my hair into bubble braids, and then did my makeup, I texted Ben and waited outside for him to pick me up, when I got into the car He looked at me and then was about to say something but stopped almost as if he decided against it.

“You look gorgeous, I love that dress on you” He said, but then he blushed, like tomato red blush.

I giggle “thanks. And you look handsome”

“Well, shall we?” He said with a bow gesture and then started up the car. I didn’t answer him. He didn’t wait for me to answer, he just started the car and drove, he actually drove for a while and i thought i was gonna fall asleep. Then we finally got there and there were a lot of people there. I saw Mackenna and she gasped so much that I thought her jaw was gonna pop, I just smugly smiled at her and crooked my arm in Ben's. I walked him all the way into the middle of a crowd.

“Ben, I really like you,” I whispered.

“I like you too,” he said.

I didn’t wait any longer. I kissed him, I kissed him passionately and for a second he just looked at me but then he kissed me back even more passionately and we just stood there kissing, and then suddenly I heard people clapping and whistling. 

“Woah, I-i didn’t expect that” Ben said, almost breathless.

“Well I wanted you to know how much I like you,” I said with confidence.

“Well I can see how much you like me now, I didn’t know you felt like this, how long have you been holding this in?” He asks genuinely curious.

“Not that long, just over a couple of days” I say nonchalantly

He smiles and just takes my hand and walks me over to the kitchen.

“So Ruby, I have something important to tell you” Ben says, which makes me


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