Kiss my ass, Elite.

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Christian Contemporary Fiction

The Illuminati can kiss my ass.

They can spy on me and mess up my life.

They can send their stalkers at me en masse.

They can kick up the dust and bring me strife.

I don’t care. I do not care. Not at all

I serve a higher power than they are.

They tried to set me up for a big fall.

These bitches ain’t the driver of my car.

I know who I am and know my value.

I have much spiritual worth to God.

I don’t mince words and what I speak is true.

I don’t need to listen to stalker frauds.

Everybody is lying about me.

Even to my face and they know I see.

I realised shit was up in 2016. No. That is a lie. I’ve noticed weird shit my entire life. You know, like people acting shady and having a bit too much information about you. People having too much information about you wouldn’t have been so weird if I had spent my entire life in a small community and told everybody everything. But I didn’t. I shifted continents.

There has always been an undercurrent of something odd, sneaky, not good, in my life. This doesn’t mean that I am evil. The opposite in fact. Evil doesn’t target evil people. Evil targets good people.

My intuition has always told me that some of the things and actions people delivered was not natural. I’ve always laughed at myself and called myself paranoid. Without fail, my intuition was always right about every situation. My intuition and myself are best friends now, which probably pisses off evil people because they can’t control or run a con job past someone who is in the know.

2016 came and I noticed people who lived hundreds of kilometres away put themselves in my path to make sure I saw them. I was on methamphetamines at the time and I started seeing eyes in visions. I shit you not I thought I was losing it. I now understand what I was seeing was the truth but in energy. I’m a powerful woman of God, and was always destined to be that. The forces of evil have been watching me my entire life and its been made easier through technology.

I began to test people when I worked out that I was being spied on by the masses. Sure as God made the cosmos, people bit. I played along, pretending to be shocked, while confirming what I knew and, again, people are fools, they believed the act.

This phenomenon that I am going through is known as gang stalking. Whatever level of whoever I am, I’ve discovered, and they confirmed they even use satellites to keep an eye on me. Twisted, right? A gal with no wealth, family, friends, job or status and she is being watched this hard? Why? That answer I still don’t have but I don’t need it any longer, either.

In the beginning, I used to think they were testing me and were helping me to spiritually evolve. Boy, was I wrong. At one point I thought they were going to do some sort of contract with me and have me turn into one of these overnight superstars and then shit would change. That was pure delusion.

What I have come to the conclusion about this is that it is spiritual warfare. Maybe my past life karma did allow some of this to happen. I believe the forces of evil can spot a soul meant for spiritual greatness on this planet at their birth and they go bananas trying to stop that because it threatens their entire hierarchy, structure and grip on power on this planet.

Oh, you ask, what about the social media spiritualists? Darling, they are fake. Each and every one of them is on the payroll. If you analyse the shit out of them knowing the information that I have, they are there to through blinds and take people away from God and their soul.

I know from my own alignment, childhood on up, that I belong to God. God has made his presence very clear in my life, protecting, guarding and guiding me in this miasma of bullshit that was brought to me. I have always known that God exists, as does the eternal soul. I know that karma exists. I know that being a good person stemming from good motivations is the only way to be.

I would like to know if there are others like me. People who are loaded with spiritual gifts and of such an alignment that any sins fall away from them, without effort. I have a long list of bondage that God has dissolved from my life involving addictive patterns and behaviours. Dealing with what I am, God is the only possible logical explanation for my ability to ditch long term addictions.

As for what the forces of darkness are up to with my life, I don’t honestly think they will succeed in their end game. We are talking people, humans, against God and Gods will. There are plenty of examples throughout our hidden history of the masters of the planet going up against God and his chosen and failing in utter and complete ways.

In my situation, there is only one way the forces of darkness could possibly defeat me and that is through making an agreement with me and getting me to turn my back on God. That isn’t going to happen either. And I am grateful.

What I have discovered about karma is this. The shit I’ve gone through in this life, most of it is past life karma. I’ve done a lot of good and continue to do so. My life hasn’t changed and the evil forces have not disappeared. So, what goes around might come around but not in the same lifetime. I am on the path to earning enough good karma for the remainder of my life to have wealth and a family in my future life. If my enemies want to block the good karma owed to me from previous lives, well, they can. I won’t complain, because the balance gets brought forward in a future life.

January 21, 2023 00:00

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