Black Sad

(warning, this story is dark and killing seen, Enjoy)

I have never had a good luck before, so I'm always sad and alone people find it weird but that normal for me.


I woke up at 7.30Am, opened the curtains and looked at the sky.

The clouds wore black the sun was hiding behind them, it looked like a rainy day I mattered-.

Went down stairs and sow my parents arguing everyone looked mad, it defiantly one of those worst days, yet yesterday the sun was bright the sky was blue everyone was happy.


I was getting ready for school till I resaved a message from the school boarders saying, ''Dear students, I wanted to inform you that we lost a teacher named Miss: Emily Anderson, your math teacher.

due to school property this week will be off, Thank you.''

Reading this message was so close to give me a heart attack, miss- e-e-em-, I couldn't say her name from how shocked I was.

Miss: Emily Anderson, is one of the best teachers I have ever met. She was sweet kind, sometimes I think that she is a sort of an Angel, I always hated math but she is the main reason of why I loved it.


Today is my worst day ever.

I was invited to miss: Anderson funeral, honestly she was more then a teacher, she was a best friend. I cried=

The funeral was empty no one was there not even a ghost, I looked right back at the invitation and checked the time and date I'm right I'm here right in time, where is everyone I sigh-

I don't care no more if no one is coming then it non of my business as long as I'm here it doesn't matter, I left the red roses on her chest and walked away while tears falling of my face, went home and mother said, ''Samuel what with the watery words?'', I stared at her and said ''Nice joke''

mother looked at me and said, ''Oh yes it the teacher funeral, for real darling she is just a clumsy old hag''

I felt like punching my own mother, mother always loved miss: Anderson and admired her teaching. Thanked her for improving my math work and sanded her cookies everyday.


I'm confused.

Was she serious or am I overreacting?

I went to buy groceries with her, while she was getting food and all, I was looking at her.

Something odd about her, this morning she was mad and then strange and now all happy and smiling.

I cant keep my eyes away from my own mother.

She asked me to go get some milk, even though I was still mad at her, I still went to the milk section and got some milk. Turned back and sow a vision. I yelled ''mother- MOTHER NO!!'' I cried-

she was bleeding scares all over her body cloths ripped and eye pocked, Close my eyes and opened them again, she is gone..

I ran around the store and found her, hugged her and cried.

Thank god it was just my depressing imagination, I mattered=


We wore in the car.

I cant feel my body, I'm paralyzed my head hurts... we got in a car accident.

I sow the same vision of my mother, this cant be real... I closed my eyes BUT IT IS REAL, I screamed-

I felt hopeless confused. Ambulance- are here, They took me to safety, but I lost my mother-

I fainted from the pain woke up found my self in the hospital.


1 2 3, I counted.

Another vision-

4 5 6-, I trembled.

Father is shot-

I ran out of the hospital, this must be a curse! how could my luck be this bad impossible first favourite teacher then mother now father! what next? a best friend or my 5 years old sister?.


I hate running I'm slow and lazy.

for once I felt like I'm in a marathon.

I sow father right at home sitting in the couch drinking coffee and reading news paper.

Why is he so calm? mother died. does he not know? I'm so confused

A random person came in with a gun and before I screamed dad watch out, I sow him getting shot on the ground bleeding.


I am speechless.


Mother Dead

Father Dead

Teacher Dead

no one in the funeral.

I went through a deep depression. I'm only 13 and got suicidal thoughts, I must die, sister will be alone-

I MUST DIE!!- voices in my head said.

I remembered dad once said, ''a man lives once a man loses another man a man is strong''

That man is me I smiled-


That man was me...

Another vision- My best friend Jack in this vision jack was smiling. He was holding a knife and slit my sister Alex throat.

B-but jack loves her, he adores her...

I went to jack's house I knew the next vision was losing my sister, over my dead body ill let that happen.

Choosing him over my sister, then ill have to choose her she is annoying but I love her-

I rang Jack house bell and he came out and was happy to see me, but I choked him he couldn't move a muscle, well this is easy I laughed-

I'm going insane...

Went home and sow my little sister throat bleeding and jack was holding her head and laughing-

he said WAKE UP!

I thought that he died...

I could swear that I killed him.


I killed my best friend, my best friend killed my sister.

I ran out while jack was after me, I went to his house and sow him on the floor.

He is dead.. I mattered.

I looked around and no one was chasing me.

I'm extremely confused.

I felt like someone holding my shoulders it was a cope and he said ''You are coming with me young man''

My day was turning upside down, till I woke up and sow my room.


The sky is back blue.

this horror took me a day. Everyone died in a day

well it felt like a day.

I walked down stairs feeling numbed and sow everyone there, is this heaven?. I said-

No- It was all in my head.

June 14, 2021 11:36

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