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This is my worst nightmare.

“Jaden, we need to talk”

I keep hearing his voice, reliving this moment. Over and over.

“I'm breaking up with you”

Even after three years, I keep reliving this moment. The moment where my life changed. That day was the worst. I remember thinking, Why? Why me? Our relationship was going so well, we were together for six years. Six amazing years. We even got engaged. Why would he leave me after all we had been through together? Was it something I did? Something I said? No, It wasn't me at all. Mason had left me for my best friend Addison. Addison was a swimwear model for a high-end swim company. She was tall, tan, fit, and had gorgeous straight honey blond hair. 

“Jaden, we need to talk”

The scene kept invading my mind.

“I'm breaking up with you”

Over and over, this memory replays. A never-ending loop of torment and pain. What's even worse than the pain of my fiance choosing someone else, other than me? That is the pain of knowing your friend of fourteen years was just out for your boyfriend the whole time. As soon as I found out it was her he left me because I blocked all of her socials as well as her phone number, work phone, and email address. 

Ignoring how emotionally drained I really was I rolled out of bed. I went to my tiny bathroom and turned on the shower. Maybe the burn of hot water will wash these thoughts away. I watch as the water runs down the drain at my feet. The water was a purplish tinge due to the hair dye in my hair. I'm pretty sure with my emotional numbness, flashbacks, and desire to feel something, even if it's pain, any therapist, even the worst, could tell me that I suffer from depression. I know this because I majored in Psychology until I dropped out and became a cashier at Target. When I got out of the shower I started dressing for work. I put on a red T-shirt and threw on a pair of dark jeans. I went into the small living room to grab my shoes. As I was lacing my boots, I saw his face again.

“Jaden, we need to talk”

No. Get out of my head.

“I'm breaking up with you”

GET OUT OF MY HEAD! I feel a sharp pain in my hand. I look at my hand which is embedded in the drywall. I wince as I pull my hand free of the wall, the blood already dripping onto my carpet. Damn second time this month I have lost control. The first resulted in a deep gash on my thumb. I was cutting tomatoes and the knife slid from my hand. I wiped my bleeding knuckles on a hand towel that was nearby. Already late for work I rushed out the door. Barely having enough money to afford my tiny apartment, I didn't have a car. However, I had a very nice road bike that my father gave me. We talk sometimes but right now we are arguing. He thought that I deserved more than a tiny apartment and a mediocre job at a supermarket. I disagree, If the love of my life left me and my life fell to shit, It had to be for some reason. Some cosmic force out there dictates my future and punishes me for unknown reasons. I am not a religious person but I do believe that there is something out there deciding everything that happens. I looked up at the crosswalk sign I was waiting for. The light flicked from red to white so I walked my bike across the street. I was almost across the street when I saw a black muscle car run the red light. It's right in front of me. I realize that the car is going to hit me too late. 


All I see is a figure of a man, and hear a voice yelling “Call 911” Then I fade out of consciousness.

When I wake up I am in a hospital room, I know this because I hear a heart monitor steadily beeping at my side. I keep my eyes closed and listen to the other sounds in my room. I hear the voice of an older woman and a younger man. I listen to what they are saying

“Are you the man that brought her in?” That was the elderly woman. 

Silence. Then.

“Yes as well as the man that hit her” He sounded so guilty

I wondered who they were talking about. And why they were talking about this woman in my room. Then I realized that it was me. All the previous events came flooding back. I opened my eyes and sat up. There was a sharp pain in my side as I moved. The doctor noticed my movements and spoke to me, the man who hit me with his car looked down in shame as I grimace with pain. He was behind the doctor so I couldn't quite see his features. The doctor came over to my bedside and gave me some little round pills.

“What are these?” I asked hesitantly

She smiled “Ibuprofen, for the pain and soreness. Nothing is broken, you are going to have some bruising and soreness. Thankfully Tyson here slowed down enough to not do permanent damage” She gestured to the man to come forward. He had wavy light brown hair that went down to his chin. A very defined jawline. He was tall with green eyes. If I would have met him before Mason and I met, I would have flirted with him hardcore. I was so busy looking at him that I didn't realize that he had spoken. 

“What” Wow, that was graceful.

“I was saying how extremely sorry I am” He looked at his shoes. I noticed that the doctor had left and closed the door. I gestured to the chair next to my bed. “Sit” He did without a second glance. “Explain to me what happened again, my head is a little foggy.”

He was quiet for a moment, “you were walking across the street and I was on my phone, I didn't see you until too late. I would have swerved but there was another car so I slammed on my brakes. I only hoped damage was minimal. I am so sorry” He looked so guilty it made me sad, while it was pretty careless to be on his phone while driving, It was an accident

“You are forgiven” I smiled a little bit “Now I have an excuse to get out of work” He looked at me for the first time. He was gorgeous. A small hesitant smile crept across his lips. The doctor came in. 

“All right Jaden you are released. I ask you to stay off your feet as much as you can within this next week. Take a break from work to just relax and heal.” Tyson looked at me then said. “I will fix your bike, would you like a ride home? I realized that he was the first person since mason that I found attractive. I said yes and he took me home. 

We exchanged phone numbers when he dropped me off. We hung out every weekend after the accident. Feelings developed and after six months we started going out. Three years later, he asked me to marry him. I said yes. We got married on September 2nd and have been married for 25 years. I once thought that Mason leaving me was my worst nightmare, but my worst nightmare brought me my best daydream and made it true.

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