She could feel him out there.


No, she couldn't see him, but he was out there in the woods, watching.


Standing out on her porch Macy stared out into those woods, holding her mug of tea tight in her hands. She was scanning the area where the trees lined up almost perfectly along her back-property line, searching for any movement, but it seemed even the insects were hiding tonight. This had been the same routine for five years now, except for the absence of the bugs, that was new. Five long, long years. At first it had started out with the hairs on the back of her neck, but now she could feel his eyes bearing into her skin. Every night she would make her tea and stand in the same place on her porch, hoping for just a glance of the man who haunted her at night.


There had never been any thought to go out into the woods to confront him in person, too frightening. Not until tonight anyway. Tonight was the night she was going to stomp out into the darkness and face her fears. Just in case things went downhill Macy pocketed her .357 Magnum earlier on. It'd do the job, she was sure.


Everyone warned her not to go in there, many had told her not to move into the house to begin with, but the price was too great to ignore completely and Macy hadn’t believed the stories of ‘The Man’. Now? Now she knew she should have listened.


Until recently the idea that there was a presence, when she did finally start to believe that there was, didn’t bother Macy. The eyes she could feel on her was somewhat easy to ignore if she concentrated hard enough on whatever project she decided to do that day. She could even ignore that that the entity was making himself more known as time passed. What she couldn’t handle, and the whole reason she had decided her adventure into the woods tonight, was the bloody mess of her neighbors’ cat on her back porch this morning.


She could still feel the darkness on her fingertips from when she tried to feel for a pulse on the poor animals’ neck.


Carefully, the tea was set down and the long, slow walk was started. It was now or never. Silence greeted her as soon as she crossed the threshold of the first tree lining. No owls hooting, no frogs croaking, just silence. Her anxiety almost bolted her back to the safety of the light on her porch, but this had to end. No more fear.


Macy walked in a straight line for five minutes until a fallen log came into view. It would have to do, she thought, and climbed her way on top of it. Now she could see in all directions around her and nothing could surprise her. There was still silence.


Taking a deep breath to calm her frayed nerves she pulled out the gun with shaking hands. "I know you're out here, show yourself." She demanded.


Nothing happened.


Even the hush-hush within the vicinity seemed to become quieter, almost fearful.


"This is your chance buddy," She called out. "after this it's over, if I have to I'll move, you'll never find me. Show yourself!"


Then she felt him, his cold presence.


Behind her.


"I've been waiting for you, Macy." The raspy, maniacal voice whispered in to her ear. "I've been waiting for you for a long time and now you'll never leave, my dear."

November 15, 2019 20:44

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