Flowering Tears

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The last flower. It's scent filling the air. A light joy to the cold reality of the world. A final whisper and everything fades. Black crowds the air and a shiver creeps up everyone's spine. A woman. No. A witch. Watching the last flower die.

30 minutes earlier

Penne sat, her back pressed against the cold, hard cobblestone wall. The small windowpane being the only source of light in her vacant room. The vast bed sheet and covers lay strewn across the floor. Her dark curls were loose around her shoulders and a frilly dress sat, clinging to her small body. The pale colour made her seem luminescent. A guard knocked at her door.

"Miss Penne, how glad we are that you could come please follow me," Penne lifted herself up gracefully and followed the guard out of the door. His crisp English accent reminded her of where she was. She wasn't in the realm of flowers now. No. She was stuck on a small, deprived planet. One that needed her help desperately. her fingers shook as she clutched the door handle and closed it behind her. Her lower lip trembling as she climbed the long staircase to the top. Her wings sat folded at her back, their light colours blocking out the malice hidden beneath the world. The guard stopped and let her through. She walked on by him, not taking the offer of his hand as she stepped into a carriage. He caught her eye and for a moment time seemed to stop. Then, it started again just as everything does. Her wings fluttered at the pollution of the small planet and her nose wrinkled as she inhaled all the toxins.

"You don't talk much, do you?" The guard asked her

All she gave him was a shrug. She wasn't in the mood for talking. Her whole life had been preparing her for this. It had been preparing her for the inauguration of the flower queen. But now, there was but one flower left. Opal. And the fate of that flower reset in her hands. Named so because of the way the light danced about the petals making it seem all the colours at once. Her grip tightened on her satchel that hung close to her heart. Her breathing slowed as she stepped off the carriage and into the garden. But no flowers adorned the beds, nor did any plants fill the hedges. It was all dirt. The air was murky and the soft breeze was petrol like. Nothing was real anymore. It was all artificial. Penne turned on her heel and walked off toward the platform. Where the last fower was. It's golden and purple petals gleamed in the late sunlight. The ground beneath it was solid. But the flower was not. It was a weak and fragile being. A simple wind could push it over. Penne straightened up and flattened her dress down. She took a deep breath and shifted her gaze toward a woman in the crowd. A woman born of darkness, and malice. A woman who would destroy the flower.

Violet Green did not like ceremonies, but she had to put an end to this puny world. She had to have it void of all light. The inhabitants of the planet did not deserve it. They simply took it for granted. She watched as the snobby girl took her place up the front. Violet snickered as she sat down to caress the petals in her hands. They must feel soft. She watched as the girl's wings unfolded and she flitted up into the air. Her wings trailing with fairy dust. The flower soaked it up willingly. It was time for Violet to make her move. Gathering her malice she sent a blast ricocheting toward the young fairy. It rebounded into the air. The malice shattering everyone's hearts as it invaded them. Drowning out their deepest happiness and joys. The hatred crept under their skin, delving deep into their souls. The darkness humming through their bones and muscles, shaking them, weakening them. Bloodcurdling sounds vibrated through people's bodies, each one worse than the last. Nightmares clawed and screams echoed as one final breath was taken. One final breath from the last living flower. And then, it was gone. Just like that, and no one could even save it. The world was rid of all colour. Violet chuckled to herself. She had done it. They were not grateful for their world, why should they have colour? She noticed the girl stalking toward her. Her arms were folded. She wanted to play tough? Violet could do that too.

Penne stepped her way through the crowd of people, now lying on the ground in a state of shock and comatose. She felt remorse, sorry for them. They did not deserve this fate. They didn't know any better, how could they? They had been raised on malice and depression what did they know about love and happiness. Their world would be grey now, void of all colour and light. Nothing would brighten p their world anymore. The bees were all gone, they had died out years ago. It was a grievous loss. For everyone. Honey was gone and flowers and plants started to go extinct. Soon the animals went extinct too. All that was left were the humans, and been they were dying. She reached the woman. Her long raven black hair silhouetting her like a shadow. Full of hatred. Penne grabbed her wrist and stared her in the eyes, light radiating off of her body. Her dress flew up and her hair started to glow as she said something to the witch.

"Your fate will be far worse than the flower's and you will never see another day in your life!" Penne's voice went ghost-like and the moor went silent as the Violet struggled out of Penne's grip.

"You will never catch me," She rubbed her wrist and flung her arms into the sky, disappearing into the afternoon sun. Penne looked back to the flower. It had withered and died. She had failed.

March 20, 2021 08:46

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