Short setting- In the city of England.

Narrator- Jenny and Paul are getting marry today, at their church name Gospel hall. Jenny is excited and nervous; while she is dress in her white gown and hair with white flower petals stick inside. She is talking to herself, silently and peacefully while looking in the mirror.

Jenny: Today is the day.

Jenny: Really, I can't believe it.

Jenny: I am becoming the wife to my soul mate and true love.

Jenny: I love how beautiful my dress looks on me.

Jenny: I want everything to be impeccable and special.

Jenny: My gown is an expensive and designer brand.

Jenny: I can't wait for my honey moon tonight.

Jenny: I wonder where is this surprise place which James is taking

us for our honey moon.

Jenny: I know James will find a phenomenal place to

carry us, because he loves to make me happy and smile.

Jenny: I feel more luckier and more wealthier than a lottery ticket.

Jenny: I am living every woman fairy tale dream of finding her

prince charming and getting marry.

Jenny: James and I knew each other; since as five- year- old

young children running and playing in corn field.

Jenny: I remember when I couldn't tie my shoe-laces, as a young

child and he had to do it for me.

Jenny: Our first date was at the beach party, we had danced all

night to the soft and slow rhythm of the music.

Jenny: When James had came back from army training; he

proposed to me in front all his navy friends at the train


Jenny: James is like super hero to me, he defence our great nation

at wars.

Jenny: I am the luckiest woman alive to get a chance to marry Paul.

Jenny: James is handsome, strong, courageous man.

Jenny: I am so agitated.

Jenny: I am trying to be calm and relax.

Jenny: How do I know, I am not sleeping and dreaming.

Jenny:What if somebody wakes me up and it's all a dream.

Jenny: Oh, I pray even if it is dream, I don't want to wake up from

this dream.

Jenny: What if I walk out their dress in my beautiful gown walking

down the isle and James doesn't want to marry me anymore

then I will look like a fool in front of my friends.

Jenny: What if some woman walks in and objects to our wedding.

Jenny: What if a robber walks in with a mask on his face and shoots

James or me.

Jenny: What if James dies suddenly from a heart attack or


Jenny: What if something happens to the pastor and the ceremony

can't continue.

Jenny: Oh, these what if thoughts are exploding in my mind.

Jenny: I am scared because, I don't know what could happen in this

twenty minutes.

Jenny: I am sure, I am not the first bride happy and nervous on her

wedding day.

Jenny: Today is history and tomorrow is a mystery.

Jenny: When I walk down the isle, I am going to be the happiness

or saddest woman alive.

Jenny: I wish father was alive to walk his little princess down the


Jenny: I have been struggling emotionally, ever since father died.

Jenny: I keep replaying this thought in my head, if I had been there,

I could of save his life.

Jenny: Even though, father is not present today,he would be happy

knowing mother is here by my side and that I am happy.

Jenny: Let me go see mother, I am sure she outside in the garden.

Jenny: I need to see her to give me courage and strength.

Jenny: I need a mother love and blessing on my shoulder to feel

confident to succeed on this day.

Narrator: Jenny heads to the church garden at the back of the yard

in search of her mother name Mary. When she finds her mother and fiance kissing passionately under a big tall tree in the garden. Then when they, realise she is there,

they stop kissing.

Jenny: Mother, how could you hurt me!

Mary: Oh! save me the pity, I am not your real mother. Your real

mother was robbed and murder.

Jenny: I feel like killing myself now. My father and I love you.

Mary: I never love you nor your father. It was all apart my twisted

and getting rich plan game.

Jenny: Why did you love him for money instead of him? My father

was good man to you, he had bought you the most expensive

cars, clothes and jewellery and he married you.

Mary: How could a beautiful and young girl like myself love an old

tea bag like your father. I am 31-years-old, what was I going

to do your father for the rest my life. Your father was a

burden to me.

Jenny: How could you hurt someone that loved you and gave you

you anything.

Mary: I love your father money, I never love him. Well, you know

love is blind. I don't know why the old tea bag fell in love

with me.

Jenny: How dear you insult my father referring to him as an old tea


Mary: Your father was like an old tea bag useless and tasteless, only

his wealth is useful and tasteful.

Jenny: If my mother was alive, she would of murder you for hurting

my father, because she is his true love.

Mary: Yes, it is your mother that is his true love, because when

your mother had found out about your father and my secret

affair. He had been wanted to have a dissolution with our


Jenny: I wish he had a dissolution with you. My mother was right

to cause your wicked plan to destroy.

Mary: That is reason I had got rid of her; While your father was out

the country on business trip. I had hired some men to

murder and rob your mother to make her feel my

anger and pain, she would have steal my money away from


Jenny: That was not your money it was my father and mother

money, because they had worked hard for it.

Mary: When I found your father bequeath in his office, he leave

everything for you. I was angry, that why I had hired a killer

to rob and murder him.

Jenny: James, how could you do this to me after all the love,care

and support. I provided you, I guess you are apart the scam

for my wealth

James: Jenny, my love she threaten if I didn't have an affair with

her, that she would have someone murder you and

have me blamed for your murder.

Jenny: I still don't understand why you involve the man I love and

was to be my husband.

Mary: You ruin my life because everything in your father will

paper is leave for you,that's why I decide to have revenge

and hurt you by forcing and threaten the man you love.

Jenny: Your wicked and cruel woman.

Mary: Evil exist everywhere in reality and in the movies, so why

should I feel indifferent.

Jenny: I hate you, I never want to see you again and I will have you

send to prison for the death of my mother and father.

Narrator: Mary pulls out a small pistol gun from her purse and fires

a shot at Jenny but James jumps in front to save her life

by taking the bullet in his chest. While James lie

on the ground, Jenny is holding his body on her white

gown, which quickly turn red because it is covered in the

blood. James is panting for breath while talking.

James: My love, I am sorry for hurting you but it was forcefully

placed on me. I hope you forgive me; although I didn't get

to marry you by the law you are my wife and I will always

love you.

Jenny: I love you too and you are my husband.

Narrator:Then James closes his eyes and die, While Jenny tears

are running down her face.

Jenny: All of your evilness was for not thing, because you still can't

get the wealth when I die.

Mary: Well, I guess the only thing I have to protect now is not

going to jail.

Jenny: Your a fool my father told me everything before he had died;

although I always knew you are not my real mother, I

always had loved and respected you. The other woman

was the reason my father had wanted a dissolution with

your relationship.

Mary: I don't care, that your father had infidelity with another

woman cause I never love him.

Jenny: You killed my real mother and father wrongfully, that will

you saw was the old one. I have the new will my father leave

half his wealth for you and me.

Mary: Give me the will paper or I will kill you.

Jenny: I only told you the truth to hurt you, the fact you could of

been rich forever and all your evilness wasn't worth it. You,

can kill me, I have not thing to live for anymore.

Narrator: Then Mary shot herself in the head after fill with regrets

and sadness. While Jenny shot herself with the gun in

her heart because she is fill with grief, sorrow and

sadness. When people in the church that come to attend

the wedding hear the gunshots they run outside to

discover the tragedy.

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Full of twists, this was a story to remember!


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Thank you


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