A road trip of happiness

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“Dad, speed up. Go faster.” James was yelling.

“Keep it calm, dude. You are tearing our eyes.” Anna said angrily.

“We are going safe and slow. Not faster. You get it, James?” Mom said.

“Okay, fine.” James was unhappy. “Its no fun without speed.”

The Cooper family was on a trip. Mr. Cooper got holidays from the office but he had to do extra work for that. Anna and James forced him to do that and he kept the promise. Mrs. Cooper also needed a break from the daily routine and her bakery. So the whole family decided to go on a road trip. Dad was in charge of driving and camping while mom was in charge of food, Anna was taking care of directions and James considered himself the guardian of the family. They were traveling happily.

"Hey, hey, stop." A lady was yelling by showing her thumb up. An old man had a big backpack and that made him bent.

"Yes? How can we help you?" Dad stopped the car and asked them.

"We are on our way to hiking. We decided to take a walk but now we are tired. Can you give us a lift, please?" The old lady said.

"Oh sure. It will be a pleasure. Come in." Mom said.

Their van was big enough to take two more people, and they got company too.

"Let me introduce ourselves to you. I am Jack brown and she is my wife Jenny Brown. I was working in a theatre and Jenny has her own restaurant. Its been a while since we went somewhere to enjoy. So we decided to go on hiking and have some adventures."

"He is right. We kind of love adventures. So we packed the bags and left."

Mr. and Mrs. Brown shared their adventures and experiences during their trip. Mrs. Brown offered sandwiches to the Cooper family.

"Have some sandwiches. I made it in the morning."

James literally grabbed them in both of the hands. Anna was on the front seat so she had to feed dad as he was driving. The sandwiches were loaded with turkey, fresh vegetables and cheese. Everybody loves them.

"Wow, Mrs. Brown! Best sandwiches I ever ate." Anna complimented Mrs. Brown.

"Thanks, sweetie. Afterall we used fresh vegetables from our farm."

"That's so great!" Mom said.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown loved mom's cookies too. They all were going with fun. Mr. brown's jokes were exploding the van with laughter. After some time, Mr. and Mrs. Brown reached their spot so they get out. Addresses got exchanged and Cooper family start their journey again. Now James sat on the front seat and Anna went back with mom.

It was almost 5 p.m. They were lucky to see the evening beauty of the sun. They decided to stop and stay there for a night. It was a quiet place surrounded by trees. Actually, it was a small forest. Dad succeeded to find a place which was a little higher and one could see the sky clearly as there were no trees. The whole family took dinner and slept outside under the starry sky. They woke up early in the morning and left the place for further traveling.

After lunch, when Anna and James were sat on the rope bridge they heard someone yelling for help. They both ran to the van and told mom and dad. They all gathered at the bridge. The water was deep and fast near the fall. They saw a bear cub drowning in the water. Dad ran and brought long and strong rope from the van. He tied it to the bridge and asked mom and Anna to grab the rope hard and pulled it when asked to. Dad told James to pull the cub if it climbs the rope. Everyone got goosebumps by the idea of the adventure. When the cub came near the bridge, dad quickly threw the rope towards him and what to say! He grabbed it! The cub climbed the rope and as soon as he reached the top, James pulled him and lift him gently. Everyone was so happy. They feed that cub and James and Anna asked for permission to keep him with them. Dad already loved him and mom didn't have any problem to keep him in the house. James was about to jump. Anna was happy too. They got a friend to be within the rest of the trip!

September 13, 2019 17:00

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