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                                        Curtains are for Climbing

                                               By:  Jeanette Harris

Hi…My name is Heather and I would like to tell you my story.

I am a very special Calico cat. I am all white with some brown and black spots on the top of my head. A black stripe runs down the middle of my forehead to the tip of my nose. My right ear has a black and pink tip and my left ear has a gray tip. My tail has white, and black and light brown marking on it. I am beautiful!!

Do you remember what you did when you were a kitten?

I do!

If your story is anything like mine, you were probably looking at your scratching post and thinking, I can climb higher than that. Hmm, I thought to myself, you know how windows have curtains? If you ask me…those curtains are for climbing!

I couldn’t resist, I started climbing those curtains and when I was about half way up, my human Dad noticed what I was doing and he pulled me down and told me NO! NO! NO! Curtains are NOT for climbing.

They were so high and I could see so far from the top of them. When I finally, after many, tries, reached the top, I saw what my human family sees. You can’t do that from the floor. What was I suppose to do? After all I was only eight weeks old, just a little kitten. I was too young to know any better. At least that’s what I tried to convince my human family. I was really good at climbing those curtains and I got used to being told “NO!......DO NOT climb the curtains”……OK!...OK!…OK…!

Then, one day I got into trouble. I used the carpet for a scratching post.

Let me tell you what my human mother did about that. She went out and bought me the tallest scratching post she could find. It was great. I could almost get to the top of it and see all around the room- and sometimes- into the next room as well. I found out from all my friends that they tried curtain climbing when they were kittens, too. Tall scratching posts are nice, but it was more fun climbing the curtains. I could pull myself up with my little paws. Do you know how many things you can see from the top of the curtains? You can see the tops of the tables and what good stuff is on them. You see a bigger world and how much activity is going on.

So would I try curtain climbing today? No, I’ve outgrown that. I now climb my scratching post and I play games with my human Mom. We play stalk the Feather Duster and Chase the String. I even get more exercise when I am chased by human babies that come to visit. They are fun and so far they haven’t caught me. Now I look at the curtains and remember when I heard those three little words,

NO! NO! NO! Every now and then I still use the carpet as a scratching post, and hear, is you guessed it, No! NO! NO!

        Back from Rainbow Bridget

It was a beautiful spring day. A gentle breeze blew through the trees.

Catherine Woodly was working in her bakery. She had all kinds of pies,

Cookies and cakes. As she was arranging all the items a man walked in.

         A man walked in. She looked up.

         “Good morning,” She said, “What can I do for you?” He looked

around, He knew she made a cake for any occasion. The cakes inside the

display looked amazing and her prices were reasonable.

         He approached the counter, and said to her, I think it’s going to

thunder and lightning out. I think the weather is going to savage.

         “Do you have any coffee?” he asked. Then there was a flash of

lighting bright orange yellow color lit up the sky.

         “Yes.” she said

         “Two creams no sugar, please.” my name is Ken “I can see that you

make cakes for people,” he said, in-between sips of his coffee. “What I need

is a birthday cake or cupcakes for a cat?”

         “How many do you want?”

         “I’m not sure.” Then he pulled a sheet of paper out of his pocket. 

“Well, there is going to be ten people, three dogs and five cats at the party.”

Eighteen or twenty cupcakes will do?” he then went on that his cat was elderly cat and very sick with cancer, and maybe wouldn’t live. The cats

name is Key.

         “I suggest you get a bottle of CBD oil from your vet.” Catherine said,

He knew it wouldn’t cure her but at least it wouldn’t make her sick while

she was going through chemo.

         Catherine said, she would make the cup cakes.

         “Thank you.” he said. He left her bakery and went home. That night

night he had a dream. He dreamt that Blackie his black lap was came back

from heaven, He was a very old dog when he died.

         “Ken, Thank you! I am in Heaven. Blackie was now living at

Rainbow Bridget, the part of Heaven where animals go. Ken’s dream went

back to happier time when he used to take Blackie to the Doggie

Playground. Swimming pools were everywhere. The Dogs were running

around chasing Frisbees and sniffing each other, but now Blackie was only a

memory. The last year and a half of Blackie’s life he was having seizures

and the vet put him on CBD oil,

         The next day, Ken when back to the bakery to pick up thirty birthday

cup cakes, “Thank You he said as he paying for the cup cakes. He was

driving his car and on his way home it started down pouring. 

         About a week later, Ken had a dream. The dream was so vivid that he

was wondering if his dog, Blackie was coming back from Heaven He saw

his dogs face, but that was impossible? Blackie been dead for nearly two

and half years. Blackie spoke to him. “Key, It’s time for Key, to come to

Heaven, to be with all the other animals.” Ken could feel throbbing into his

heart. Was his dog telling him it’s time for Key to come to Rainbow Bridge?

         The next day when he took Key to the vet for her chemo treatments

even the CBD oil wasn’t working. “ I think it’s time for her to cross over the

Rainbow Bridge.” he told the vet. The vet got the syringes ready, one to

sedate Key and the other to put her to sleep. Key knew what was about to

happen and if Key could talk she would have said. “Thank You.”

         Ken went home with a whole in his heart. He looked around and saw

all of the catnip toys, dozens of them. As he looked around another he felt

another whole in his heart.

         “Key, please forgive me, “Good by Key.” He picked up one of her

favorite catnip toy. He laid down and fell a sleep. While he was sleeping he

felt a paw touching his head. Did Key came back from Heaven to ease his


         “Ken thank you for taking care of me, I am in Heaven and there is no

more cancer, no more pain, Key then shown him a glimpse of Rainbow

Bridget, a light glittery turquoise and bright yellow sky.” “I am with Jesus,

now please give the love that you gave to me to another pet.”

The next day Ken drove down to the animal shelter to adopt a cat and a dog

there was plenty to choose from.

 The man at the shelter, a worker, came over and said. “ I have a nice dog

for you. He’s a little over two year and a beautiful cat. The cat is a little

under a year old she’s all black.” “both are fixed and have all their shots.

         Ken told the worker he wanted to meet them, the dog was a German

Shepherd, and the cat was all black. Ken said, “I will take them both.” He

named the dog Jasper and the cat Midnight.

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Jeanette Harris
16:29 Feb 04, 2023

thank you for comments


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11:11 Mar 09, 2022

This is a very charming, funny, and appealing story. I love Cats, all kinds, and I have had several. Right now we have a house Rabbit:-) You shall be a Published Author very soon I am sure. Thank YOU for reviewing my Stories, with nice compliments. Best, Alan


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Poppy Jackson
22:41 Feb 24, 2022

Loved this! It's so sweet, I loved reading from the cat's perspective


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Julie Emma
13:32 Jan 03, 2022

This is a sweet story🥺


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