Crime Thriller

This story contains themes or mentions of physical violence, gore, or abuse.

Clarissa Parker, is a deceiving ex-con, thirsty for a taste of the fast life. Michael Jones is a successful lawyer who's done everything right his whole entire life, looking for that someone, to make him feel free. With money on Clarissa's mind, fire in her head, and ice in her soul, she's preying on her next victim.

You'd be a fool to try and stop her, she's like a growing snowball rolling down from the peak of a Colorado mountain. Michael just ended a short relationship after realizing that he needs someone he's compatible with, and not just any woman. However, this is indeed a messy journey consisting of bad dates, over and over again, like tragic holidays—something not to celebrate, but will never be forgotten.

On a Saturday night, after a long and disturbing day at his office, he comes home to a bigger mess. After realizing that he doesn't want to do everything himself, he decides it's time to start making his money work for him. He opens his laptop, goes on Indeed and posts an opening for a housekeeper position. That'll do just the trick!

Clarissa can smell her prey from miles away, driving her to the maximum extent to hunt like the vicious animal she is! She sees the posting and applies, and leaves it up to hope. Hope doesn't decline her call, and transfers her to the presence of the talented and successful ADA, Michael Jones. The two agree to meet at a local Starbucks just a couple of minutes away from his home, right in the heart of the city of dreams.

Clarissa seems like the meaning of the words angel and delicate. Shorter than life, eyes that a mirror would be jealous of, a smile that'll blind you, and a soothing voice like white noise. Both sitting down, but Michael, still looks as if he's standing, looking down at her, while carrying a tall and slender build. His morning coffee is getting cold, and her iced coffee is losing its name as time flies, while the two talk over the position and walk over the details in a crowded Starbucks.

Clarissa says she has plenty of housekeeping experience, and provides a list of references on her resume, hoping to leave a mark on Michael. Michael, takes one look at her resume, and puts it down. It didn't take him long enough to hire her on the spot! Clarissa wears a pretty smile, and pictures herself in his home, cropping him out. If only we could read each other's minds, but then I guess that wouldn't be a good thing, right?

Weeks later, Clarissa is able to start her first day as Michael's housekeeper, after passing a background check with flying colors. Around noon, on a casual Monday she finds Michael scratching his head, and asks him what's wrong. He insists it's nothing, and tells her it's his problem. Clarissa, as persistent as she is, sees an opening and attacks, just like a boxer. But boxers stop attacking, so I guess she's worse! The vulnerable ADA breaks down like pastries, as his love life isn't the sweetest thing going on. He confesses to Clarissa, and says that he's looking for a woman to set him free, in a cold world. From putting people in prison, to being in one his whole life, the cat is out of that bag.

Clarissa, glares and stares, and puts her hand on Michael's face. Michael stares up, but he fights his temptation and springs up immediately, making Clarissa sit him back down. Clarissa makes her move on Michael, but it's stopped as Michael gets a grip on reality, and starts seeing her with his brain, rather than his eyes. Does she want him, for who he is?

He tells Clarissa to leave, ending her short career. She doesn't hesitate, but before leaving, she tells Michael that if you wanna loosen up, you have to stop fighting. She flips her hair, and leaves the love searching ADA all alone in a big empty mansion. He finds himself drinking a dusty bottle of red wine, and watching TV. It's not over for Clarissa. She's like lightning, and could strike from anywhere. So she lives up to it, and comes back later that night with a loaded handgun and a letter.

Michael may know the law at an exceptional rate, but little does he know that he is the criminal, breaking Clarissa's law: Never reject her at any cost. So Michael will pay the price. Stress is taking a toll on Michael, so he heats up some microwave dinner and watches trash tv to stabilize him. He doesn't know that one of the most deceiving witches is about to get him at any moment.

Clarissa, like the sneaky little rat she is, makes her way into her—wait! I mean his home, and uses the loud TV as a distraction, to make her final move. While the district attorney is relaxing on his five thousand dollar sofa, his naive brain doesn't ring any bell in his head, not even thinking Clarissa wouldn't go down without a fight. Life is priceless, and she is all about her money.

Bang! She shoots him in the back of the head, and doesn't flinch like the professional she is. Michael drops slowly, face first to the ground. She does her evil laugh, reaches in her pocket and reads her letter out loud: My plan was to marry you, divorce you, and take everything, while killing you alive. But hey, I guess this works too! Thanks for the house, boss!

Now with the IQ of a fox, the stealth of a mouse, and the heart of a lion, Clarissa could possibly get away with the murder of Michael Jones, and keep his house. Michael, no longer has to stress about anything, lying peacefully on the ground. We are human. We could never be satisfied with this creation, we call—life. We'll always want things, but it's life, anything could happen!

He wanted a housekeeper, and now he has one. But maybe, this isn't the housekeeper that any person in their right mind wants! Well, like I always say, it's the thought that co


April 14, 2023 11:24

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