The Rejection of Pain you Try to Hide

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African American American Christian

This story contains sensitive content

FLASH BACK simply Sexing a man or a woman you don't love are reckless decisions that forms the dark forces in you to activate strong craving of lustful behavior. Distorted passion drives the need to be adjacent, caressed or be physical touched by any strangers in intimate ways. When a person only seek for physical comfort for their inner needs to make their bodies feel physically good, it will support the sinister side of themselves without the bonding ingredient of love ever being added to their new found friendships.

Sexing each other has become the normal way of behavior in this empire for too many and still it is an extremely risky choice and obtuse decision to gamble your emotions, valuable energy and time to take such a Non-Rewarding possibility for a moment of pleasure. Mis- directed actions creates confusion in both people. When the excitement is all over you run and hide from the shame with the feelings you generated by choice while pretending to be intelligent.

FLASH BACK the energy that comes from shame, you may try to hide deep inside when those short sexual moments end. They really don't disappear into the air. The residue of demons enter's into the soul comes from the rejection of pain you hide. Those dark forces shows up and show out spiritually as you move on to sex the next.

What you will miss in that same process of lustful actions. After you have sex with that stranger is respect. Losing the initial attraction you had or felt for that person. The good feelings that are crated when you first meet them you take away by making quick decisions of lust that sex the greater possibilities of friendship or love away.

Meetings new brothers and sisters are good emotions to have, that could grow into healthy friendships or even life long relationships. Appreciable feelings creates the foundation to care. Bonds could last longer than the seconds you spend together. You won't get the respect you deserve from each other; because shame gets lost in a quick instant. Sexing each other without love is like rolling the dice with your emotion on flings that fade away- not in your direction.

FLASH BACK in those short moments you will receive not one thing that will support your life journey. Just infatuation that lasts as long as the encounter, a few seconds a hour or maybe a day! But the hurt of emptiness and disrespect from your actions comes instantly and has negative vigor that attaches to your soul. The dark energy of hurt follows you where ever you go. The sex demons are real and is invisible forces of false power that switches the rejection you first feel into boldness- allowing you to temporary feel stronger to hold onto the hurt in silence. Hurtful emotions stays within your soul long. Then the pain you try not to feel establishes the foundation of your heart to be cold and non- caring about the reality you created. 

The disconnections that rises from lustful decisions has no positive conclusion for either person. Dark forces guides your footsteps into more negative directions without you using your gift of power to build your brother or sister to be the best they can be in our life's struggles. You then support the release of many demons that propel your behavior to continue to move sinfully through out all the world's destroying everyone who cross your lustful path.

FLASH BACK simply sexing a woman can drive a grown man to live as a little boy rejecting all his responsibilities for his instantaneous promiscuous actions to only become delusional about his seed hitting the sister egg to then "say" I am not the father with ignorant shamful pride. The hurt of disrespect and the rejection of pain will create shame for a sister to act like a whore with promiscuity having sex frequently with many different partners or being indiscriminate in the choice of sexual partners. "Saying" loudly and boldly with too much ignorant pride. You can't judge me when, I know I am living my best life!

FLASH BACK casual sexing a stranger will darken your path of love to hide in your home alone in humiliation behind closed locked doors. Having flashbacks at the same time giving you the audacity to reveal your nasty behavior in front of the whole world on Social Media! What is being taught to the masses is we all have the freedom of choice to do what ever we want with our own bodies without respecting the power who created us all. Our Loving God Image!​ Yes it is your right to choose what you want to do with your personal life and bodies. But truly when you are all alone, when no one else is around. What do you feel deep inside your soul? 

​FLASH BACK is it a splendid feeling of love and respect of your good character or is it a dark feeling of disrespect and agonizing shame of emptiness and pain? It is such an harmful emotion to have to experience in life. The immediate dismissal from a stranger you just shared your body and soul with. Gets right up then walks away to never look back to love or care about you. Its like being thrown away like a piece of unwanted dirty trash. Licentious decisions are leaving our people down suffering with feelings of nonacceptance.

FLASH BACK if these are good feelings to you then perhaps you are trapped in the slavery programmed business of selling, advertising or promoting your body for green paper dollar bills or maybe you look at material things to be your God. But if it is a shameful hurting feeling that you want to change, then maybe you should use your gift of power to create healthy friendships, by taking your time to prove a friend. Positive actions that will allow a stranger to become a decent person added to your life who will respect you.

FLASH BACK the choices and decision you make are personal and the empty blank lonely unfilled feelings are personal too. But when and if you decide to get rid of the commanding sexual lustful demons. The invisible forces that are controlling your raunchy behavior- is when you choose to share your well kept beautiful body's with the one person you meet and take the time to love. 

There is something you truly should know that you may have never heard by having an encounter with a stranger. There is a special part of you that is so brilliantly beautiful; but becomes unseen by our lust and sexual encounters. Moments in time that will never produce nothing; but heartache and empty hurtful feelings that demons like to spread like deadly cancer creating sickness in the minds of good people. They jump from person to person in lustful connections ever second of the day. Physical ties that are deeply spiritual and are not over when you get up, or off the bed, car, counter, rock.

FLASH BACK spiritually you transfer your invisible demons into their invisible demons without ever having any real understanding of the dark forces that hides in you and in them. Then you always wonder way you both act so dame crazy and insane. Habitually living alone in darkness down on the ground searching and seeking to be intimate with a new stranger can get to be a little too painful to continue live and breathe in a system designed to create lustful confusion.


Physical Connections are Deeply Spiritual and Demons don't Leave when you GET UP! Their invisible demons stay in your soul until you decide to change your direction to the Light of Love

By Tanzaniyah Kash 2014 

April 03, 2022 12:13

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Jeannette Miller
15:42 Apr 09, 2022

*The prompt requires the story to involve a flashback. These are not flashbacks; rather, they are cautionary warnings about the moral dangers of sexting and casual sexual encounters. There is no actual story here, no memory of of a sexting experience gone wrong, or even a main character with a story arc.


Tanzaniyah Kash
12:42 Apr 10, 2022

I do respect your thoughts on what a flash back means to you but to me I see moral dangers every day in all life. Creatively Speaking I turn on the TV and get this flash back, I look at my community and get this flash back ect I wonder if we both looked at a painting would we see the same thing? Flash back you sound like a teacher I once had who gave me a D and a E.


Jeannette Miller
15:09 Apr 10, 2022

I understand as I feel the same way watching the world unfold. Your correct, we probably wouldn't see the same thing in a painting as we look at things from different perspectives and backgrounds. However, this is a story writing platform with specific prompts. The content of your submission is a suitable starting point for an idea. It just needs a character who maybe gets asked to sext with a new partner and they have a flashback of sexting someone and having some terrible fall out or something which is a story many people can relate to.


Tanzaniyah Kash
22:25 Apr 10, 2022

When I dropped out of school without a GED I realized that D and E was a truly a A and B! Therefore I do the best that I can with no regrets with my level of understanding. All praise to the Most High for faith, courage and to always go forward with what I have in my hands. Creatively Speaking I like to build people up with words, rather than tear down with ego. Sill I learn something from you that I will apply. Thank you kindly.


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