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Once upon a time, there was a strong, young, and powerful king. He ruled over the kingdom, bringing light and life to everyone in his sight. Places thrived from his touch, creating peaceful, enjoyable days. The king had everything well, almost everything. He ruled the whole universe but he ruled it alone. People loved him and planets respected him, but he was missing a piece of his heart. His heart was so big, full of love, but was missing that love in return. 

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl. She lived on the outskirts of the place where she watched from a distance. She couldn’t be near anyone, or enjoy the king’s light so she filled her time with dancing. She danced and danced, spinning around in different phases of the galaxy’s melody, passing by the land. Her dances filled the night, bringing light to the darkness. As she spun in the fields of space, fireflies would fly and twinkle around her, painting the night sky with light. There in the rich darkness of the night, she stood high in the sky, dancing as the fireflies twinkled around her.

Once upon a time, a morning came when the king looked over his land. He would hear the villagers say, “Did you see the moon last night?”

“Yes! Her dancing was beautiful. The way she lights up the darkness.”

“And how she plays with the tides and waves. She’s an incredible thing.”

The king was in awe of the villagers’ stories.

“Who is this beautiful dancer?” The king questioned. He never saw the night before or ever experienced the dark, for his light was too bright and too important to put out. He waited all day to see this beauty, to see this amazing dance, but never could. Only at dusk, as he made his way to the other side of the land, he could see her dancing her way onto the horizon, just as he was leaving. He tried to get her attention, to see her face but he was too far. It pained him to be that close each day and only lose her on a suffocating night.

The king would sit and sit, trying to think of a way to see her dance, to meet her, but there was never time.

Once upon a time, the impossible happened. The right angle, the right degree, the perfect time, a magical moment occurred.  The moon danced her song around the land, twirling and spinning, stopping right in front of the king. He faced her, frozen by her beauty. They stood there, facing each other for the first time, captivated by the love pouring from each other. The young king blushed at the moon’s sight, her pale skin, her deep midnight eyes, the shape of her body. Everything about her was breathtaking. The moon looked at him, bathed in his light. The Sun’s eyes were warm and soft. His strong arms which hold the galaxy together, his warm hands which brings comfort, and his undying smile. The two polar opposites were both...


“My king..” the girl finally spoke as she stood there. With a gentle movement, she curtsy in front of the king.

“Please.” The king cried, interrupting her from her movement. “Don’t be so formal with me. I feel like I’m in the presence of a goddess.” His words made her blush, he was starstruck by her.

“Will you share your gift of dancing for me? I’ve heard from all the villagers that you are so beautiful when you perform.”

The girl nodded and smiled more at the king’s kind words. 

“Someone as good as you needs a spotlight.” he finished, shining brightly onto her, lighting up her stage.

She smiled as he gazed. They meet eye to eye just for a moment as she shows him her famous dance. She spun and twirled, going through the phases of the galaxy’s famous melody the two of them shared. He stood in awe as his light shined on her, creating a magnificent sight. 

At that moment, the land below was dark, for the light of the king was focused on his love. All his light and heat was now only for her, he loved her dearly and she knew it.

“My dear, I want to be with you forever! Stay with me, please.” The young king whispered as her dance came to an end. She reached out and touched his face, holding it in her cold hands.

“My king, you are a god compared to me. The villagers will not like it if we are together. They are jealous of your light and want it for themselves, and they should be, it is such a beautiful thing.”

What the moon spoke of was true, the villagers relied on the king’s light, a thing he couldn’t take from them. 

“But I love you. My heart cries when you’re not around, I don’t know how to keep shining without you.” The young king cried.

The moon reached out her hand and grasped his, holding it tight. “And I love you. Dancing the galaxy’s melody will feel flat without your light, but we must keep going.” she said with a sad tone.

He sighed, “When will I see you again, love?” The king asked her.

“Wait… wait for me. I’ll dance my way to your light once again.” 

As time passed, she had to continue her travels. They were made for each other but their lives were completely different. She moved from his sight as his light slowly shined on the land once again, creating the day that the villagers loved so dearly. The people rejoiced from the strange phenomenon even though two lovers were ripped apart.

Once upon a time, the young king met his love. It was only for a moment but it was love, true, real, and undying love. The moon danced in the king’s light as he shined his heat onto her. They were happy together, sharing each other's presence with one another, but the universe had other plans. They need a Sun to watch over the kingdom, lighting it up when the villagers need it and a Moon to rule the night, dancing bits of light to those awake. Now the young king waits, he sits and shines his light everywhere it can reach as the love of his life spins her dance at night to the song each of them share. They both wait to meet once again during the event they share together so dearly… the Eclipse.

April 08, 2024 22:45

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S.L Neptune
16:24 Apr 09, 2024

Very well done! I love the whimsical, fairytale take you took for this prompt. Very descriptive and engaging.


Writey Pen
16:26 Apr 09, 2024

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)


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Fabienne C
15:01 Apr 17, 2024

That was absolutely stunning! Amazing work my dear!!


Writey Pen
18:08 Apr 17, 2024

Thank you so much. I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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