Eat the rain

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He walked and walked. Leaving his light year travel vehicle behind him, it was the stupidest thing he had ever done. He landed in a jungle earlier, then went back in his ride and when the loran showed on the display that it was over a desert, he got excited about its inhabitants. He got out of the craft, and walked then turned himself around, so that there was no way he would ever find it again, the vehicle was separated from him.

The second day he came across what looked like a big juicy green hand. He took the chance, and squeezed a gooey like, watery, substance out of one of the large two foot long fingers. Drinking it, squeezing every drop, he could muster, from the plant. It had a bitter taste to it, but he thought that it probably wasn't poisinus. About an hour later, he felt a burst of energy, and knew that the plant had some sort of vitamins in it. He is poked around and saw a few of these plants. He knew he was topsy turvy from his base, and he was nervous. No one could convince him now, that he was going the right way. He would have remembered these strange plants. This planet he had arrived on was weird. Jungle and desert. No oceans no lakes, that he had seen. The jungle was sparce also. The animals in the trees were no bigger than a palm size everywhere he had looked previously. The desert he landed upon, had no wild life so far. Only these strange "hand" plants. He broke off another " finger and put it under his arm, in case he couldn't find any watery sustinence later.

Was he glad, of the finger of gooey water, the third day. As he predicted, there were no more of these, as he walked. His eyes burned from the bright sun. His skin stung, from the rays beating down through his thin, white, t-shirt. He was not nervous anymore, he was scared. Scared, he may not survive this planets treck. The sun was relentless on him, his thirst now was intense. His dry, cracked lips craved water. His feet drug through the sand. The sand was in his eyes,in his mouth, in his shoes, and under his fingernails. He stopped and took his shoes and socks off for awhile. Not wanting to put the caked dirty things back on, but,knowing that his shoes with out the socks ,would cause horrible blisters on his feet, and ankles. The hightop running shoes were soft and pliable, on the usually hard rubber sole. The rubber turning soft from the heat was wearing them out fast. He needed another finger for his parched mouth. There was none.

The fourth day, he gave up, on ever returning to his home planet, earth. He laid down in the sand and said a little prayer. God help me, he pleaded, to the sky. He fell onto a fetal position in the dark hot balmy air and rested. Thankful there were not any bugs to bite him in his rest. The place seemed so desolate. He was so desperate. He succumbed to sleep, and fell into a sun stroke induced nod.

What was this sniffing his face. What was this sniffing his face, he couldn't open up his eyes. They were stuck shut, from sand rolling around in them, for four days before. He lifted his hand and pryed his eyes open. Pulling some of his eyelashes out, with the hasty pull. Before him was a reptilian beast. It's feet were like a lizards, it's back wide, and ribby, like a cow. It's head had almost a roosters, look with the fan on the top, mohock style. But its beak was wide, light yellow, in a permanent smile it stood before him. It looked friendly and wouldn't quit sniffing his shoes and face. It turned it's head and vomitted about twelve large chunks,of the finger plant, he had drank and eaten, days long by. It's weight, was probably about four hundred pounds or so. He realized now that the throw up before him was for himself. The creature slid a large chunk towards him and stepped back. He knew it was telling him to eat/ drink it. This was an intelligent creature. He scooped up the recycled plant, and chewed and squeezed, the life giving juices out of it. Minutes later the animal still looked at him. He felt the surge of the energy, the green chopped up fawna, produced in him, for him. He stood up and tried to walk, with no avail. Falling down twice in front of the large friendly creature. Thank you God, he said out loud to himself, and the creature, and to the God that sent this animal to his rescue. Everytime he took a step the animal bent on one knee on his front quarters.

After an entire morning , of the animal kneeling beside his clumsy display of an excuse of walking somewhere, he finally noticed the folded wings on the backside of the big brute. "Woah", he said to the animal and hopped on. It immediately flew as high as he thought it could go. He looked down on the desert and couldn't believe the angelic beast, had just saved his life. If he leaned one way, it would fly that way, if he leaned the other way, it would fly that way. It was like a hand glider with a heart beat. They finally flew over top . of his vehicle. He pointed and yelled. The big reptile knew, he wanted down, and flew right to the vehicle. He jumped off the animal, and turned on the key inside. The man made transportation sit conditioning cooled him off for a second. He grabbed a drink of water out of a jug he had stored in the vessel. The water cooled his throat, and revived him. He turned around and the big guy was gone." Was I ever really gone from here,from my transport"he wondered? Did this big cow like, flying lizard,

just save my life. He was dumbfounded. He closed the door and roared off.

When arriving back, at the real earth home, the only one that he had ever really known. The thunder, and the lightning, were flashing and crashing around him. He jumped out of his light year travel machine, and did a twirling round and round dance, under the moonlight rainy sky. Wanting to turn in his mechanical light year travel machine, for one more minute,with the creature. He laughed and danced some more. The rain pelted his skin, soaked his shirt. He was happy in a alot of ways to be home. He stuck his tongue out and ate the rain.

August 24, 2022 02:31

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