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Mia and Sissyl are two sister cousins has a different character, Mia is more indifferent and cheerful but sometimes he is Introvert in school, while Sissyl is more feminine and melancholy and cheerful in school, Mia and Sisil school in different schools, Mia tends to be quiet he is not many friends in his school, while Sissil in school he is very easy to play Sisil has a lot of friends at his school, male friends or female friends Mia and Sissil likes to exchange stories, and sometimes Sisil also introduces some of his close friends to Mia at one time Mia interest with junior class, Sisil at school named Michael, "Do you know Michael? " asked Mia on Sisil, "I know, why? "No, I just asked" do you want his number? "No, I am shy if  I sending him message first" Yes, later I will introduce you to him"" and Sisil began to be matchmaker a between Mia and Michael, Cristi and Michael began to often send text messages to each other, it turns out that Michael has a cousin named Samuel, Michael also introduce Sisil in his cousin Samuel, unfortunately, Cristi shy and insecure, make her relationship  with Michael, no good them just can as a friend Michael who is an idol at school makes Mia feel inferior, but Sisil and Samuel fall in love, friendship with Samuel walking Samuel smoothly, even Samuel and Sisil a relationship, unfortunately, his relationship was not long but Sisil remained friends well 

But this matchmaker story does not stop here, Sisil plans to introduce Samuel with Vika her other sister, "Hi Sam, I want to Introduce my cousin Vika, If you don't mind" Sisil sent a message to Samuel, "Ok, is she pretty? " Samuel then replied " " well she nice, and cute " Sisil reply Samuel's message "Ok, by the way, I have a friend his name is josh, he is a good person, I want me to introduce him to you? "Samuel also Introduce Sisil with Josh his best friend, while Mia since his relationship with Michael did not go well he decided to focus more on his school, Samuel and Vika's relationship went well they were in a relationship, so did Sisil and Josh's relationship , this time their matchmaker mission went well, until one day Samuel and Vika made an appointment to meet at an amusement park because this was the first time they met after having a relationship, Mia and Sisil also accompanied Vika to meet Samuel, unfortunately Josh could not join because he sick, finally they met Samuel accompanied Kevin his neighbor who turned out to be a school friend, Sisil, at the meeting Samuel also introduce Kevin with Vika Mia and Sisil, 

" hi guys look its Sam," Said Sisil while waving to Samuel and Kevin, and Mia can't stop looking at Kevin, 

she falls in love with him, Kevin high body and his face is handsome,  make Mia fall in love with him, " hi guys sorry for late, and I introduce my best best friend Kevin" said Samuel , While introducing, his friend , Mia moreover Kevin is captain of basketball in school, Mia but aware that it's just a feeling of admiration, is not love, because Mia not believe love at first sight, according to her love, at first sight, is an illusion because we all see someone from her physical 

Vika tells Sisil that her relationship with Samuel not good, does not like they used to start, there always fighting a lot, Samuel also rarely contacted her, " Sisil asked Josh why Samuel changed but Josh also did not know, what caused Samuel to change, a few weeks later Kevin and Vika's relationship was over, but the relationship between Sisil and Josh continued Well, unfortunately, they broke the relationship when exams class because they wanted to focus on their education, while Mia still harbored his feelings for Kevin 

after the holidays finished Sisil suddenly told Mia that she met a man on facebook, named dave, according to Sisil dave was very kind and considerate, dave had a male cousin named jack and Sisil planned to Introduce him, to Mia. Mia tried to refuse but Sisil forced her, finally Mia was acquainted with jack they often sent messages, and one-day jack invites Mia to meet up, and Mia asks Sisil "you already Have you ever met him? Is he nice? " Mia asked Sisil " nice and handsome" Sisil replied convincing Mia "Is he right?" Mia asked again "he nice and handsome don't worry " Sisil replied with a smile, finally Mia met with Jack, Jack pick up Mia after Mia lessons math, with motorcycle , but Mia was very surprised, because Jack was very different from what was told by Sisil, Jack was wearing a loose shirt, with a dull color with smooth hair, Mia was confused, what her to do, he could not tell Jack to go home, she felt it was unfair to judge people only from the physical, "hi, I am Mia nice to meet you" said Mia trying to hide her surprise "I amJack" said Jack Friendly " where are we going? ask Mia to Jack "up to you " replied jack ," what if you go to the Caffe " Mia said to the jack" ok let's go "invite the jack while turning on his motorbike, Mia went to the Caffe with a jack, but when on the way mia was very uncomfortable, but Mia m Try to appreciate Jack who wants to meet him, Mia starts to invite Jack to talk but they are very disconnected, "Jack I just bought a book. " "nice " replied Jack," " you like a reading book?" " "no" replied jack," you like watching a movie? " asks mia again "No "replied Jack again, Jack suddenly told Mia that he had to go to his friend's house, and invite her to join , but Mia refused politely," mia sorry I forget I have to go to my friend's house, we go to my friend's house "said jack while riding his motorcycle" I can't jack sorry "Mia felt very scared because, jack a stranger he did not want to go to a place he did not know, Mia thought hard and finally yes got the idea to pretend to have to visit his aunt, Mia apologized, for cancel that meet up and them cant chat, fortunately, Jack believed, but the problem, aunt Mia was not at home and jack offered to take Mia to her aunt's house, finally

 mia tries to find an alley and pretends to her aunt's house in the alley Mia goes down in one of the aisles, and said thanks also apologies to Jack because she was forced to cancel their meeting Jack went away, Mia pretended to enter the alley, when jack was already disappeared, Mia come out, Mia is very annoyed with Sisil and he also promised not to believe Sisil as matchmaker, "you really lie, why don't you tell the truth" Mia said to Sisil on the phone, "sorry Mia I'm just kidding, I guess you won't meet him "Sisil apologized because he thought Mia would not meet with jack, at first he was just joking, Mia was very upset with Sisil but she tried to be nice by forgiving Sisil and since then she had promised not to believe in Sisil as a mak matchmaker again and Mia think Sisil really bad, matchmaker

August 23, 2019 11:33

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