Friendship Fiction Middle School

“Can I have a double cheeseburger, animal style?” I said to the waiter. 

“Sure thing.” the waiter said back to me.

“Give some extra ketchup on there too, will ya?” I said.

By that time Henry the waiter was gone in the diner kitchen. 

Twenty minutes later, Henry came back with my food and I quickly scarfed it down. I looked at my watch and realized I was late for middle school. 

I sprinted out the door, only leaving a few dollars on the table, when the burger actually cost nine dollars. I was just about to make it through the door, when someone bumped right into me.

We both fell over, falling right onto the floor and the guy's coffee fell right out of his hands and onto my new Adidas running shoes. 

“Ow!” I said as I fell on the floor. I stumbled to get back on my feet and helped the guy up on his feet. He was a very cute boy and looked like an 8th grader like me.

“Hi, I’m Sophia. Sophia Robbins.” I announced.

“I’m Lucas. Lucas Armstrong.”

I asked him if he wanted to sit down for a soda or something like that, and gladly, he said yes. We sat down at a table and we ordered some cokes. 

Lucas has blue eyes like me and blond hair. I couldn’t stop staring at him and talking to him.

“My mom is always saying to me... blah blah blah.” I spilled out words and I just couldn’t stop. 

When I looked down at my watch I realized that we had already been talking for two hours! I told Lucas that we needed to leave and then he asked why. I told him that it was already three o’clock and we were going to be late for history class.

 It was a fifteen minute walk to school but we were so late, we had to sprint there which would take about five minutes. 

When me and Lucas got to school we ran straight to history class. 

However, when we were running a teacher caught us in action. 

She grabbed both of us by the ear and dragged us to the principal's office.

Mr.Slack wasn’t the nicest principal around. He had black hair and red eyes like a devil. 

“Sit down!” he said to both of us. 

“Okay okay okay okay okay. Jeez.” I said to Mr.Slack.

“Is that some language I hear Mrs.Robbins!?” He said straight in my face.

“No sir. Definitely not.” I said with a straight face. 

He yelled at us for running in the halls and being late for school. I told him that it was a mistake and I got all caught up when I was talking with Lucas and lost track of time. “Leave my office! Nowwww!” He screamed at me and Lucas. 

When we got out of the office door,I told Lucas that I was sorry for bumping into him and getting him in trouble for running in the halls with me.

“It’s okay.” Lucas said to me. 

“Are you sure? I mean, I got you in trouble.” I said to Lucas.

“Don’t worry. It’s fine.” Lucas said to me. He asked me if I wanted to meet him at the diner at six thirty for dinner and I said yes. 

We went to history then had science. Science was my favorite subject because you get to do cool experiments and stuff like that. Today, we got to dissect a small dogfish shark and maybe take some of it home. 

I didn’t want to though, because my mom would get all upset at me and I didn’t want that to happen. When we started to dissect the shark, we got a good look at the inside of it. It was covered in green dye, but I didn’t know why. Mr.Ezekiel passed out knives for us to use and we all started dissecting.

We got to have partners for the dissection and of course, I chose Lucas to be my partner. 

Lucas was a great partner in the dissection, because he dissected some parts that I didn’t want to dissect myself because it was gross and very icky when I touched it.

There were five baby sharks in the shark's belly, and Lucas took home three of them, and the others, Mr.Ezekiel kept for himself. 

The shark babies were cool, but when I looked at one it almost made me throw up. 

When school ended I took the bus home and waited for six thirty to come around. In that time period, I played a board game with my little brothers and watched some television. 

When the time came around, it was pretty cold outside and I grabbed a heavy coat. The walk to the diner was about fifteen minutes and it was getting colder by the minute. 

I walked out the door with my coat on and headed to the diner. By the time I got to the diner it was thirty nine degrees outside!

I looked around for Lucas and I found him sitting in a booth in the corner, drinking a milkshake. I went over there and sat down next to him and we started to talk.

Right in the middle of me and Lucas talking, a band started playing loud music and it was a live band. I had never seen a live band at the diner, so I figured it was for some special holiday.

Just then I realized that today was the one hundredth anniversary for the diner. We kept on talking until the waiter came up to us and we ordered. 

I got a double cheeseburger, animal style and Lucas got two mini BLT’s. About fifteen minutes later, the waiter came out with our food. 

I looked in my burger and realized that there was no lettuce so I told the waiter and she brought back my burger with lettuce, fifteen minutes later. I ate it then talked to Lucas for another hour or so. I really liked Lucas and I thought that he was cute.

“Lucas.” I said

“Yeah?” He said back to me. “I like you.” I said, hoping that he would say that he liked me too. 

“I like you too, Sophia.” he said back to me. I was filled with joy that he liked me back.

“So…..what now?” I said in a low whisper. "I don't know?" Lucas whispered back to me.

June 01, 2021 15:12

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Eliza Entwistle
16:10 Aug 04, 2021

This was a cute short story, set in the everyday life of a middle-schooler. One thing you could work on in this is pacing. It would help to slow the story down more, and I wanted to see more of Sophia and Lucas's conversations and the description of Lucas when she met him. Otherwise, well done :)


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Thank you! I would edit it but I can't because it already got approved.


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